Public Transportation in San Francisco


Sep 5th, 2000, 09:39 AM
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Public Transportation in San Francisco

Can anyone give me detailed information about the public transportation in San Francisco, specially near Fisherman's Wharf? We will be staying on Lombard Street near Van Ness Avenue. How much does the bus cost & how often are the stops? Is there a bus stop in this area? I'm looking for the fastest and least expensive (if that's possible) way to get around. Thanks
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Sep 5th, 2000, 10:33 AM
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Check out; choose San Francisco. This web site has extensive info about all public transit in SF and the Bay Area. The SF county list includes the various transit companies that operate in SF: Muni runs buses, streetcars, and cable cars; BART is a commuter train which also runs through SF and shares some stations with the underground portion of Muni. The various ferry companies, including Blue and Gold, which serves Alcatraz, are also there. Click on any of these listings and you will find info about fares, schedules, etc. and links to maps. You should have no trouble with public transportation where you are staying.
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Sep 5th, 2000, 10:38 AM
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We were in San Francisco in July at the Lombard Motor Inn. It's 1 block west of Van Ness. We took buses everywhere. There are buses that stop on Chestnut (1 block north of Lombard) and also buses that stop at the corner of Lombard and Van Ness. The 30 bus runs across Chestnut then over towards Fisherman's wharf. The 42 runs up Van Ness then across towards Fisherman's wharf. Both stop within a couple blocks south of Fisherman's wharf. Each trip is $1 for s and 30 cents for kids. If you will be making frequent trips a muni-passport is definitely worth it. I believe it was $10 for 3 days, $6 for a day, and I'm not sure how much for a week. And since cable car rides are $2 each way for everybody a muni pass can definitely pay off if you even plan to ride the cable cars a couple of days. I think the transit system web-site said you could get muni-passes at the airport. But when I inquired at the info booth in the terminal we arrived in, they said you had to go to another terminal. You can get them at the cable car turnaround where you can also buy a transit map for $2. Definitely worth it if you plan to use the buses. Have a good trip.
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