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sean Nov 19th, 2000 08:51 AM

Can uk residents bid for hotel rooms on Priceline?If you need a quadroom/suite,is it risky to book thru' Priceline and then try to negotiate with the hotel for a larger room?

Brant Nov 19th, 2000 12:29 PM

sean, do NOT bid for a room and hope to banter for a larger room later! The Priceline contract specifically states that you get "run of house" rooms. The hotel can put you in a room with two twin beds, if necessary!

sean Nov 19th, 2000 03:26 PM

Thanks Brant <BR>I will bid for 2 rooms if I can-but will I be allowed to bid from the UK? <BR>The site is silent on this issue-but it won't accept my bids

Lori Nov 19th, 2000 04:47 PM

I've heard of people bidding from the UK through Priceline successfully. I think the secret is formatting your address to fit in the spaces provided. You may find some help at the Priceline bidding board at: <BR> <BR> <BR>I agree that it would be very risky to bid for one room for 4 people. I've bid for 2 rooms when it was just us and the 2 kids and we were glad we did, as all the hotel had available was rooms with 1 king-sized bed.

barbara Nov 19th, 2000 10:22 PM

I contacted priceline and they told me they were not open to bidding from outside the US (I'm from Holland) <BR>I told them that was stupid, for isn't this one of the great opportunities of the Internet? No boundaries?????? <BR>barbara <BR>WOuld like to hear from any europeans who DID succeed, and how did it work out with the payments??

Annie Nov 22nd, 2000 02:56 PM

There are still problems sometimes using credit cards from one country on a web site of a company based in another country. That's not to say I haven't done it, but there are some quirks that do exist. Why not call a friend in the States and have them bid for you? That's how the first Pokemon board game made it to Belfast (Amazom. com wouldn't ship the game outside the U.S.).

sean Nov 24th, 2000 01:08 AM

Thanks everyone <BR>I have just discovered <BR>it is only offering flights at the moment but promises hotel rooms are coming soon

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