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fatimaesam Aug 14th, 2017 03:13 AM

Portland to South of Bend via Columbia Gorge
We'll be driving from Portland, OR to the Sunriver/Bend area via the Columbia Gorge this week, and stopping overnight in an Airbnb. What is a good itinerary for this drive, with must-see stops? Is it also doable to stop at Mt. Timberline? Any nice outdoor activities that we'd be able to fit in?


Gardyloo Aug 14th, 2017 06:53 AM

Easy. Take the Historic Columbia Gorge Highway east from Troutdale. Stop at any/all of the waterfalls, at the Portland Women's Forum viewpoint (aka Chanticleer Point.) Visit the hatchery at Bonneville Dam. Stop at Panorama Point just south of Hood River - https://jletookthis.files.wordpress....mount-hood.jpg - and maybe a fruit stand or two in the beautiful Hood River Valley. Sure, stop at Timberline Lodge on Mount <i>Hood</i> on your way south. It's a full day but an exceptionally rewarding one. Map -

How long are you in Portland before you head to Sunriver? Because the Gorge and Hood River Valley/Mt. Hood are deserving of a lot more time than just a drive-through.

mms Aug 14th, 2017 07:02 AM

I mostly agree with Gardyloo, but I would not get off at Troutdale as there is a detour in place for another two months or so from exit 17, which is Troutdale. You could get off at exit 18, or just wait until exit 22 which is for Corbett. That is the exit we almost always take, FWIW. If you take that, just go up the hill and at the stop sign take a left which puts you on the historic highway. Then the Portland Woman's Forum will be on your left in a little bit. After that, stop at the Crown Point Vista House (which you can see from the PWF), and then of course Multnomah Falls. There are many other great places to stop along this route, but these are the biggies for visitors. Then at Hood River take highway 35 around to the backside of Mt Hood and take that to 26 to meet up with Timberline Lodge. From there you can turn around and head back to 97 to head down to Bend.

One thing to keep in mind is that the eclipse is next Monday, so depending on just when this week you are going, you could end up in the thick of the traffic for it so be prepared. There are 3 million residents of OR and the state is expecting another million visitors, so have food, water,cash etc in the car with you and be prepared.

fatimaesam Aug 14th, 2017 10:25 AM

awesome, thanks for the info guys! We'll be in Portland for about 2 days, so unfortunately will have to squeeze in as much as we can in one day trip. Fruit stands sounds like a real treat for us. If Mt. Timberline isn't that big of a deal, I don't mind skipping it. We like hikes, so maybe a couple of short ones to the falls will kind of add up to one long one. Hoping the crowds are manageable. Probably will hit the Gorge on Wednesday.

tomfuller Aug 14th, 2017 03:09 PM

Next Monday is the eclipse. The town of Madras will be a madhouse Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday.
Skip Timberline and try to see the Lavalands Visitor Center and maybe the High Desert Museum south of Bend.

mms Aug 14th, 2017 03:16 PM

fatimasesam--Yes, Timberline is worth it:) You can hike from right there too along the Timberline Trail. The trail goes all the way around the mountain, but you can just go a little ways on it and still get a really good appreciation of the mountain.

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