Planning Itinerary - and Barrow


Jan 17th, 2004, 02:33 PM
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Planning Itinerary - and Barrow

My husband and I are planning a 10-day trip to Alaska. We live in DC and aren't really cruise-type people and only moderate hikers. We're trying to plan a reasonable itinerary, but there's so much we want to cram in. My husband wants to fly up to Barrow only because it is the northernmost point of the U.S. Is it worth it? (We would probably have to skip out on either Glacier Bay or Denali to do it.)

Also, does anyone know of any travel agent who specializes in Alaska trips?
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Jan 17th, 2004, 07:29 PM
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"Is it worth it" questions are impossible to answer. Is it worth what?

For a first time visitor I would probably not leave out Denali Park. Leaving out Glacier Bay in a 10 day trip implies you'd be spending a portion of that time in SE Alaska, which is a long way from the interior; if you're planning on doing both SE and interior Alaska you'll almost certainly need more than 10 days in the first place.

When would this trip occur? There are implications relative to cost, weather, bugs and crowds.

Although Barrow is indeed the northernmost town in the US, I'm not personally sure the attractions justify the cost for a "seagull" trip (land, squawk, poop and fly off again.) If hitting extremes in geography is a fetish, then plan a trip to the western Aleutians; you can be in the westernmost and easternmost points of the US in the same day (thanks to the 180th meridian passing between the islands.) It's the same day only because the International Date Line jogs around the islands.

An alternative might be to look at one of Alaska Airlines' excursions to Nome and Kotzebue. Kotzebue is an eskimo village above the Arctic Circle, hence midnight sun for part of the summer; while Nome is a fascinating, historic goldrush town on the Bering Sea beach. Alaska AL does a one-overnight loop through both these towns that's quite fun and informative, and around the same price or cheaper than the Barrow alternative.

Alaska Tour and Travel ( is one of the oldest and most experienced agencies specializing in Alaska. Alaska Airlines itself (which serve both DC airports) also can be very useful in booking trips.
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Jan 18th, 2004, 12:33 AM
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I have been to Barrow, as mentioned, determine what your interests are? I recommend a overnight trip and not one of the day trips put together. I too agree that Glacier is out with only 10 days. I wouldn't skip Denali and it will fit nicely with an interior travel (where you have to be for Barrow?) You may want to look more closely at cruises- in Alaska they provide and EXCELLENT way to see the inside passage. Cruises max. opportunities with usually 3 ports and a glacier, packing a lot of great value into 7 days. Tough choices certainly, but allow 14 days if considering this. Otherwise 10 days interior traveling will offer plenty for you. A necessary reference is THE MILEPOST, try your library and take out all the Alaska travel books.
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