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Teresa Jul 13th, 1998 07:10 PM

Places not to miss in Chicago
<BR>Taking a family vacation to Chicago in August with 2 pre-teens. Fun places to eat? Places to shop? <BR>What are some of the places we wouldn't want to miss tourist-wise?

Paul Rabe Jul 14th, 1998 06:05 AM

Your kids will love the Field Museum of Natural History, Mus of Science and Industry,Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier, Sears Tower, and both the Brookfield and the Lincoln Zoo. Even if you're not of fan of "Married With Children," you'll enjoy Buckingham Fountain. If you remember "Cheezboiger, cheezboiger" from Saturday Night Live, have a bite at the Billy Goat Tavern.

Jane Jul 14th, 1998 07:22 PM

The pre-teens would love Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Ed Debevec's and Michael Jordan's restaurant (fun to go in, have never eaten there). These are all pretty much in the same area on West Ohio street. Shopping wise, I highly recommend doing the Marshall Fields on State Street, as opposed to Watertower Place. For a special treat, eat in the Walnut Room at Marshall Fields. Michigan Avenue is filled with tons of tourist trap stores, including FAO Schwartz, Viacom Store, Pottery Barn, Nike, Saks, Bloomingdales, etc. Navy Pier would be fun for the kids also. The Lincoln Park Zoo is free and quite nice. Enjoy the city, bring your walking shoes and credit cards!!!

Shawn Jul 15th, 1998 06:50 PM

Teresa- <BR>See my lengthy response to Marta under "What to do in Chicago". If you have other ?'s, feel free to e-mail me. <BR>

raeona Jul 16th, 1998 08:16 PM

The museums Paul Rabe recommends are all excellent and your kids will enjoy any/all of them. But don't overlook the Chicago HIstorical Society, at Clark Street and North Avenue. It's an interesting, very do-able museum (not huge and sprawling like the Field or Science and Industry), with exceptional exhibits on Abe Lincoln and the Chicago Fire among others. Also, you can combine a visit here with the Lincoln Park Zoo...a short stroll away, thru the Park...An excellent day out!

Whitney Jul 19th, 1998 08:16 PM

In Chicago you couldn't possibly pass up The Art Institute of Chicago. One of the best art museums in the country. <BR> <BR>Chicago's architecture is superb. My roommate went on their famous architecture boat tour (the one Julia and Dermot are on in My Best Friend's Wedding) and says it was great. <BR> <BR>Navy Pier is a good place for the kids. They might also enjoy the 4-story "Nike Town" store - it's amazing. You should eat at Pizzaria Uno, the birthplace of Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Find an excuse to ride the el-train system. <BR>

Janelle Jul 21st, 1998 07:32 PM

A visit to Chicago in August has to include a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. It's a fantastic old ballpark and the Cubs are having a better year than usual. Chicago is an exciting city full of friendly people. Have fun!

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