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Bowsprit Mar 2nd, 2012 04:18 AM

Palomar Hotel for a first time visit?
Has anyone stayed at this hotel recently? How's the 'free' breakfast? Is the hotel good value for the money? Is it convenient to the Metro, good restauarants and bars? Friends are planning on a weekend visit over Easter and are looking at this hotel as their home base. Thanks in advance for any feedback. ~ Bow

vjpblovesitaly Mar 2nd, 2012 06:23 AM

Palomar Hotel on P St NW I assume. (The one in Arlington is changing it's name and to a diff. hotel chain.)

I stayed there about 4 years ago which is not recent but I work in the area. Yes, it is a few blocks from Metro (you can look on a map for that info). The south entrance to the Dupont Circle Metrorail station is closed for escalator replacement.

There are lots of bars and restaurants in the area.

I don't know anything about the breakfast.

obxgirl Mar 2nd, 2012 06:42 AM

1. I stay there frequently as a Kimpton Inner Circle member.

2. The restaurant and wine bar are well regarded. I've had a number very nice dinners there. I'd imagine the breakfast is a notch or two above Hampton Inn.

3. "Good Value" is subjective. What are they paying? Anything under $250-$300 a night for that time of year would probably be quite a "good value."

4. Five minute walk to Dupont Circle metro. Many excellent restaurants in the immediate area. I'm not a bar person but will vouch for the wine bar at the Palomar being quite nice.

sf7307 Mar 2nd, 2012 07:42 AM

Very nice hotel in my favorite part of DC.

Bowsprit Mar 2nd, 2012 02:12 PM

Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it. I think it will tick all the boxes.

sixpercent Mar 6th, 2012 04:21 AM

We stayed at the Palomar last month. It's a good hotel in the Dupont Circle area, about a five minute walk to the Metro. The Palomar's contemporary decor is a little different than most DC hotels - a nice change of pace. The staff seemed to be under orders to be friendly and chatty with everyone. I'm not complaining about that because it's certainly better than a bad attitude. It was just a little weird sometimes. Every once in a while someone would seem to remember mid-sentence that they were supposed to be super-nice to us. It did cheer us up and made our stay a little happier.

The free breakfast we got with the room was a Continental breakfast, worth $7/each as I recall. They credited the $7/each to our bill for the regular breakfasts we ordered.

MP07950 Mar 7th, 2012 09:38 AM

If your friends stay there, you might want to suggest they sign up for their club in advance. No charge, and you get a selection from the mini bar along with a couple other things...

Bowsprit Apr 8th, 2012 04:51 PM

Thanks again, everyone. My friends loved this hotel. They said the breakfast was nothing special but it got them started in the mornning. They're young; they loved the decor! They said the hotel was great and conveniently located.

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