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Our first trip to Yellowstone / GTNP: Trip Report

Our first trip to Yellowstone / GTNP: Trip Report

Jul 26th, 2008, 06:08 AM
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Our first trip to Yellowstone / GTNP: Trip Report

I have done a separate report for the beginning/end of the trip and our time in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah.

This was our first trip out to this part of the country and I absolutely LOVED it. I will warn you that this is probably overly long and detailed. My apologies but I am reliving my trip a bit as I write this. Partly since I am delayed in getting it done and we were there mid-June.

Day 1 ¡V After seeing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and getting some breakfast, we headed out to Yellowstone!! This is our first trip and we were very excited. In the interest of getting to Yellowstone as quickly as possible we took I-15 North through Utah and Idaho. I am sure this is not the most scenic route but it certainly was a very different environment than what we have here in New England. I loved looking at all the various ranches and the huge sweeping vistas. We stopped in Idaho Falls and grabbed some lunch at the local Subway sandwich shop. We then went to the grocery store (the name escapes me) to pick up a cooler, some drinks and snacks for our time in the car.

On to Route 20 toward West Yellowstone. As we got closer to the park (and I believe were in a National Forest) we saw our first wildlife of the trip ¡V a pronghorn antelope!! A short while later, we had arrived. We had bought an annual pass previously so a quick stop at the entrance and we were in Yellowstone. Of course, we stopped at one of the very first turn-outs to get out and stretch our legs and also because there were bison viewable. Across the road there were a couple of elk and two big bison napping in the shade. In my mind I knew there would be many more bison and elk but of course stopped and took way to many pictures of these few. Back in the car and our first Buffalo Jam! We were the first car in line and they were walking down the center line straight at us ¡V boy that is a bit unnerving. Once they all passed ¡V and stupid people in cars coming the other way trying to rush them. (I will get this rant out of my system right now ¡V I cannot believe the number of people that treat Yellowstone/GTNP as some kind of zoo ¡V getting way too close and disturbing the animals. That is probably the one thing that really made me crazy. I won¡¦t even go into the 12 yr old boy who was being posed next to a bison for a picture and got knocked senseless ¡V he was lucky he wasn¡¦t seriously injured or killed) Ok ¡V rant over - I will try to refrain through the remainder of the report.

We drove to Old Faithful Inn and checked in to our room. This is really a beautiful old National Park hotel. The lobby area is just absolutely incredible. Unfortunately, our room was in the west wing ¡V which is currently under construction and we had to get to it though an external construction pathway. It did take away a bit of the ambiance but I am in Yellowstone and I don¡¦t really care. The queen bed that I don¡¦t think has had a new mattress since the park opened ƒº also took a bit of getting used to and we certainly used the fan in the closet as the room was a bit warm.

Now to find something to eat¡K. There was a huge line at the OFI dining room so we walked over to the Old Faithful Snow Lodge dining room. A bit of a wait but there were some tables outside that we sat at for a bit until it got too cold. Had a good dinner here ¡V but a month later now and for the life of me I cannot remember what we ate.

Then we headed over to Old Faithful and watched the sun set and an Old Faithful eruption. Very few crowds and simply magical!!!!
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Jul 26th, 2008, 06:09 AM
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My apologies for the weird characters I was writing this in Word and pasting. I'll try to remove them the next time. I hope they aren't too distracting.
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Jul 26th, 2008, 06:25 AM
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Because this report was interesting, I have decided to pardon you for your lateness. But for repentance, you are sentenced to continue to write more reports wherever you go.

For your readers, your other part can be found at http://www.fodors.com/forums/threads...1&tid=35145177
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Jul 26th, 2008, 06:43 AM
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LOL - Thanks Jed!! I do try to write reports when I go places to help others like all of the help I received from this board.

Day 2: We went down to the OFI dining room for breakfast and tried the buffet. I am not a huge fan of buffets and should have just ordered from the menu but it was OK and we were nourished to go out and begin our exploration of Yellowstone.

We drove South from Old Faithful area and stopped for a bit at the Kepler Cascades. Due to a very snowy winter/spring all of the falls/rivers/lakes throughout the park were very full. Kept going and crossed the Continental Divide. There is a little lake there called Isa Lake that the signs say is cut down the middle by the divide and flows to both the Atlantic and Pacific. A quiet little area and there was still snow on the ground so we just hung out for a bit enjoying the peace and quiet.

Next stop is West Thumb geyser basin. We opted to get out and explore a bit and are saving the Old Faithful geyser areas until later. There are some really beautiful springs and geysers in this area. I was captivated by the sights, sounds, colors and certainly the smells. The blue of some of those springs is so beautiful and really is not captured adequately in my pictures. This was also our first introduction to Yellowstone Lake. It is HUGE! I am not sure what I was thinking but was amazed by the size of it. We walked the whole boardwalk area taking in this area.

Back in the car we headed up past the Lake area and on toward Hayden Valley and the Canyon area. Here the wildlife adventure started. We stopped at a pullout in Hayden Valley and the folks there told us that there was a wolf on a carcass. I saw the 2 bald eagles that were also in the area but could not get my binocs to find the wolf. I kept asking my very patient hubby if it was a black wolf – no it was grey/white. I haven’t used binocs in ages and just couldn’t get things working right for me. Come to find out later – the black wolf that I was watching was a signpost with two legs – how embarrassing. So I kept trying and in the meantime watched the eagles.

Getting very hungry now at this point so on to the Canyon area where we had lunch in the cafeteria. True national park type cafeteria food here – nothing to write home (or trip report) about but I thought the chili was good and was now ready for more adventures.

We figured we did not have time to do the north half of the figure 8 and we had dinner reservations at the OFI Dining Room so we headed back toward the Old Faithful area stopping first at Artist Point. That view of the lower falls is just breathtaking! We stayed for a bit taking pictures and just watching the falls and also looking at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Having not been to the Grand Canyon yet – no comparisons from me. It was beautiful.

Next a wildlife stop – a really big elk growing a very impressive rack. Watched him a bit until people started going too close for my comfort zone (no more rants) so we left. On to a herd of buffalo – and there were babies!!! Those little “red doggies” are just the cutest things.

Oops – better get back as getting close to dinner reservations. The dining room at the OFI is really spectacular just like the other public areas of the Inn. A good meal here with good service too. After dinner, we walked around the geyser area a bit and then headed to the deck area overlooking the geysers. Got a mocha coffee from the cart/stand in the hotel and settled in for a bit. Both Old Faithful and another (I believe Beehive) geysers erupted. Such fun to sit there relaxing and watch these wonders of nature all around.

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Jul 26th, 2008, 07:49 AM
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I just love hearing first time visitors' impressions! Great report so far - do continue!
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Jul 26th, 2008, 07:57 AM
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Keep on with the details. I'm reliving my trips out there with your report.
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Jul 26th, 2008, 10:37 AM
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It's almost as good as going back there again. Thanks, lindsyb. Can hardly wait for more!
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Jul 26th, 2008, 12:47 PM
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Thanks everyone for reading my report. I too am reliving many of the details as a month has passed now and I am enjoying thinking about our trip and writing this report.

BTW, we're still early on as we were in Yellowstone/GTNP for 12 days total so BEAR with me.

Day 3: We decide to try the North loop of the figure 8 today. So for a quick breakfast we headed to the “bakery” in the Old Faithful Lodge. What a mistake – after a still frozen bagel and a stale pastry with some coffee and OJ we are off. Good thing for those cereal bars that we picked up in Idaho Falls and had in the car.

We drove up to Mammoth and the elk were out and about. There was a momma elk and a little baby in the grassy area right in front of Fort Yellowstone. How adorable they were. I could not believe how close they were and right in the middle of everything. We’ll explore more later as we are staying in the Mammoth area the next two nights.

We then head toward Lamar and the Northeast entrance knowing that it is mid-day but hoping for some wildlife sightings anyway. Of course the rule now is to stop where others are pulled over to see what they are looking at – and whether it is exciting.

Before getting to Roosevelt, we decided to pull into the parking area at the bottom of the entrance to Petrified Tree. There was a very nice man there that was kind enough to share his scope with us to see the big bull moose up in the treeline. I must comment here that everywhere we went most everyone (minus the earlier ranted about tourons) was so nice and eager to share what they were seeing along with their scopes or binoculars. We tried to return the favor as much as we could and although we didn’t have a scope I would lend my binocs for those without. At this point, while we are watching the moose, a young boy says “What are you guys looking at? That bear up there?” I couldn’t believe it, this is my first bear sighting. It was at quite a distance but a black bear was up in the tree area, walked around a bit and then decided to lean against a tree and take a nap. The moose was gone by now and he wasn’t moving around so we decided to head on to Lamar.

On the way, we see a woman and her mother pulled off the road and looking into the wooded area across the street with binoculars. There was another momma/baby pair. This time it is a pronghorn with the tiniest little baby that I have ever seen. We watch for a bit and then they disappear out of sight further into the woods. Awesome!

We drive all the way out – almost to the Northeast entrance – and absorb the absolutely unbelievable hills, meadows and mountain views. But alas, no wildlife to be seen. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed as I had high expectations for the Lamar Valley – but as we have been learning, it really is all about luck and being in the right place at the right time.

We decide it is time to head back out of that area and decide to try the Roosevelt Lodge for dinner as we had no reservations elsewhere and I am hungry at this point. As we are leaving Lamar we see a male bighorn sheep with a huge set of those curly horns. This is three firsts for the day, bear, moose and now a bighorn sheep. He was just grazing around and seemed oblivious to the small crowd gathered that was taking his picture.

Dinner at Roosevelt Lodge and a drive back to Old Faithful and a spot on the deck at Old Faithful Inn.
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Jul 26th, 2008, 01:41 PM
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Day 4: After yesterday’s horrible Lodge Bakery breakfast we order a la carte from the menu at the Old Faithful Inn dining room. This is the morning that we have put aside to walk the boardwalks for the remainder of the geyser area around Old Faithful that we haven’t seen. We checked out of the hotel first and loaded up the car. We then followed the boardwalk to its end at Morning Glory pool. It is beautiful but too bad that according to the sign it has lost a lot of its vibrant blue color because of human vandalism over many years. It was still beautiful but not quite as brilliant blue as some of the other pools and pictures of this pool that we’ve seen.

On this walk we also see the signs of nature’s circle of life with an obviously old (bones mostly) bison carcass. But still some fur and the horns on its head allowing it to be recognizable as a buffalo.

Continuing the loop and heading back toward the inn as it is now almost mid-day and sunny and becoming quite warm without any shade. (A note on the weather – the week before we arrived it had still been quite cold and even snow showers. Thankfully the weather broke and we enjoyed beautiful sunny weather throughout our whole trip. Rain showers a couple of times but by and large sunny and beautiful!!!! But having read the reports, I had packed a bit heavier than I should have and lived in the same two pair of shorts most of the time. LOL – oh well.) Heading back we saw Daisy geyser erupt. It is so much fun to see the eruptions that you happen upon. Old Faithful does put on quite a show but it is also great fun to see the ones that erupt less often and on a more unpredictable schedule.

Just as we were getting close to the Inn we were derailed a bit by a herd of buffalo that decided they wanted to walk the pathway. Obviously, they have the right of way and being that they had babies with them we got quite a distance away. Of course, this not was not the case for quite a few others – poor ranger really had her hands full. Once they passed our general area we got the heck out of there as there were too many people too close to them and one in particular was getting very huffy and vocalizing. Not a good scene. Sorry – said I wouldn’t rant again. Oh well – it was brief.

Finishing our walk we decide to go to the Yellowstone General Store that was there to pick up a few things and here I made one of the bigger discoveries of my trip. There was a soda fountain/grill in there!!!! They were hopping but we decided to stay for burgers & fries but looking at the menu, I could have had huckleberry pancakes instead of said frozen bagel the other day. Hmmmm…… If you are in the larger areas and there is a general store – I would check it out as a potential meal consideration while you are out and about exploring. I truly knew not to have very high expectations for all of the National Park food, but it is nice to have some additional choices.

After an excellent cheeseburger and fries, we are off to Mammoth!

We drive to Mammoth and are able to check into our cabin. I had reserved over a year ago but only OFI and the Lake Hotel. As time got closer and we decided to use points to save on airfare, I had to move things around a bit because it became a two week trip instead of one. Yay! So the only thing available was a Hot Tub cabin in Mammoth – so we took it as I really wanted to spend at least a couple of days in the northern part of the park. Didn’t choose it because of the hot tub and upon looking at the tub itself felt it could really use a good cleaning so we didn’t end up using it at all. We really liked the cabin and were very pleased with the layout and the space. A much more comfortable mattress here than at OFI we were happy to discover.

After unpacking, we decided to take the walking tour around the Fort Yellowstone area. Again, the elks were in very close proximity and grazed or napped in the area. We looked around in the visitor center there and the exhibits that they had set up. But, no A/C and it got a bit warm in there with all the people so we headed out to walk about the grounds. We loved watching the antics of the cute little Uinta Ground Squirrels that were everywhere. I suppose they might become a bit of a nuisance like the regular ‘ol squirrels that we have here at home, but when you are away…. they are cute little buggers.

Dinner at the Mammoth Dining Room – no reservations are allowed here and the wait wasn’t really all that long. We sat outside and people-watched a bit until our table was ready.

After dinner we decided to explore the Mammoth terraces. Such a difference from the thermal areas at Old Faithful but very unique and interesting in its own way. We walked the Lower Terrace area and saved the Upper area for another time. It was starting to get dark and spit rain a bit.

At this point, I guess the elk were deciding to come down from the higher elevations and were just everywhere. They were all so adorable with LOTS of babies!! Then we got an ice cream and walked back to our little cabin. Another great day in “parkadise”
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Jul 26th, 2008, 04:25 PM
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The soda fountains are our favorite places to eat breakfast -- and I love their burgers and shakes. We've been to the ones in Canyon and Lake -- glad to know there is one at Old Faithful also. We didn't see one in the General Store at Mammoth so ended up eating at the grill. The General Stores and soda fountains are run by Delaware something, not Xanterra. Still reading. Sounds like an excellent trip.
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Jul 27th, 2008, 06:26 AM
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Day 5: Having heard that really the best time to see wildlife is pre-dawn in Lamar, we set the alarm and we on the road by 5am. This is not something that I would normally do on my vacation, but we figured it would be a better chance of seeing wolves since at this point I really have seen quite a bit of the park wildlife (bear, moose, pronghorn, elk, bison, and eagles) at this point.

While driving to Lamar, we saw 2 coyotes running alongside the road. We stopped to give them room to decide what they were going to do and they walked off into a clearing and the woods.

Again, as far as wildlife (and wolves) goes, we struck out again in Lamar. Drove out toward the Northeast entrance and stopped at many of the overlooks and didn’t seem to be much activity. So we took in the beautiful vistas and headed back for a late breakfast.

There were some pronghorn posing alongside the road, so we stopped for a few photos and then back to Mammoth. After a nice breakfast there, we decided to drive to Gardiner to see the small town but also to see the Roosevelt Arch. This was a nice drive and we saw some more pronghorn and also some bighorn sheep. The Boiling River area was closed due to the high river and fast currents.

We didn’t want to stray too far as we had reservations for the Old West Dinner Cookout this evening. So we decided to go back and finish the upper terraces that we hadn’t gotten to last night. Very different than last night were it was cloudy and spotty showers. Today brilliant sunshine and blue skies – make a more dramatic contrast to the terraces.

The elk were all around Mammoth today, we had lunch at the Mammoth Dining Room and could see them grazing in the grassy area across the street. Again, the Rangers had their hands full with such close proximity to the people but it was a lot of fun and I counted at least 12 babies.

We decided to head out a bit early for the cookout and take out time driving to Roosevelt. I was sure glad that we did as we saw a black bear fairly close to the road. He was just before the Hellroaring Creek trailhead. There were only a couple of cars at that point and not a true “bear jam” so we were able to enjoy him for a bit.

We went back to Petrified Tree, and actually saw the Petrified Tree this time. Stopped in the parking area as well but didn’t see either moose or bear. So we continued on and went to the Tower area – boy this area is always crowded!! Joined the crowds and saw the falls and then went to a nearby overlook and watched a big horn sheep family across on the rocky cliffs with a very small baby.

Time to head over to Roosevelt to check in for the cook-out. We were going on the wagons and not by horseback. After the normal safety talk and also a discussion about bears – they had seen several last night and actually had to cancel one of the horseback groups, we were loaded up into the wagons and were off. We had a very enthusiastic young lady as our guide and it was a lot of fun to be in the wagons and out in the valley. The meal itself was OK – steak, potato salad, corn, beans, etc. Standard cookout fare and we enjoyed it. It was also a lot of fun to talk to the various people that worked the cook out either cooking or wrangling horses or guiding to hear about where they come from, how they ended up working at Yellowstone and how much they all enjoy it! I would recommend this excursion as we had a good time. Alas, no bears during our trip. But a thunderstorm in the distance provided a beautiful rainbow. Seemed fitting to me that Yellowstone is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Tomorrow we head to Jackson, WY
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Jul 27th, 2008, 03:37 PM
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Day 6: Well, having to book over a year in advance the scheduling ended up getting a little funky. DH veto’d staying in a room with a double-bed only. We are king bed sleepers at home and queen was minimum he would go. So when some rooms became available at OFI we rearranged a bit. This now meant that instead of ending in GTNP we’d actually be going there in the middle and then back to Lake Yellowstone for 3 more nights before leaving. It was a bit awkward but ended up being ok.

So, we go over for breakfast and then take our time packing up from our Mammoth cabin. I found it a bit weird that the elk weren’t around today as much as they normally had been. My husband jokingly said that they didn’t want to come and say goodbye.

Well, we leave the cabin and decide to go the long way through the park to get down to Jackson and as we’re heading just past Fort Yellowstone – I couldn’t believe it. A bear just wandering straight into town through those private residences. He was walking right up near the houses and stopped to look at two little dogs in their dog run. They were barking their little heads off at him but he just stopped for a moment and then kept going. There are only 5-6 cars stopped watching him but he is heading straight into Mammoth where there are a load of people out and about. Figuring this is some poor ranger’s nightmare, after he passed we just kept on our way. Only got to the little chapel and there is another bear following after the first. The first was a cinnamon colored black bear and the second was a black colored black bear. What fun!!! I was thinking to myself that this is sure the start of a great “Bear Friday” – for any Y-net’rs out there.

So after this excitement we head out past Roosevelt and over toward Tower. Yes – all kinds of cars – a true “bear jam” – could it really be Rosie? I’ve been looking all week. Sure enough, past tower and in a wooded area fairly close to the road was Rosie the black bear and her little chocolate colored cub. There was a ranger there trying to keep things organized and people at a safe distance. Was able to enjoy while hubby waited in the bear jam and then picked me up on his way by.

Stopped at Hayden Valley for a bit as we’ve heard that it seemed to have quite a bit of activity lately. Very pretty coyote in one of the meadows. But up ahead, there was a momma grizzly and her cub wandering and digging up roots. Again kind folks were happy to share their scopes with us to give us a better view. My first grizzly!

Decided to stop at the Lake Hotel to check it out as we’d be back in a few days and had lunch at the little deli there.

We drove back down past West Thumb and out the South entrance toward Grand Teton and Jackson. I was absolutely unprepared for the beauty of that Teton range. I had seen TV shows, pictures and read books but still was awestruck at my first view – it actually brought tears to my eyes.

So we drove the park road through Grand Teton and down into Jackson. We found our hotel, The Trapper Inn, and checked in and our room was ready. We were really ready for a bit of civilization and the king bed, huge bathroom and a television made us very happy.

We took a walk through the town and went to Burke’s Chop House for dinner. It was fabulous!!!! Food, service, everything – we enjoyed every moment of it. Of course, we ate too much so took a walk back to the Town Square to walk off a bit of dinner. There was some kind of Asian Festival going on so we took a walk through that, looked through the booths and listened to the drummers.

Headed back to the hotel – stopping to smell the wonderful lilacs that were in full bloom on the way by and crashed for the evening.
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Jul 27th, 2008, 04:06 PM
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Day 7: After reading many reports from others that have been out to Jackson, we walked over and got in line for breakfast at The Bunnery. I ordered my favorite – the Eggs Benedict were FABULOUS! I can’t remember what my hubby had but he too was very happy.

We walked back up to the town square area and the drummers from the festival were doing a couple of sets and had some of the children, and some adults too, come up and play the drums with them. We stayed and watched for a bit – took some photos around the town square and then headed back to the hotel.

We decided from there to go out the Teton Village area and take a look around. There were some paragliders (?) I’m not sure if you call them that or not but jumping off the top of the mountain and sailing around up there with a parachute. Pretty cool to watch – but not something I would ever do.

While we were there lunch was at the Mangy Moose. It was bar/grill type food and we had some good sandwiches.

We then took a drive out the back way and into Grand Teton Nat’l Park and took a walk around the Cunningham Ranch area.

Back to Jackson and walked to town square just in time for the “Shoot-out” that they have. It was an advertisement for the Cat Ballou show but a lot of fun.

After that we put our names on the waiting list for a table at the Cadillac Grill. After about a 45 minute wait – which we spent hanging out in the square and people watching, we had a great meal at this restaurant. We didn’t feel it was as good as Burke’s but still a great meal and I would recommend it.

After dinner we took a drive down to see if the fox kits were out and about. We had gone by earlier in the day but no action. We saw lots of people with big lenses so figured we were in luck. There were a couple of very active kits running around and wrestling with one another. We stayed until the mosquitoes got the better of us and headed back to the Trapper Inn and turned in for the night.
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Jul 27th, 2008, 04:37 PM
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Day 8: Got some absolutely wonderful muffins take-out from The Bunnery. We then took a last drive through town and on the way out stopped to check on the fox den. There was one little one running about, so hubby dropped me off while he went to get gas. After that we were on our way to GTNP and Signal Mountain Lodge.

We took our time and went over to Mormon Row and spent some time taking it all in and lots of photos as well. It is just amazing to me to see everything with those gorgeous Tetons in the background.

We then checked to see if our room was ready at the Signal Mtn Lodge but it wasn’t so we went to the lodge restaurant for lunch. Had a great lunch but no nachos yet – although I had my eye on them. After lunch, we went down to the marina area and sat at the picnic table watching people taking out boats and kayaks. Unbelievably, a momma mule deer and a very very tiny baby came walking just past where we were sitting. They stayed for a bit and I took lots of pictures and then they kept going past the marina into the hilly area and we couldn’t see them any longer.

We checked into our room which I can’t remember the specific type but it had a king bed, a little kitchen area and a living room area with a fireplace. Although it did not specify a lake view if you looked out the front window, across the street and the cabins which were lower than our unit you could certainly see the lake and the mountains. Obstructed view I would guess you would call it.

We had been doing a lot of driving so decided to get out and do a hike. We were going to start near String Lake and head down the trail to Jenny Lake but a short bit in there was some really fresh scat on the trail and not to many other folks in the area and we had heard some talk of bears in that area so decided to drive down to Jenny Lake and start from there instead.

Got to Jenny Lake and the parking lot was very crowded so we felt better being on a more populated trail. We are only casual hikers so we felt more comfortable in this area since out our way we don’t have the same kind of wildlife to be concerned with. My one warning here is to check the board at the marina if you have plans to hike out and take the shuttle boat back. We neglected to do this and discovered by the time we got to the boat shuttle area that we had missed the last one. Now we have to hike all the way back but it really is a beautiful hike. We saw a brief glimpse of a marmot on a rock but he took off pretty quickly. We talked to some other people later in the trip that did the same trail at about the same time and they saw a cinnamon bear while on the trail.

Got back to Signal Mtn got some take-out from the restaurant and called it a night as we had to get up early in the AM for a Snake River Float Trip.
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Jul 27th, 2008, 04:58 PM
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Sounds like a great trip, lindsyb. We had the same reaction to Yellowstone - it is a truly remarkable place. Just so much to see. Thanks for the report!
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Jul 28th, 2008, 08:58 AM
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Wow, we just got back from 8 days in GTNP and YNP, and we never saw a single bear. Lucky you! (Although I have to admit I was not hoping to see one while hiking.) We did see most everything else, and had a really fabulous trip.

Perhaps the bears are in hiding more in late July?

Sounds like you had a great time.
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Jul 28th, 2008, 10:55 AM
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<I was absolutely unprepared for the beauty of the Teton range>

It is stunning isn't it? First time we saw them, we were just mesmerized - I swear I just stood there staring for at least 15-20 min. We've been to several continents and I still think that's one of the most beautiful sights.

Really nice report BTW.

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Jul 28th, 2008, 02:01 PM
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Great trip report. We leave in 2 weeks!
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Jul 28th, 2008, 06:26 PM
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Sorry to all of you that have been following this report. I have some work issues that have been taking up my time and I don't have more to add tonight.

But, I did want to say Thank You and that I do appreciate you all reading and taking the time to respond.

Hax - I had heard that the bears were a bit late moving back up to higher ground because of weather. Maybe that is why we did so well. But, did you see wolves? I really wanted to and pretty much struck out there.

Carolv - Have a fabulous trip!! I hope you love it as much as I did.
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Jul 29th, 2008, 06:46 AM
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We THINK we saw a wolf. We saw two different animals, most probably one coyote and one wolf. One crossed right in front of our car, but we were so surprised we couldn't get a picture.

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