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wliwl Jan 28th, 2006 03:27 PM

One way tickets $$$ Why?
I'm looking at a one way ticket in March from Columbus, OH to Rochester NY. (Northewest Air)

It is $143 more than the round trip. What to do???

Thanks for ideas.

Malesherbes Jan 28th, 2006 03:32 PM

Buy the round trip and just don't use the other half.

I don't know if Southwest flies that route, but that's another option. You can buy one way and it's not more expensive.

spunki Jan 28th, 2006 03:58 PM

Southwest doesn't go that route but AirTran has cheap 1-way fares from Dayton OH to Rochester via Baltimore (stopover).

mrsd2fan Jan 29th, 2006 04:43 AM

Columbus to Rochester isn't that far, have you though about driving?

Intrepid1 Jan 29th, 2006 06:05 AM

I agree with buying a cheaper R/T ticket and simply discarding the unused portion. Technically, the airlines would like you to think it is "illegal" but there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. If they really wanted people not to do this they would lower the one-way fares!!!

Gardyloo Jan 29th, 2006 09:33 AM

I can see one-way flights on United CMH-ROC for $188, also $160 or so to Buffalo.

Increasingly the legacy airlines are offering one-way fares that are not prohibitively priced. Northwest will probably be the last airline to do so since their management (snide comment follows) probably doesn't like to pay attention to what other airlines are doing to get <i>out</i> of bankruptcy rather than get <i>in.</i>

flamingomonkey Jan 29th, 2006 12:23 PM

Southwest flies out of Buffalo, and they charge per segement, so there's no extra charge for one way travel. Just one of the many wonderful policies Southwest has. :)

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