One-way car rental for long US roadie?

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I think a Santa Fe IS considered a SUV. Often SUVs are not much more expensive on daily rates, you just have to check. If they're hauling golf clubs most other options aren't going to work.

Do you really need a car while in San Francisco? I might be inclined to just use public transport/Uber until you are ready to leave.

If you can pickup from a city location often the taxes and added fees are much less than from an airport location, but one-way rentals might not be possible.
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I guess it is. I plugged in on Expedia the last 3 weeks of August on Expedia. There are all kinds of SUVs but the full size ones seem to be the ones he is getting huge amounts for. Many are $100 per day, one way drop off included.
AND an awful lot of people travel around to the beach carrying 2 bags of golf clubs and their luggage in less than a Suburban.
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I didn't see where he said it had to be a Suburban. Most sedans won't hold two golf bags and any luggage at all. Even Minivans have little luggage capacity these days.

I like the Santa Fe, I have a Tucson myself as a second car. I also like the forward visibility in the higher platform.

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Originally Posted by ClarkB View Post
Just a quick update on this - I confirmed that the answer to my problem is just to book something, anything well in advance as a backup, then keep checking the rates. My best option in January was around $3800 with Thrifty (for a roughly 18-day rental from Denver to Dallas in July), with the main guys like Hertz and National quoting above $5000. Now, checking back a month later, National is still around $6000 for an SUV, but Hertz is down to $2600, so I grabbed that and it's goodbye to the Thrifty reservation. Things may still go lower in the coming months, but now we are at least in the land of sanity.

So the trick is to book something early for peak season, then keep checking back as the rental companies' "dynamic pricing" kicks in and they find themselves with fewer bookings than they need, and lo a behold, prices come down.
I think the answer to your problem is to use the correct booking method for your situation. If you keep looking at US websites for US residents, you will keep getting these really high prices. If I was in your position, I'd try a local travel agent in Singapore to get you the best rate and/or call Autoeurope/car rental company and ask which rate would be applicable to you as an expat. Many of the car rental websites/autoeurope etc ask you to select your residency. is the US site, is the Singapore site. Quick availabilty check on Expedia Singapore site shows a rate of SGD2043 (approx USD 1467) for a 3 week SUV rental with Budget, starting at SFO ending in DFW for August, including CDW (insurance), theft protection, 3rd party liability, unlimited mileage, free additional driver and the one way drop off fee. If you think this price is too good to be true, you can call Expedia SG and ask if you qualify, based on your SG residency/US citizenship.

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