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rozelle Jun 15th, 2006 01:46 PM

One day in Boston

I will be going to Boston in early July but unfortunately, for one day only. What are the must-see in one day? What about the shopping, any must-go-to-stores?


cantstayhome Jun 15th, 2006 01:55 PM

As far as must-go-to-stores, it depends on where you are coming from, what you have at home, and what you would want to buy.

I think a very easy way for someone to handle Boston in a day is to do a trolley tour where you can do the hop-on/hop-off ticket and just get the feel for the city in the morning then figure out where you would like to spend your afternoon.

There is quite a bit to do here, so tell more about your interests - museums, history, aquarium, whale watching (July is a good time for a whale watch), shopping, eating.

TKT Jun 15th, 2006 01:56 PM

For one day I would walk down Newbury Street in the Back Bay, this will combine shopping with outdoor dining choices. Walk from there, through the Public Gardens, to Charles Street on Beacon Hill. Charles Street will combine food choices with some expensive small stores.

From there take a taxi, short ride, to Quincy Market, which will provide outdoor dinging with shopping, more touristy shopping than clothing shopping.

You can walk there to Hanover Street in the North End which will combine many Italian Cafes and restaurants with a small number of designer stores.

If you want to go out at night, Newbury Street will have many places open, but Quincy Market and the North End will be open late. Because you don't know the area, just take a cab home from there. Public transit is available, but if you want to see a lot in a short time, use taxis.

wyatt92 Jun 15th, 2006 01:57 PM

All of the good shopping is on Newbury St. It could literally take the whole day to walk from one end to the other stopping in all the stores. A good mix of boutiques and high end stuff. Charles St in Beacon Hill is also very nice. All boutiques and a lot of antique stores. The Copley Mall is very nice if you're looking for that type of shopping (Barney's, Neimans, Gucci, LV, etc).

AuntAnnie Jun 15th, 2006 09:41 PM

I personally would head to "The North End" where you can see the Old North Church and Paul Revere's house, have a cannoli and a cappucino and maybe even a full Italian meal if you have time. LOVED Boston! Have some seafood, too!!

mahs Jun 16th, 2006 03:00 AM

Great shopping on Newbury ... for sure .. but a trip to Boston without stopping at Filene's Basement .. not sure you wouldn't at least want to see it ... The North End of Boston should not be missed either .. and there are tons of people who will tell you the best bakery .. the best restaurant .. for me ... I really have never had a bad meal .. most have to be good to compete .. some are more upscale and pricey than others .. also .. I love Mike's Pastry on Hanover .. I know there will be those who say it is a tourist attraction .. I have lived in Boston all my life and love it .. it's fun to see the coming and goings and the pastry is very fresh and delicious .. ! Apart from shopping and eating .. there are many museums .. coming next week is .. there are the Duck Boats .. Boston Public Gardens ... etc .. Don't hesitate to be a bit more specific about your likes and dislikes .. I love to shop and wouldn't miss Filene's Basement and I love to eat and I would go the North End .. but there are so many other wonderful choices as well ...

dfrostnh Jun 16th, 2006 04:17 AM

My first choice for a museum would be the Kennedy Library. You can get there via public transportation but it's actually in Dorchester (I think). Check to see what special exhibit they have now, one time we went they did Jackie's wardrobe explaining how each outfit was chosen for political reasons as well as style. I think Quincy Market is probably best spot to see street performers and it's very close to Boston's North End where you should visit for a meal and the old world atmosphere. If you are a cook I would highly recommend the Culinary Tour of the North End. It takes several hours and is a great opportunity for some tastings. I also agree that a trolley tour or duck tour would give you a decent overview of the city. Shopping on Newbury St would be best. I was disappointed in Filene's Basement last fall. It was my first visit in eons and it seems a lot smaller than I remember when I shopped there frequently in the 70s. Still, you could find a great bargain. If you are coming on a Friday or Saturday, the pushcart fruit and vegetable vendors will be in Haymarket, next to Quincy Market. Good time to pick up some fresh fruit and enjoy the hubbub.

HKP Jun 16th, 2006 06:08 AM

You might start with the Duck Tour!

Otherwise, although I'd concentrate on downtown (Beacon Hill/Louisburg Sq.; Public Garden, Copley Sq.), I'd spend an hour or two in Harvard Sq.

bennnie Jun 16th, 2006 06:27 AM

If you are a walker, then you can easily walk down Newbury St, through the Public Gardens and the Common, down Winter St to Downtown Crossing where Filene's Basement is located. From there head down Washington St toward State St and Quincy Market. After that cross through the Big Dig and head into the North End for dinner

escargot Jun 16th, 2006 07:20 AM

I agree wtih the posters who suggest a walk - Newbury Street (shopping/outdoor eating) starting at the Mass Ave end or somewhere around perhaps the Hampshire/Ipswich St area - towards the Arlington Street end (the cross streets descend/ascend by alphabet: Arlington, Berkelely, Clarendon, Dartmouth, Exeter, etc but the Arlington St end is across from an entrance to the Boston Public Garden -

Walk through the Boston Public Garden and the walk down Charles Street (access by the end near the Make way for Ducklings statue/and before you head into Boston Common) but I would continue down Charles and across to see the Charles River in the summer - the Esplanade / Hatch Shell area -

then back down the other side of Charles St perhaps to the Boston Common, walk through and get a copy of the Freedom Trail from the tourist center so if there are any particular things you'd like to see you can - and follow it a bit and down to Faneuil Hall if you like shopping/eating (I don't prefer this area as it has a lot of chain stores and there are other things I prefer in Boston, but if you want shopping and eating this would be a good stop for you)

I'd walk straight thru Faneuil Hall to the waterfront and along the water and up to the North End where you can see again some of the things on the Freedom Trail (Paul Revere's House, Old NOrth Church) and eat dinner in the North End.

If you don't want to walk that much (although Boston is a small city) and mostly want to shop, then I would go with the Duck Tour first thing in teh morning to get a good overview, or the Skywalk at the top of the Pru, and then spend your time shopping/eating in the Copley Place, Prudential Shops, Newbury, Boylston st areas.

Some web sites with the tiny url links that might help you decide what to do are:

ones for shopping:
a tiny url link follows:

for other sites:

the freedom trail site will show you where you woudl walk, and might give you some ideas if there is anything along the way you'd want to see.

Some are tiny url links: if you ever have a long link to give to someone, copy and paste it on and it will give you a smaller link to email/send to someone that won't be so long and easier to copy.

have fun !

ltt Jun 16th, 2006 07:54 AM

i would take the first "duck tour" of the day from outside of the prudential center which is off of newbury. this gives you a good overview and helped me figure out walking distances. then just spend the day walking around. it's a great city for getting around via foot or public transport.

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