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Becky Oct 2nd, 2001 08:42 AM

NYC at Thanksgiving
My sister and I (early 20s) are traveling alone to NYC for our fourth trip to the big apple. We've never been at Thanksgiving. A few questions: <BR>What show should we go see? <BR>Is there anything good to do Thanksgiving Day and Night--anything open? We are frugal and on a lean budget; staying in Brooklyn Heights. Thanks!

Sarah Oct 2nd, 2001 09:03 AM

This is my favorite holiday in NYC, there are no religous connections so the entire city celebrates together. At a time like this I can imagine that it will be an especially warm holiday. <BR> <BR> MY FAVORITE THING and I am 40 so maybe you will disagree is watching them blow up the baloons the night before the parade just around central park. You get much closer than you would at the parade unless you know someone who has a great apartment. What I remember most is fathers holding their children on their heads and all people rich/poor of all religions walking through. Ok I am blabbering but that is my suggestion, I just love the unity of it.

sandy Oct 2nd, 2001 09:20 AM

hi, we were there last year at thanksgiving, and possibly again this year. bring plenty of warm clothes, because when we were there it was very cold. hope u have fun, sorry i wasn't more help. sandy in boston.

Sarah Oct 2nd, 2001 10:41 AM

If you are worried about cold I suggest black stretch ski pants. I wear them through out winter when I want to walk outside all day. Former poster is right it can be very cold on thanksgiving but that is not always the case.

jennier Oct 2nd, 2001 11:11 PM

The Macy's Thanksgiving parade is the way to go! It will be VERY crowded but an experience of a lifetime. Some theater tips: call telecharge for special ticket prices for Les Miserables and Phantom, I hear there are $45 tickets to get Broadway business going again. Also, there is a kiosk where you can get tickets for 1/2 price but only on Wednesdays for Wednesday matinees- get there early! I forget exactly where it is but ask around. Best of luck.

kay Oct 3rd, 2001 06:16 AM

We arrived on Thanksgiving Day a few years ago. We caught the second half of the parade just south of Central Park area--it was very cold and the people who had camped out early were slowly leaving so we were able to stand 3-4 people back and see the floats (couldn't see ground level). Some people had brought small step stools, etc. to stand on. <BR> <BR>We went to the Empire State Building that day (very crowded after the parade). <BR> <BR>We also went to the Radio City Music Hall show (had purchased tickets in advance). <BR> <BR>We spent the evening walking by the store display windows and just enjoying lights and architecture.

Becky Oct 4th, 2001 12:02 PM

Thanks for all the help! But are most restaurants open Thanksgiving evening? Not the expensive ones but the reasonable small places?

Sarah Oct 4th, 2001 03:19 PM

I read in the economist that 70% of NYC is single what do you think. Many of us on a regular basis do not cook. If you have high end restaurants in mind book now. Yes they will be opened probably packed.

Sarah Oct 4th, 2001 03:21 PM

Yes many reasonanble small places too the city that never sleeps does not break for holidays either. You want to get a Zagat's and pick a good inexpensive place we a such an amazing variety of ethnic foods.

Amy Oct 4th, 2001 06:01 PM

Sarah- <BR>I love the suggestion of watching the balloons blown up in Central Park. It sounds like the perfect low-key thing to start the Thanksgiving weekend with our out-of-town guests. Do you have any more details about it? For example, where in Central Park does it happen and about what time? <BR>Thanks! <BR>Amy

Jenn Oct 4th, 2001 07:06 PM

We love eating at Carmines on Thanksgiving Day. It's noisy in a festive New York way. I think it's on 34th street. The food is not bad, the turkey dinner is good if you want turkey, and the prices are great. Make reservations because the place gets packed.

Me Oct 4th, 2001 08:45 PM

Amy- <BR>The balloons are blown up on the street, along Central Park West, not in Central Park. From the official website at <BR> <BR>"See the balloons getting blown up on Wednesday, November 21st from 3-10pm near the American Museum of Natural History (77th St. and Central Park West). Traditionally an evening event, "Balloon Inflation," the coming to life of Macy's giant helium Balloons, will now be open in the afternoon for more family fun!" <BR> <BR>Hope this helps.

Me Oct 4th, 2001 08:50 PM

Becky- <BR>Here's a page from the same site I gave Amy, about the parade balloons. This page lists restaurants that were open for Thanksgiving dinner, in 2000- <BR> <BR>

Janie Oct 5th, 2001 11:00 AM

about 'inflation eve' (as they call the night before the parade)--COME! BUT... <BR> <BR>keep in mind that it can be VERY crowded <BR>(we're talking about walking the perimeter, an area of about 4-6 blocks around the Museum of Natural History, in a barricaded line.) Very civilized, lots of kids, but crowded nonetheless. Also, I think the times mentioned, 3-10 PM seems early. If you go at 3 pm, you'll just see nets with the completely uninflated baloons underneath. 10-pm -midnight seems more like it. <BR>And for anyone who might have the CRAZY idea to come by car, from the suburbs, for example, forget it. Many streets are blocked off, and even if you do find garage parking, they reserve their absolute highest prices of the year for that day (literally--garages in the area have price lists that read Weekdays$xxx <BR>Weekends$xxx Overnight$xxx Night before Thanksgiving $$$$$$$ (with numbers , of course)

xxx Oct 30th, 2001 11:29 AM

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