NY city dessert restaurant?

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NY city dessert restaurant?

My husband and I are taking our daughter and her friend to NY for Memorial Day weekend. She was talking about this dessert restaurant she heard about somewhere and really thinks it would be fun to go to. We don't know the name but she said its all dessert and it is a four course serving. Choosing different desserts for each course. I tried to do a search but came up with nothing.....(although I did decide that I might just have to make a trip to Magnolia's for a cupcake!) Does anyone know anything about this place? Does it exist and if so is it worth going?
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Chikalicious at 203 E. 10th St. (between 1st and 2nd avenue is a dessert only place - 4 courses (quite small) a fun experience.
check out menus at www.menupages.com
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Probably Chikalicious.
But there are now several all dessert places. If she likes chocolate, Max Brenner's is the place. Room 4 Dessert is another.

Most people are disappointed by Magnolia.
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We have enjoyed both Chikalicious and Max Brenner - Chickalicious , at least before the last renovation, used to stop serving when they ran out so don't go too late - last time we were at Magnolia's we bought the cupcake recipe book.....so we wouldn't have to wait for trips to the city - still think they serve one of the top 3 cupcakes I've ever had -
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Also Veniero's on 1st and 11th would be a great place for desert. When you walk in there is a LONG glass case with everything desert you have ever wanted.
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Magnolia's is overrated. I think Billy's and Babycakes are much better. Lets's just say Magnolia's is most frequented by tourists but locals go to the other two or to Buttercups.
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Cupcakes, like all things, is personal taste - I like the places mentioned above as well as the desserts at Tisserie and other places, but to say only tourists like or go to Magnolia's bakery? Let's just say instead that everyone has different tastes - or else I'll have to tell my two relatives and my girlfriend who is a baker and who have all lived in NYC for over 30 yrs that they can not like Magnolias best b/c they are residents of the city or else it will be said they have the taste of (gasp) tourists !!!
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Never said "only tourists like or go to Magnolia's". My post said "Magnolia's is most frequented by tourists", which is true. Go to the Magnolia's line right now and you'll see all the maps and cameras. I just walked by the line.
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This is the result of Magnolia's massive publicity.
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flatfeet relax ! no offense taken or meant - but I have indeed been there when I saw no tourists, but people picking up birthday cakes and pre orders and have been in line with my daughter and sister in law and form the conversations we were having with the other 14 people in line with us, none of them were toursists... plenty of times I have also been in line with tourists too -

so yes, tourists frequent it plenty b/c of the popularity of the cookbooks, and the publicity, and many tourists, as well as residents, because they also like the cupcakes.

As I said, I also think all the other mentioned bakeries and dessert polaces are also great
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Archa - I bet your girls are thinking of Max Brenner's (or is it Brennan's) - do a Google search. If your girls aare between the ages of 12 and 16, I bet this is it. Otherwise, notoroious Serendipity, Dylan's Candy bar has some nice treats and FANTASTIC candies, I second the nod's on Venieros' and Magnolia too! And then if you really want authentic, there's always good old Ferrar's pastry shop in Little Italy!
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travelbuff you had it right the first time it is Max Brenner - maxbrenner.com -
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The Times just reviewed Max Brenner this past week if you want to know what you are in for at Max Brenner. Appparently there are much better chocolates in the city.

and if you want a truly unique dessert experience you should go to Room 4 Dessert. Will, the owner, is incredibly hospitable and gracious and serves creative and unique desserts. It's definitely an only in New York thing.

Despite Chickalicious being very close to me, I've never been. It has odd hours, closes early, long lines. good luck!

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