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k12lima Apr 9th, 2006 03:31 PM

No advance reservations for Statue of Liberty - should we still plan to go?
Well, I had planned to take the Staten Island Ferry close to the Statue of Liberty, but now the teens are telling me they'd actually like to go there and take a tour. I tried the Statue of Liberty website to make reservations, but there are no reservation times at all available for the dates we have (Good Friday & the Saturday afterwards.)

Is it still possible to get into the Statue without an advance reservation? What would be our best time of day to do this?

Thanks so much for your advice.

mclaurie Apr 10th, 2006 04:32 AM

Make sure the teens know even with the tour, you can't go up to the top. You only get as far as the base. You can still go to Liberty island to see the statue up close, but you can't get inside without a tour. I think they do give out some last minute tickets on the day. You could try getting there for the first ferry (get there at 8:00 or before for an 8:45 tour). I'd try doing that on Good Friday rather than the weekend. Just be prepared for long lines and heavy security. This is a times consuming endeavor.

lisettemac Apr 10th, 2006 05:47 AM

What mclaurie said. I actually think you get a better view of the statue from the ferry. I would plan to do this *first thing* in the a.m.

maj Apr 10th, 2006 06:11 AM

On a regular (not holiday) weekend, would it be better (less crowds) to go on a Sunday morning or Monday morning?

mclaurie Apr 10th, 2006 06:19 AM

Monday ofcourse.

travelingtedrows Apr 10th, 2006 05:53 PM

When we were in NYC last summer, we viewed the Statue of Liberty from the ferry. What we also saw was a long line coiled around the base waiting to see what little you can see inside. It looked pretty hot.

Unless it's a real priority, I can think of other ways to spend time is NYC. And, of course, the ferry is free.

k12lima Apr 10th, 2006 06:14 PM

How early is "first thing?" Would 9am be too late, or should we try for 8am?

nevermind Apr 10th, 2006 07:46 PM

I thought entrance to the park (Statue of Liberty) was free, but that there is a fee to ride the ferry. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

nevermind Apr 10th, 2006 07:53 PM

Ooops. I just answered my own question. I'm wrong. That is what I get for not reading the post carefully. The Staten Island Ferry is free for pedestrians. It doesn't, however, stop at Liberty Island; a "for fee" ferry does that route.

amp322 Apr 10th, 2006 08:18 PM

The ferry to Ellis Island & the Statue of Liberty has a cost (it's $11 and change from Jersey City, and more, I think, from the NY side). There is no cost to enter the islands. They are government parks, and free to visitors.
I am planning on taking a group of students to Ellis Island, but will probably just ride past the statue while on the ferry. It's so dramatic to see, even if you're just driving by on the highway. Awesome!

offlady Apr 10th, 2006 08:50 PM

You won't miss much if you don't go inside the statue. I went up to the crown years ago, and vowed I would never do it again. The line was slow moving, and the climb inside was on a tight spiral staircase, and very cramped & claustraphobic (your face was at the feet of the people in front of you in line). Maybe it was the summer heat that got to me. Anyway, we went back to Liberty Island (in mid winter) a couple years ago with our kids. I wanted to take my kids there to see the awesome structure. We didn't have reservations, but we did try to go as early as possible in the day. Security wasn't bad and didn't take long. We just thought security was always there after 9-11. Turns out there was a bomb threat that weekend, we found out later.

beentheretwice Apr 11th, 2006 04:56 AM

You've been given good advice. To get off and actually tour the statue will take you a couple of hours. That's IF you can get tickets. They do have timed tickets and they are given first priority.

It's an icon, and I can understand your kids' wish to go. Kind of like going to Rome and not seeing the Colliseum, or Paris and not climbing the Eiffel Tower. Up to your family.

We did do it, and I was able to book tickets ahead of time. Lady Libert and Ellis Island took the major chunk of our day. Ellis Island is more interesting. Lots of people take the ferry PAST LL, and get off at Ellis for the audio tour.

Have fun. I'd rather spend my vacation $ in NYC than Disney, any day.

k12lima Apr 11th, 2006 06:59 AM

Thanks for the advice. Think we'll just take the Staten Island Ferry past the statue. However, am I undertanding that the ferry does let people off at Ellis Island?

nevermind Apr 11th, 2006 07:58 AM

The Staten Island Ferry is for transportation between Staten Island and Manhatten. If you want to stop at Ellis Island look at this site:

Happy travels.

J_Correa Apr 11th, 2006 10:14 AM

We took the ferry to Ellis and Liberty Islands quite a few years ago. It was really interesting to see the Statue of Liberty up close although we didn't go inside. It was hot and the line was really long. We enjoyed walking around the island though. Ellis Island was quite interesting. I didn't have high hopes for it - I was 19 and had other things I thought would be more fun to see. Still, I found the tour of Ellis Island to be very worth my time.

k12lima Apr 11th, 2006 01:39 PM

Okay... one more question to clarify everything! Are you guys all talking about taking the Staten Island Ferry to get a good view of the Statue of Liberty, OR are you talking about taking the "for fee" ferry from Battery Park to see the Statue? Since we are not going inside, I would like to make sure we get the best view.

mclaurie Apr 11th, 2006 01:45 PM

The <b>Staten Island ferry is free</b>. It offers a nice view of the Statue from a distance without having to buy tickets and line up for sometimes hours to go through security checks.

The ferry that goes TO the Statue is NOT free, whether or not you intend on getting off. If you take the Statue's ferry (run by Circle Line) you still have to go through security checks, whether or not you get off. Ok?

mclaurie Apr 11th, 2006 01:47 PM

If you're not sure, take the FREE Staten Island ferry first. If the view's not good enough, do the other one. ;)

Cher Apr 11th, 2006 02:12 PM

Keep in mind that the line for the Circle Line ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island will be incredibly long and is on a first come, first serve basis. We got to Battery Park at around 8:30a for the 9:30a ferry a few weeks ago (on a Saturday). We should have gotten there even earlier. When we returned after visiting Liberty and Ellis Island, the line for the ferry was even much longer in the afternoon than it was in the morning ... I'm sure people were waiting 2-3 hours to get on the ferry.

Bottom line: If you want to go on the Circle Line ferry, try to take the first one out. On a holiday weekend, I would get to Battery Park at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours prior to that. We had purchased our tickets ahead of time because we had the Monument Pass to go into the Statue -- We had to wait in an incredibly long line at the &quot;Will Call&quot; window to pick these up, then we had to get in the line to get on the ferry (which is first come, first serve).

beentheretwice Apr 11th, 2006 02:30 PM

(Any one want to break the news to them about the line for the Empire State building?) ;-)

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