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ems101 Oct 29th, 2013 07:11 AM

New York Hotel - Ameritania or Doubletree Metropolitan?
Hi, I am traveling to NY in late February for four nights with a friend and have booked the Ameritania for €99 per night (inc taxes). I have seen an offer on the Doubletree Metropolitan for €116 per night (inc taxes) for upgraded king. The Doubletree seems to have been recently renovated. I find it hard to tell from the reviews what it is like as people have paid up to $500 a night...expections at $150 and $500 can be quite different!

I have stayed in New York a number of times and have been very lucky in the hotels that I have booked but some were of course nicer than others. I think the location of both hotels is pretty good but just wonder is the Doubletree worth the extra approx $100 for our stay (total)...or is one hotel recommended over the other?

Any advice would be great!

doug_stallings Oct 29th, 2013 07:45 AM

The Ameritania has also been renovated, but not quite as recently as the Doubletree. The Ameritania has small rooms and may have smaller bathrooms as well, so that may be the biggest difference. I like the location of the Doubletree a lot more. It's on the east side, so it's a bit out of the fray but still within a 10-minute walk of Rockefeller Center and a bit further to Times Square. I'm just not fond of the Times Square area, but the Ameritania is far enough north that it's not unspeakably crowded. It's just a couple of blocks south of our office here, so I walk past it all the time.

mclaurie Oct 29th, 2013 07:45 AM

Feb. is a great time for bargains. Neither of these hotels would be my choice for traveling with a friend if you really want 2 beds. Look at photos on Wat are you coming to do? How old are you?

ems101 Oct 29th, 2013 08:02 AM

I am going to NY, Vegas and SF for my 30th birthday - we will both be thirty. I am travelling from Ireland but have stayed in NY several times in a range of hotels - Flatotel, Radisson Martinique, Carlton, Affinia Manhattan, Affinia Fifty, Affinia Dumont, Hilton Times Sq, Park Central, Empire, Thirty Thirty. I was happy with all of those hotels (some more than others!) - but particularly liked Affinia 50, Hilton Times Sq, Carlton and Empire. We like staying in Times Sq so would be happy with either location. I find we usually get two beds regardless of room booked and if have to share a king it is not a big deal.

We plan on shopping, seeing shows, sightseeing...just enjoying walking the streets of NY.

mclaurie Oct 29th, 2013 02:16 PM

That Doubletree is not in i es Square but closer to the Affinia 50. In your shoes, I'd book something cancelable now that pu could love with and wait a bit to see sales on and elsewhere. You should be able to get soemthing nicer than either of these at that time of year. You might bid on Priceline or check Hotwire too. Also check

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