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Andrew Aug 8th, 1996 02:25 PM

new mexico..taos, santa fe albuquerque
For the very best place to eat, consider The Anasazi
in Santa Fe (113 Washington Ave., tel. 505/988-3236).
It isn't cheap, off-the-beaten-track, or unknown--
but it is one of the best restaurants in the
country. Serves a Southwestern menu with specialties
like tortilla soup, fresh fish, and white cheddar
mashed potatoes. Have a good time.

nancy campbell Aug 16th, 1996 12:39 PM

This is probably too late because you've probably already left on your vacation
but if not, go to Garcia's on 4th N.W. for good
Mexican food, it's where the Locals go, it's NOT a
tourist spot at all. Also Benevidiz restaurant,
somewhere in the NW Valley but I can't remember
the address. Oh, both of these are in Albuquerque.

Jan Gustafson Aug 19th, 1996 07:42 PM

I hope you will love NM. It depends on when you are going. One of the most fun times
I had was during Legislative Session (Jan/Febr) going to the BullRing
next to the "round house" (i.e. state capitol building) at lunch and
dinner...way fun! Don't miss the Plaza, even though it is advertised.
Friday afternoons are wine and meet the artists at the local galleries.

I used to live in Santa Fe and Albuquerque and would answer any email
you might have on fun things to do.

Have fun.. (do you have any information on Toronto?)

Kimmo Rautapuro Aug 28th, 1996 09:47 AM

I was in the American Southwest for 2 weeks (drove down from Waterloo,ONT to Los Alamos,NM in 3 days). Advise not to visit Los Alamos if looking for inexpensive foodstuffs. Even the McDonalds in Los Alamos has double the price of a burger than a similar franchise in Santa Fe proper. I have details on inexpensive motels if you are a driving tour (eg Carlsbad, Alamogordo, etc)

Mary Beaber Sep 12th, 1996 08:08 PM

Any bargains on motels in Santa Fe?

Jo Oct 19th, 1996 04:34 PM

PLEASE take the drive out to Georgia O'Keefe's
stomping grounds! You will be assured to have
a "spiritual" moment (or two)! There's an old log
cabin facing the old house where she lived, and if
you can catch it with no traffic around, you'll have
a glorious experience!

Lynn Fox Dec 5th, 1996 08:50 AM

My boyfriend and I are going to Taos next week for five days of skiing and two nights in Santa Fe.
My question is where to stay in Taos. A travel agent suggested Hotel Bernard because of the
great food. What about the Thunderbird lodge? I have been trying to find a website where Taos
mountain lodges are rated but I can't find one.

Can you help with any suggestions?

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