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Dilbar Mar 28th, 2012 08:05 AM

Need advice

On Sunday April 01, I'm travelling to NY - JFK Int'l airport to pick up my family.
I'm driving from Northern Virginia and it's my first time.

Could you please give me any advices on toll roads, exits and especially parking at the airport?
Should I make reservation for parking lot?

Thank you very much for your kind assistance.


abram Mar 28th, 2012 09:19 AM

You may get more help if your topic is less vague than "Need advice".

Here's the JFK parking website: I'd probably use the free cell phone lot if I was picking someone up.

I like both mapquest and google maps to plot routes.

RoamsAround Mar 28th, 2012 10:46 AM

Go to Google Maps or Mapquest and you can get turn by turn directions from your starting point to JFK. It is not clear if you are driving directly from northern Virginia directly to JFK or are stopping someplace in New York before proceeding to JFK. By "NY" did you mean New Tork Coty or some other place in NY State? Anyway, you should be able to get all the driving directions, including what exits to take from the highways and Interstates on Mapquest or Google Maps.

The route will probably take you on several toll roads and across several bridges that have tolls. I am not sure what your concern is about the tolls but the number of tolls and costs can vary depending on which routing you take. Suffice to say, you will have to pay several tolls between northern Virginia and JFK - there's no way to avoid them. Same with traveling between NYC and JFK - you can't get there without paying some tolls.

And, no you do not have to reserve a parking spot at JFK.

RoamsAround Mar 28th, 2012 10:49 AM

Ugh! That should be New York City not New Tork Coty!

vjpblovesitaly Mar 28th, 2012 11:03 AM

Do you have an EZ Pass?

nytraveler Mar 28th, 2012 04:20 PM

Are you planning to drive to JFK pick people up and drive back to VA in one day? Frankly - this makes no sense. Why don;t they fly on to Virginia. (Not sure where you are in VA - but given potential traffic and road conditions you are talking hours 10 hours driving turnaround in one day - best case.)

If you are staying overnight - then bringing a car to JFK makes no sense - your family should join you at your hotel. Or you can go meet them and then take public transit to your hotel>

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