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lery Jan 6th, 2004 07:38 AM

Napili Kai Beach resort ?
My husband and I are going to Maui next August. How is this hotel? Is the beach in front of it good for swimming/snorkeling? How is the weather in this part of the island in August? Would Wailea be better than Napili? I think the hotels in Wailea are much more expensive.PLease, any information about this hotel will be very wellcome!! THANKS.

Gellers Jan 6th, 2004 09:49 AM

I happen to love this hotel--it is a little "old-school" (1960s) and it's not opulent like the resorts in Wailea, but it's got a great fantasy-island-jungle-like feel to it. We did not stay here, but we poked our heads around and got a good look at everything.

The grounds are beautiful. There are a couple of pools (not large) and several jacuzzis sprinkled around. The beach is FANTASTIC for both snorkeling and swimming. It's a breathtaking beach! The rooms aren't bad either; it's an older resort so I was expecting shabbier, but they looked pretty good (updated, clean, new) to me.

Overall the resort has a cool, retro-without-being-shabby feel. Very Les Baxter with a mai tai in your hand-type vibe. I think it's a good choice for the money.

I'm surprised I liked this place so much--I'm admittedly a Four Seasons/Ritz type of gal who likes luxury when I travel. But I think this is a charming hotel overall.

Alohamom Jan 6th, 2004 11:35 AM

I tend to agree with Gellers. I too have not actually stayed here but we parked in a public lot directly beside it to snorkel at Kapalua Bay. The trees and shrubs are well maintained, it looks like a very well kept, low key condo comples, where you could really relax.The entrance is dated and the complex itself is kinda jammed in an area of Kapalua on a tiny winding road but again, a very nice setting.

Miranda Jan 6th, 2004 01:16 PM

I stayed at the Napili Kai some years back and friends stayed there about two years ago. So these remarks are perhaps out of date, although I don't think much has changed at the Napili Kai over the years. Which is exactly the way people like it! The Napili Kai has lots of old-fashioned Hawaiian charm and a fabulous beach for swimming. (My friends said they went next door to Kapalua Beach to snorkel, so I'm assuming the snorkeling was better there.) The rooms at the Napili Kai are not fancy at all, and my friends felt their one bedroom unit was overpriced for what it was. Note that some rooms are not air-conditioned, a factor to consider in August. I don't mean to sound negative. I would stay at the Napili Kai again. But just be aware you are not getting a fancy hotel with all its amenities. The Napili Kai is a different experience.

carbogilligan Jan 6th, 2004 02:26 PM

We didn't stay there either but swam/snorkeled at their beach four times in 10 days. We also loved the restaurant attached to the hotel, The Sea House. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The property is in a charming location, somewhat windy at times, but really nice. Guests of the hotel are provided beach chairs and there is a snack bar adjacent to the beach (for guests only). We chose not to stay there for our upcoming trip because of the lack of a/c and the pool closes at sunset, which in Hawaii can be 7-8 p.m.
Hope this info helps!

Kaymit Jan 7th, 2004 11:08 AM

It is great to hear good reports on Napili
Kai as we are staying there next Sept. It sounds like we made the perfect choice for us. We wanted something quiet , charming, laid back on a pretty bay.

cueball Jan 7th, 2004 04:06 PM

Napili Kai is a wonderful place on a fabulous beach. Some of the rooms are a bit funky, but overall the place is very conducive to relaxing and renewing. have fun.

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