Napa -- Part Two


Jun 18th, 2002, 07:23 PM
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Napa -- Part Two


Schramsberg Tour (Calistoga) -- thoroughly enjoyed this tour, great history about the vineyard (it's the label that presidents serve and Nixon started the trend in 72 --before that the White House always served French Champagne). Our tour guide was very good. The tour takes you down into the caves and ends up in a lovely tasting room where everyone sits around a big table for the tasting. Loved their blanc de blanc and J. Schram -- ordered a couple of each. You can only taste if you take the tour which I recommend.

Clos Pegas: very good tasting, although they were very busy and the room was pretty crowded. The women who helped us seemed jittery and nervous which made it hard for us to relax. They also have some cool art here.

Sterling Vineyards: arrived here around 12:30 and there was a long line (at least an hour) to take the tram to the tasting room so we ended up not going -- did not realize until later that you can also take an elevator.

Lunch at Wappo Bar and Grill in Calistoga -- great lunch spot, sat outside on the terrace.
Headed down the Silverado Trail after lunch.

Joseph Phelps -- our favorite taste -- made reservations for their tour which is really a seminar -- beautiful room -- our tourguide Saul was great -- I liked this tour because it focused on trying to identify what you are tasting and smelling in a particular wine -- interactive -- he tried to get everyone involved -- nice change from the history lessons and informative info we learned on the wine process. The final taste is done on a pretty patio with beautiful views of the valley.

ZD: good taste -- loved their chardonnay

Drinks at Auberge (beautiful views)
Dinner at Terra -- extraordinary food -- had a nice corner table -- room was quiet and relaxed. Will finish final day tomorrow...
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