Nantucket Food (I mean TRIP) report

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Nantucket Food (I mean TRIP) report

Arrived in the wonderful Nantucket yesterday. the weather is beautiful- no humidity and sunny. I have asked so many questions about ACK and food , I thought i'd write a day by day food report.

Last night we dined at The Pearl. we loved this place so much last year that we made reservations for 2 of our nights here. LAst night we had an amazing meal. Our waiter was great, except right after he recited the specials we asked for one to begin with and he totally forgot. But, we ordered so much it didn't matter in the end.

Tuna martini (a must- truly amazing), lettuce wraps- i liked them very much, my DH was so so about them. DH had the softshell crab which he said was the best he ever tasted. I'm a little squeamish about them, so i didn't partake. we split the wok-fried lobster-- granted it is very pricey, but there was so much lobster meat, we were glad we shared it. Everything we ate had a wonderful flavor- asian accented, but not heavy.

Today we lunched at Slip 14. This place doesn't get much hype, but we had a wonderful lunch there last year so we thought we'd try it again. It did not disappoint.. DH had the scalloped cob salad and said it was fantastic. I had an app as my lunch- the Pan Con Tamate-- a bruschetta of sorts with crushed tomatoes, serrano ham and manchego cheese- so delicious.

So far so good! to be continued....
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Nantucket is such a beautiful place. Glad you are enjoying it.
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Just curious, what is a scalloped cob salad?
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a cobb salad with scallops. LOL i probably didn't word that correctly. It was a really interesting salad of romaine, bacon, avacoda, egg, tomatoes and seared scallops. The dressing was different- i thought asian inspired.
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It sounds delicious. I love the idea of pairing avocado with seared scallops.
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We had dinner the other night at Lola 41. It's funny, this is one of those places that always sticks in our minds as so good- we love the vibe- young (but not too young), hip and fun. But the food was so so. We started with a crab rangoon spring roll that was pretty much a deep fried roll of cream cheese.I couldn' see the crab nor did i taste any- very disappointing. We also had a BLT salad which was very good- fresh lettuce and tomatoes (locally grown i'm sure- you could tell the difference) and decadent blue cheese dressing. The Fritto misto app was unfortunately disappointing as well. We didn't care for the sauce it came with and the pieces of seafood and vegetables were just a little too chewy in not a good way. My DH had the veal milanese which was so good- heavily breaded but still delicious with a fresh tasty salad on top. i chose the sushi which was so -so. Very expensive for very small pieces. We shared the tres leches dessert which was perfect.

We had a quick lunch at Something natural the other day before a bike ride. Dh got the turkey salad and is still raving about it. I got the hummus and veggie with avacado. I asked (twice) for no sprouts (did you know sprouts carry a high rate of salmonella?) and guess what i got - a HUGE heaping helping of sprouts on my sandwich. Even after removing them, I have to say the sandwich was pretty bland- probably not the best choice, and I would definitly try this place again on another visit. (note- the half sandwhiches are HUGE- no need to get a whole unless you are starving!)

Dinner at 21 Federal on another night was wonderful. I started out with the portabello mushroom app - famous and rightly so. the parmesan polenta upon which the mushroom and roasted tomatoe sat on was simply sublime. I could make a meal out of it! Dh got the bartlett farm tomatoe salad and thought it was pretty good. For our meals i got the poached lobster which was good- not amazing, but good. Dh got the steak which was one of the best steaks I have ever eaten. When home,we often grill Prime and this stood up to any Prime we've eaten in the past- really delicious. We were too stuffed to try dessert, but i would bet it was very good.
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Hmmmm. Thanks for the posts. I have only eaten at LoLa a couple of times, and it was good, though more of a scene than I like, and that was off season! Was it a Monday when the regular chef might be off?

I have always thought that Something Natural's sandwiches and esp their Portugese bread are overrated, though the owner, Matt Fee, is such a wonderful human being and so committed to Nantucket that I buy the stuff anyway, though I think Provisions on Straight Wharf has better sandwiches, and I think Daily Breads has better bread. Something Natural's bread seems underdone to me. But my visitors love it for toast, their raisin bread is spectacular, and we buy their pizza dough when my wife doesn't have time to make her own.
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It wasnt a Monday at Lola. My complaints about lola seem to be the general consensus with those we spoke with -- good not great-- fun scene though. yet, even with our complaints, my DH said we should go again next year if we come for a week again- he loved the veal and he loves the scene.

We did eat at Dune one night and our appetizers were so good that we thought "this is going to be our best meal of the week." I had the Foie Gras appetizer which was one of the best dishes I had the plasure of eating on island. the flavors blended perfectly- and included a fig, which i love- and as much as I enjoyed the foie gras at the Galley on our trip- this beat that out. I also had the corn soup which i shared with DH that was light and tasty. DH's app of scallops was according to him (i don't eat them) so good that he was ready to give Dune number one billing. Unfortunately, we didn't love our entrees as much as our apps. My husband;s pork was tough-- he left half on his plate, which never happens. I had an appetizer (my 3rd) for my entree- the shrimp- and it was good- not as outstanding as the other two apps, but solid.

Lunch one day at the Brotherhood was good- but they got rid of my favorite sandwhich which was really disappointing! but we love the Brotherhood and will always go back for a solig lunch.

we FINALLy got to Black Eyed susans for breakfast one day, and all i can say is that this place lives up to the hype! it was outstanding! we went on a Thursday at around noon and only had to wiat about 5 minutes. everything was amazing! DH got a made to order omelette- everything was fresh and outstanding. I had a BELT- bacon, egg, lettuce and tomatoe- and the bread was so sweet- OMG, we will always come back here!

more to follow...
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Just got back from Nantucket myself! Here are my food impressions:
I visited Lola and liked it--the atmosphere was very hip, and we sat on the outside patio, which was lovely. Food was good--not amazing, but pretty good! My husband loved his sushi.

We also ate at the Brant Point Grill, and I have to tell you, it was the worst meal of my life! There was hair in the bread basket, which was removed by the embarrassed waitress. Then a waiter removed my first course silverware, and replaced my used knife on top of my clean fork because he said "I'd need it for my lobster tail". I asked why I couldn't get a clean knife for my lobster, and he seem surprised at the request. Then, when my lobster tail came, I should have been tipped off by the presentation of a curled piece of lobster meat on a plate with nothing else (no shell, nothing else.). When I took a bite, it was the most rancid smell and taste you could imagine--almost an ammonia taste. They took it away, and said that it wasn't rancid, it was just overcooked and oversalted. My husband ordered the filet mignon and seemed to like it. They compensated us by giving us a free glass of wine. I left and went to the Juice Bar and had a big ice cream in a waffle cone for dinner.

We wanted to go to Black Eye Susans for dinner, but it was so hot in there--the kitchen is open to the tables, and it was a hot day, so we decided to find somewhere with air conditioning. Although I'm sorry we missed it, because everyone says how great that place is!

We went on a bike ride around the island, and stopped at Provisions on Straight Wharf for sandwiches to put in our bike baskets. One of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten!! I got the caprese sandwich on ciabatta, and my husband got the curry chicken salad. Absolutely delicious! A must for lunch on Nantucket!
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It's been a long time since we spent summer vacations on Nantucket..... but I'm glad to hear the Brotherhood is still there! I seem to recall wonderful french fries -
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We decided early on that we wanted to eat at pearl twice, so we did. This time, we both got our own tuna martinis, which are out of this world. My husband had the wok fried lobster (doesn't disappoint) and i had the BBQ beef- which was amazing- the best dish of our trip IMO.

Lunch at the Galley was good- their burger is second to none on island. their lobster roll should be passed up- so little lobster- nothing special really. their cobb salad was good.

One of our best meals on island was what we consider a "sleeper" restaurant- it doesn't get much hype, but friends who go to ACK often suggested we try out the Ships Inn. We went on sunday night and it was near empty, whivch sort of made us second guess ourselves. But the food was simply wonderful. I started with an artichoke au gratin app that melted in my mouth. The duck bolognese had to be tried, it sounded so interesting. The sauce was really good- very sweet- and had a good texture and flavor. DH started with scallops which he loved and then had a steak which he deemed excellent.

I think that's everything- if i remember any other places, I will write again. can't wait for next year!
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