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sory Nov 12th, 2018 08:29 AM

My Denver trip !
Hi guys , thanks so very much with all of your great ideas for my trip to Arizona it was quite magical .I am now off on December 22 thru January 1st to Denver Colorado.
And I as well would like to make this trip memorable ,I am traveling with my adult children my brother ,niece and Fiance .We will be staying downtown Denver and would love to hear from all of your wonderful travels to that area .

Looking forward to your ideas Sory

fmpden Nov 15th, 2018 05:12 PM

Well, Dec 31st is a big deal on the 16th St Mall. Fireworks at both 9pm and midnight. Crowds are huge and light rail is free after 6pm. Hire a horse drawn carriage and tour the lights on the city and county building. What do you want to do?

sylvia3 Nov 16th, 2018 09:21 AM

Special night light shows at the Arboretum and Denver Zoo, lots going on at the Denver Center for Performing Arts (check for tickets now).

sory Nov 16th, 2018 03:27 PM

Hi guys thank you so very much for your reply ,the horse drawn carriage sounds amazing ! I will look into that Also the Arboretum sounds like fun .I am sure there is lots to see in Denver ,it has been my daughter's dream since she was a teenager to go to Colorado ,for whatever the reason ,that has been her place .I would l like to make it special for her ,she is 26 years old and I am fortunate enough that she still finds me interesting and enjoys vacationing with me .I would love any great places to see or do ,restaurants ?

sylvia3 Nov 16th, 2018 05:31 PM

There's The Fort outside of Denver; fabulous views and food in a setting based on an old trade fort. The ambiance is great.

Gretchen Nov 17th, 2018 04:20 AM

Plenty of great eating in Denver. The Fort specializes in wild game dishes also and it is a real treat. Fruition, Borollo Grill.are really special also.

Gretchen Nov 17th, 2018 04:26 AM

Domo is a really interesting and delicious place. It is a Japanese restaurant in a martial arts academy. The style of sushi is churasco--served in a bowl--rustic style/country sushi. The variety of sake available is prodigious. It is a really fun evening.
Domo Restaurant Denver Colorado, Traditional Japanese Cuisine ? Japanese Country Foods Restaurant, Garden and Museum

Do go up into the mountains for a day trip--maybe Frisco or Breckenridge.

sory Nov 19th, 2018 08:30 AM

Thanks so very much for your great suggestions ,my family and I are very excited ! They are all written down on my phone and we will absolutely try them out .If you guys can think of any other please let me know !!! Appreciate your advice.Happy Thanksgiving !

WhereAreWe Nov 19th, 2018 01:14 PM

I like Denver but 9 days in that city is a long time as a tourist. You really need to spend a day or more in the mountains. I have to assume your daughter's fascination with Colorado is based on seeing mountains, not just Denver.

Any of the ski towns would work, or Estes Park. Estes is very touristy but sits at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, which is probably more natural looking than the ski resorts. Just depends on what you're looking for - ideally you would spend several days in the mountains. If you're open to more than a day trip, that opens up more of the state.

What is your experience driving in snow/icy conditions?

Gretchen Nov 20th, 2018 03:43 AM

I agree about going to the mountains maybe even for an overnight. I would suggest Frisco and Breckenridge. I think the towns are cuter and the roads to get to them better than Estes.
Boulder is another place to visit for a day. Take a tour of the Celestial Seasonings factory.

fmpden Nov 20th, 2018 07:17 AM

Several have suggested trips to the mountains. Keep in mind that the Christmas/New Years time frame is the peak travel time in the ski areas - Frisco, Dillon, Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper, Vail, etc., will be packed with skiers and holiday trips. Finding an overnight will be nearly impossible since most places will be full or require multi-night stays. You might get lucky and catch a last minute cancellation but don't count on it. Also traffic at that time will be heavy along I-70 in and out of that area so planning accordingly if making a run into the mountains.

Bitter Nov 20th, 2018 07:49 AM

I would suggest you take a look at the Fodor's online guide and get some of the more basic ideas, then come back and ask others to help you drill down on those or more unique ideas.

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