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Mother/Daughter Duo Spend a Long Weekend in San Franciso!

Mother/Daughter Duo Spend a Long Weekend in San Franciso!

Jul 24th, 2009, 12:21 PM
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Mother/Daughter Duo Spend a Long Weekend in San Franciso!

What do you do when you live in the Southeast United States and want to get away from the heat and humidity in the summer? Go to San Francisco of course!

Mom and I spent a long holiday weekend in San Francisco that started with the alarm clock going off at 3:30am...oh what was I thinking when I booked a 6:30am flight!

Friday, July 3rd

Other than having to get up so early the flights to San Francisco were not horrible...well if you don't count the 2 year old twin boys in the row in front of me on the Atlanta to SFO flight who could not sit still for the entire flight, BUT I didn't have anyone in the seat next to me AND the captain was hauling ass, because we got to San Francisco...10 minutes early!

We touched down just before 1pm and I went into travel planner action! I wanted to buy two 3 day Muni transportation passes, and I knew that there was a desk at baggage claim where I could do this...not today though...there was a sign to go to another terminal for information. Well, I didn't want to hike around the airport, plus I knew I could buy the passes at the Powell Street Station.

Since we did carry-on bags only, we walked over to the airtrain that would take us to the SFO BART station...easy peasy...until I got to the ticket machine...

Thank God for information sharing Fodorites! (Especially Kristina) When reading Kristina's San Francisco trip report I noted that the BART ticket machines worked "backwards", well, at least in my pee-brain I was thinking it was backwards! BUT, at first I didn't remember this little gem of information.

Sooo...I decided, for the BART ticket purchase, I would use my debit card. I slide the card into the machine and up pops a message $20.00 will be charged...uhhh...wait a minute...the fare is $8.10 one way to the Powell Street Station from SFO...what is this $20.00????

THEN I remembered...you have to subtract the amount on the screen until you get to the correct fare. I will say there are fare charts plastered all over the machines and the walls near the machines, so as long as you know where you are and where you need to go you can figure it out.

I must have been blinded by the thrill of 70% humidity because in my haste to complete the transaction because there was a line of people behind me now (that's the story I'm sticking too!), I only saw the -$1.00 button, so I pressed that button until I got down to $9.00 and then pressed submit...out spits a BART ticket/card. Now to do the transaction again for a ticket for mom.

OK...things are looking good...that's when I notice there is also a button for either 10 or 5 cent deductions...so I could have gotten to $8.10...but I was being hasty. All was not lost, because on the return trip I just reloaded the card using the 90 cents that were still left on the card.

In the timeline scheme of things...it was now only just about 1:30pm. A BART train was waiting on the platform so we hopped on and had an uneventful 45-ish minute ride into San Francisco. One thing that did surprise us and maybe it was just because it was the Friday before a holiday weekend, but there were very few cars in the airport parking lot and relatively few cars on the highway...but it was also in the middle of the afternoon.

We took BART to the Powell Street station which was just a few blocks from our hotel. Before we walked to the hotel I wanted to get the Muni passes. I had mom stand out of the way while I tried to find the right booth the get the passes. I found it alright, along with 50 other people trying to buy tickets for the cable car! Fortunately the line, although long, moved quickly and within 10 minutes I had 2 passes for unlimited travel on all Muni transportation (buses, cable car, street cars, etc) for $18 each.

I splurged and bought the $3.00 Muni system map and let me tell you, that was THE BEST $3.00 I have ever spent! I made sure I had it with me all the time so if we needed to hop on a bus or street car I could figure out how to get to where we wanted to be really quickly...got to give a shout out to my dear dad for instilling in me good map reading skills and a pretty decent sense of direction...or it could be that he is just guiding me from the heavens!

Once I had the passes and the (coveted) map we headed off to the hotel...thanks to google maps I knew it was just around the corner and 2 blocks down to our hotel...The Intercontinental at the corner of Howard and 5th, in the SOMA neighborhood.

Another shout out to the Fodorites who helped me decide between this hotel and the Mark Hopkins...glad I took your advice...we REALLY liked this hotel. I was able to get a deal through a travelzoo discount. We paid $119 a night...I know, I may have been able to do better somewhere else, but I'm a priority club member and the thought of getting the points that I convert to frequent flyer miles provided some incentive to stay here.

Our room was nothing special, just a basic, very clean, comfortable double/double on the 14th floor with a big flat screen TV so we could watch the entire Michael Jackson funeral/spectacle in our free time!

We didn't have any kind of spectacular view...it looked out over the other buildings across the street and the freeway and hills in the distance. But we really liked the bathroom; it was spacious as far as hotel bathrooms go. They used a frosted glass sliding door between the bathroom and room and for some reason I just felt less cramped then in bathrooms with the conventional door that opens in or out. Plus I really liked the hairdryer they had...I know, it's the little things!

By the time we settled in, it was close to 3pm and we had planned to meet friends from home, who were also in San Francisco this weekend for drinks at The Top of The Mark (they were staying there) at 5:30pm. So we rested for a bit...remember we had been up since 3:30am eastern time! And around 4:30 we pulled ourselves together and headed over to the Powell Street Cable Car turn-around.

OMG...I had heard the lines for the cable car at this spot might be long...they weren't kidding! I'm glad we gave ourselves plenty of time. After waiting probably 20 minutes and taking 100's of pictures of the cable cars (I can't help myself) we got on a cable car. We only had to ride it for maybe 10 minutes to the corner of Powell and California....it was fun...but CROWDED...we would later ride an almost empty car...much nicer! Once we got off the cable car it was a short, albeit steep one block climb up to the front door of the Mark Hopkins.

Although we were a few minutes early it worked out perfectly because our friends had gone a bit early to make sure we could get a table by the window. We had some wine and fun conversation. It's funny because these are work friends and while at home we've never gone out together, but they share our passion for travel so it was the perfect start to a fun weekend!
And maybe we've started a new tradition...fly across the county for cocktails with co-workers!

Stayed tuned...our first dinner in San Francisco at The Slanted Door...
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Jul 24th, 2009, 01:11 PM
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I can't wait to read more of your trip. I too visited San Francisco with my mother. We had such a great time. The line for the cable cars was so long that we planned an early morning to make sure we got on.
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Jul 24th, 2009, 01:41 PM
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Loving your report so far, we waited in line for an hour or so to get on the cable-car, but it was a fun experience.
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Jul 24th, 2009, 01:55 PM
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Yes, enjoying this too!!
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Jul 24th, 2009, 02:19 PM
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Great report so far... looking forward to reading the rest.
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Jul 24th, 2009, 03:39 PM
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Great beginning, wanting more and I agree, the MUNI map is well-designed, and saves so much effort!
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Jul 24th, 2009, 05:02 PM
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Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I hadn't intended to be so long-winded...I "thought" I'd just do a quick trip report...clearly you can see I have difficulty self-editing!
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Jul 24th, 2009, 05:34 PM
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And here is the rest of our first day:

At about 7pm we said our good-byes since we had a 7:30pm dinner reservation at The Slanted Door and our friends had a dinner reservation at Boulevard (they loved their meal there...sadly we didn't have enough time to have a meal there).

We walked back down to the corner of California and Powell and hopped on the California Street Cable Car...there were maybe 5 people on the car...much different experience then earlier! We took it all the way to the end of the line near the Ferry Building. It was a short walk to the Ferry Building and it was such a pretty evening.

We arrived a few minutes early, but were seated right away. Just to mention here I booked all our dinner reservations, except for one, before leaving home through Open Table. Love that website...found it mentioned on Fodors a while back and have become hooked...I had a couple $20 Open Table checks that we used on this trip and we did use one here at The Slanted Door.

At 7:30pm the place was packed to the gills and buzzing. This restaurant was recommended to me by a Fodorite and since when mom and I go to larger cities we usually O.D. on Italian or French restaurants I thought we needed to try something different. I had never had Vietnamese food before and I really enjoyed what I had. I'm finally stepping out of my Italian (pasta) shell!

We started with the cocktail called Summer on the Danube (thanks for the recommendation Starrs!)...it's prosecco (see, there's the Italian again!) with elderberry syrup. I was concerned because it was fairly sweet and mom does not like sweet...but it actually worked with the appetizer we ordered. We had the crispy imperial rolls (recommended by our co-worker friends who had been there the night before), they were stuffed with shrimp and pork and were very crunchy and were the perfect compliment to the sweet cocktail.

We decided to each have an entree, but we would share, so the server brought little plates and then placed both entrees in the middle of the table. Mom had the scallops and I had the Alaskan halibut. We had a side order of baby spinach with caramelized onions and garlic. The whole meal was delicious but I have to admit Mom's scallops completely stole the show...so tender and melt in your mouth good.

We ended the meal with the steamed lemon cake with blueberry compote...another surprise since as I mentioned mom isn't "into" sweets...but this cake was light, refreshing and just the perfect touch of sweetness. With 2 espresso the bill was $122.

From the Ferry Building it was an easy hop on the F street car (love the vintage cars!) and we were back at the hotel by 10pm and were ready for some serious sleep...it was a long but really enjoyable day, especially since the weather had been so terrific...sunny and breezy the whole day!
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Jul 24th, 2009, 07:00 PM
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Great report so far! Looking forward to more!
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Jul 24th, 2009, 07:18 PM
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Saturday, July 4th

The game plan for today was to stop for coffee at the Blue Bottle Coffee Cafe (http://bluebottlecoffee.net/). It's located at 66 Mint Street at the corner of Jessie, and lucky for us, just a couple blocks away from our hotel (they also have a location at the Ferry Building).

On Saturdays they open at 8am we got there just before they opened. It's a good thing I knew what I was looking for, because before they opened the only sign was about 10 feet high on the building facade and it was a blue bottle on a small grey square. Once they opened there was a sandwich board sign placed on the sidewalk.

I am definitely the "designer" coffee junkie...according to my mom I don't drink "real" coffee...so it was only logical that I had the caffe mocha...which was excellent. Mom had a cup of the organic drip coffee and by the smile that spread across her face after the first sip I knew I had hit a home run in the coffee selection for the morning! We also each had a brioche because they looked good, and tasted even better (I don't even want to think what the butter content was in those tasty little morsels!). I had the bacon and gruyere cheese brioche, mom had the chive and chevre brioche. For the 2 coffees (mine was $4.50) and the 2 brioche the bill was $18.

In hind-sight we probably should have just had our coffees because what followed for the remainder of the morning could be considered a total food fest...yup...I'm talking about the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building!

When we were happily caffeinated we walked over to Market Street (and Powell) and took the F street car (this time it was the vintage car from Milano, Italy) to the Ferry Building because I really wanted to roam through the Farmer's Market. Mom is a fantastic cook and even though we couldn't buy any of the perishable produce, I thought it would be fun to poke around...and it was.

Being Saturday there were LOTS of vendors...fruits, vegetables, flowers, olive oils, honey, jams, breads, meats, seafood, herbs, spices...it was colorful and beautiful...great picture opts! Mom bought some lavender honey, rosemary salt, and lavender salt and I bought some organic orange marmalade (btw it's fabulous!).

While we were walking around we found the "holy grail" we had been keeping our eyes open for. The Roli Roti (http://www.roliroti.com/) truck...again, thanks to Kristina's Fodor's trip report back in the spring I knew this place had fantastic porchetta sandwiches. When we walked by at 10am the sides of the truck were open and the rotisseries were loaded with chicken and pork and slowly rotating...OMG...it smelled soooo good and we had just had breakfast 2 hours ago, plus samples of strawberries, peach, peanut brittle (you get the picture here!)

My strategy was to do the San Francisco City Guide (www.sfcityguides.org) tour of the Ferry Building at 12noon...so at 10am we still had 2 hours. We continued to check out the market and then at 10:45am...no I am not kidding! We went back to the Roli Roti truck and you guessed it...there was already a line at least 10 people long!

We got in line and as we stood there watched as the line kept getting longer and longer behind us. Then a celebrity spotting... As we stood and waited for the line to creep forward there was a group a 3 or 4 people that got behind us...no big deal...then I heard one speaking on their cell phone...the voice sounded so familiar. As I slowly turned around there was a tall, slender African American woman standing a few feet away. I finally figured out it was Aisha Tyler, comedian and former Talk Soup host. It looked like she was with friends and I didn't say anything but it certainly made me feel better knowing this svelte celebrity was going to chow down on a porchetta sandwich too!

By 11am we were munching on the most incredible tasting sandwich and roasted potatoes ever (definitely get the potatoes...REALLY good!). The pork was tender, yet had that crunchy outside, the ciabatta bread had just enough firmness on the outside and softness on the inside and the caramelized onions and cress topping was the perfect finishing touch. We bought one sandwich and split it...was definitely more then enough! By 11:30am the line for the Roli Roti must have had 30 people in it!

After our delicious lunch we walked around a bit more, and went across the street to check out the arts and craft stalls. Just before 12noon we went to the stairs at the front of the Ferry Building, which is the designated meeting point for the start of the Ferry Building Tour. The tour guide we had was Sue Walsh and she was terrific...the history of the building is really interesting and with just 9 people on the tour it was a great way to spend an hour.

Once we were finished with the tour we walked over to the N-Judah (street car??? is that line considered a street car or light rail?? ) and went to Golden Gate Park. We made our way to the Flower Conservatory and paid the $5.00 entry fee ($3.00 for seniors) to go in. It's a pretty interesting building...worth reading the history about the building that are the big display boards as you walk in.

We then walked over to the Japanese Tea Garden but decided not to go in...we were starting to fade. Fortunately right in front of the Japanese Tea Garden was the #44 bus stop. We hoped on the bus and took it out of the park to Irving and 9th. Now a little digression here...while on the Ferry Building tour we noticed the shoes the guide had on and really liked them. We asked her where she got them and she told us a store called On the Run at Irving & 9th. At the time, the streets didn't really mean anything to us, but as we got off the bus and looked at the street signs it dawned on us..."where's the store"? As the bus pulled away, there was the store right across the street...so we popped in to see if they had the shoes...

Yup, they did. After trying them on and not finding much success there was another similar pair. We thought..."why not" so I tried them on....ahhhhhh!!!! OMG...soooo comfortable! One shoe purchase later we were ready for a coffee break. Lucky for us there was a Starbucks just across the street, so we stopped for a much needed break and sat down for about 30 minutes.

By 4:30pm we had finished our coffees and were revived enough to catch the N-Judah line back to the Powell Street station. As we exited the Powell Street station I noticed all the banners and posters for Wicked which was playing at the theater up the street.

When we got back to the hotel I stopped at the concierge desk to ask if they knew if there was a matinee performance on Sunday. The concierge couldn't have been more helpful. He did find out that there was a Sunday matinee and there were tickets available, but for some reason they can't book tickets...no problem...the theater is just about a 15 minute walk from the hotel.

At about 6pm we walked up to the theater box office and bought 2 tickets for the matinee the next day. And not just any tickets, but the front row aisle seats of the loge...we were smack in the middle of the stage...I think we got really lucky because even the ticket agent at the theater was a bit surprised when those seats come up as available...good karma I guess!

When we were finished at the theater we decided it would be a good idea to start heading to the restaurant for our 8pm reservation. Being the 4th of July the street cars and buses were packed and some of the buses were being re-routed, so I didn't know how long it would take us to get to the restaurant.

And ahhhhh...the restaurant...thanks again to Kristina for posting about her experience at A16 (http://www.a16sf.com/) I decided to check out the restaurant's website and found the chef had just won the James Beard award for Up and Coming Chef and even better their wine listed included wines from a winery on the Amalfi Coast that I had just toured in April (you can check out my trip report from that Amalfi trip if you click on my screen name)...more good karma! So, I booked a reservation for 8pm via Open Table. The name of the restaurant comes from the highway that runs through the Campania region of Italy and the food is reminiscent of that region.

The restaurant is located at 2355 Chestnut Street. We arrived a little early...at least I was able to manuever the bus system even with the holiday changes...loved that map! At 7:30pm this restaurant was packed...wall to wall...all but one or two tables were filled and the bar/chef's table had every seat occupied (recession???) The service here was fantastic...the server attentive but not "hovering".

We started with a glass of prosecco each and the mozzarella burata on crostini and an order of fennel salumi for appetizers. Then we had the fennel sausage and pepper pizza, which was terrific (however the pepper oil they gave in a separate little pitcher was VERY hot...only put it on one piece and that was enough for me!) We also had the lamb meatballs with giardino entree and a side dish of cannellini beans. All were wonderful but the cannellini beans were the clear winner at the table. We ended the meal with a chocolate tart that was not too sweet and a bit crumbly, with 2 espresso and a carafe of the Marisa Cuomo red the bill was $140...we did use one of the Open Table $20 gift checks here...every little bit helps!

After dinner we walked down the street one block to wait for the #30 bus. As we sat down to wait we noticed the digital board said the next bus would be in 38 minutes...ugh...looks like we had just missed one...then after 5 minutes the board had changed and the bus arrived 3 minutes later...and it was practically empty. We slowly made our way along the street...lots of people and cars about and between the buildings we could catch glimpses of the fireworks over the bay. As we continued to head towards Market Street the bus got more and more crowded. We hopped off at Howard and 3rd and walked a couple blocks back to the hotel.

It was another great San Francisco day!
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Jul 24th, 2009, 07:39 PM
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I'm enjoying your report very much! The website says that Roli Roti opens at 8am. Were they really selling pork at 10 am when you walked by? We'll be there in Sept. I need to start planning tonight!! I'm also considering A16 - sounds great.
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Jul 25th, 2009, 03:00 AM
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Wonderful report, I just love your enthusiasm!! Steamed lemon cake? Have never heard of such a thing....nor have I ever heard of Aisha Tyler....uh, oh, this doesn't mean I'm getting old does it? ;-) Glad you enjoyed a great trip. Look forward to reading more!
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Jul 25th, 2009, 06:32 AM
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Centralparkgirl...thanks and yes I think they must be there at 8am because when we first walked by they were set up and the rotisseries were really "pumping away" there was ALOT of food there! Definitely consider A16...I would say it was my favorite meal of the trip!

AnnMarie...thanks it's easy to be enthusiastic when we had such a nice time!
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Jul 25th, 2009, 09:50 AM
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What a charming trip report, LowCountryIslander! I have enjoyed every word you have written. And how lovely that your mother and you so enjoy being together. My only complaint is that I am now starving due to reading all your wonderful food descriptions, lol.
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Jul 25th, 2009, 05:15 PM
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LoveItaly...thanks for reading. Here's the next installment:

Sunday, July 5th

Today was the only day we had grey, cloudy skies with a few rain sprinkles...but that didn't deter us!

We started the day back at the Blue Bottle Coffee Cafe. This time we just had coffee...after the food fest that occured the day before we could stand to scale back a bit!

We hopped on the N-Judah line at Powell Street station and took it to Irving & 9th, just like the day before. Once we got off the N we walked around the corner to wait for the #44 bus that would take us into Golden Gate Park and just steps from the deYoung Museum.

We had 9am tickets for the King Tut exhibit...thanks to Fodorite YK for suggesting to book the earliest time to help alleviate the crowds. It was still crowded at 9am, but at least we were the first group through the exhibit, so we did not have to contend with any lingerers from a previous time slot! (good tip to know for timed entries!).

We got to the museum at about 9:15am...it seemed like we waited forever for that #44 bus to arrive! But we sailed right in and got our audio guides...definitely worth the $7.00 extra for the audio guide...it really brought much more meaning to the exhibit for me to have the audio...some really interesting stuff. The artifacts are truly extraordinary and I was in awe of how well preserved it all was. It took us about an hour, give or take to meander our way through the exhibit and we stopped at every piece to listen to the audio...there were also several displays that were not on the audio guide, so we stopped by those to read the description of the piece.

We then spent about an hour walking through the permanent exhibits...nearly not enough time there is so much in this museum. I would love to go back...I could spend an entire day in there! BUT I did want to make time to go to the 9th floor observation deck, which we did. Unfortunately it was so overcast that we didn't have amazing panoramic views, but we could still make out the top of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We left the museum at about 11:30am and retraced our steps on the #44 bus and N-Judah line. We dropped some bags off at the hotel (we did make a shopping stop at the museum shop!) and then stopped for a coffee at a little coffee shop (Amici Cafe on 5th) before heading over to the theater for the matinee of Wicked.

The show was such fun...fabulous costumes and set. The singing was great, the girl planning Elphaba was spectacular and we really did have first rate seats. The show ended at about 5pm. I did not have dinner reservations this night because the restaurant I wanted to go to doesn't take them. So we walked a little way down Market Street and got on the #31 bus and headed to Fillmore Street.

Now the day before the bellman at our hotel mentioned to us the Fillmore Street Jazz Festival was going on this weekend. Well, until we got off the bus I completely forgot about this. Fillmore Street was cordened off to traffic and for blocks and blocks there were stages set up and people were litterally dancing in the street to all the different bands that were playing. At one set up they had a dance floor and the band was playing swing music and people were dressed in sailor outfits and 40's (I think it was 40's) dresses just like it was a dance-a-thon...such fun.

I did make a slight miscalculation with this bus route and when we got off at Fillmore we had about a 6 block walk. Although it was up hill, it wasn't too steep, so we just took our time and in about 15 minutes we made it to the front door of SPQR at 1911 Fillmore Street (http://www.spqrsf.com/). This restaurant is a sister restaurant to A16 and SPQR's specialty is Italian food...of course!

After forging our way through the throngs of Jazz Fesitval goers I thought...oh no, there is probably going to be a long wait...not the case at all! When we walked in the place was busy but there were a few tables available so we were seated right away...it was still fairly early around 6pm, but we didn't have much to eat today so we were both hungry.

We started with a carafe of white wine that the server suggested and I don't even remember the name, something similar to a pinot grigio. We had an appetizer, or what on the menu was called a Grande Antipasta, called Farinata. This was a chickpea pancake (very thin) with caramelized onions, and anchovies...absolutely fabulous...in fact we contemplated ordering a second one, but refrained...it was very kind of a combination socca/pissaladiere just like we had in Nice last year!

Mom had the lasagna, which came out of the kitchen "atomic hot", just like mom likes it. I had the pasta carbonara which was beyond delicious...so creamy it melted in my mouth. For dessert we had lemon cream with raspberries served with the perfect crumbly butter cookies...it was a perfect ending. With 2 espresso the bill with tip came to $135.

Instead of taking the same way back to the hotel, we walked up 3 blocks and got the #1 bus to Powell Street (the coveted map in action again!) and walked to the hotel. Tonight was the earliest night we had on the trip...but a well deserved rest was definitely in order!
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Jul 25th, 2009, 05:49 PM
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Monday, July 6th

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day so the game plan was to catch the ferry to Saulsalito and walk around and take lots of pictures. We got to the Ferry Building with plenty of time to get the 10:15am ferry. We bought round trip tickets, $7.85 one way for me and $3.90 one way for mom and then stopped at Peet's Coffee to have our morning java.

We left the dock and had a beautiful 30 minute ride across the bay...great views! The ferry wasn't very crowded at all...not the case on the afternoon return. We arrived in Saulsalito at about 10:45 am and walked along the main street along the water front.

At about 11:30am we decided we wanted to sit down for lunch since all we had was the morning coffee. We went to Poggio at 777 Bridgeway (http://www.poggiotrattoria.com/) for an early lunch. I will admit that after we sat down on the outdoor patio I thought "maybe this is a bit to upscale" for our lunch...but I should not have feared! It was a terrific setting, sitting outside on Saulsalito's main waterfront watching the world go by!

I ordered the lamb panino with giardino and it was excellent...the lamb was really tasty! Mom had the squash blossom, proscuitto and mozarella pizza...which tasted great. As with many of our meals on this trip we shared each order so we could each have a taste of 2 things! My notes get a little scarce here, but I think lunch cost aroung $35.

After lunch we walked about the marina area and into a few little shops and galleries. We were back on the ferry boat for the 1:55pm departure and back in San Francisco by 2:30pm. The ferry was much more crowded going back and I'm glad I was able to take most of my ferry pictures on the morning ride over.

We stopped at Ciao Bella Gelato in the Ferry Building to have a tasty treat. I had the mocha chip and fresh mint flavors, mom had the mocha chip and ginger...all were very yummy. A small cup was $4.25. We then made our way to Union Square and walked down Maiden Lane. By 4pm we were back at the hotel to take a little breather.

Around 5pm we left the hotel and went back to the Ferry Building. Our plan was to go to Hog Island Oyster Company for happy hour. But the place was mobbed (special $1 oysters at Monday happy hour!) and we didn't want to fight the crowd. We walked down few shops to the Ferry Plaza Wine Bar and as we walked in 2 seats at the bar opened up...more good karma! And happy hour wines were $4 a glass..what a bargain! We spent about an hour and half there. I had 2 glasses of prosecco (not the happy hour special), mom had 2 glasses of the house chardonnay (they were on happy hour special) and we had a plate of Boccalone Salumni which was delicious.

Just before 7:30pm we walked over to La Mar to meet friends of mine who live in the bay area. This is a Peruvian restaurant at Pier 1 1/2 on the Embarcadero (http://www.lamarcebicheria.com/web/intro.php).

We were all very happy with the meal...honestly, never having had Peruvian food before I didn't really know what to expect. We had our friends pick out the wine since they are much more wine savy then I am! We then decided to have 2 appetizer plates, both were excellent.

The first was a cerbiche sampler plate (similar to cereviche). I am not a huge raw fish fan...but these were REALLY good! The second was a causas sampler plate, it was 4 little towering concoctions, 2 with purple and 2 with yellow mashed potatoes each with a different topping. The toppings were crab salad, asparagus, tuna, and mahi. I know I am probably masacreing the descriptions but I really enjoyed the causas.

For entrees I had the scallops and clam risotto in a golden buttery broth/sauce. Mom had the tenderloin stirfry that she could cut with a fork it was so tender. Our friends both had the tuna entree and it looked and tasted (according to them) great.

We ended the meal with the Peruvian take on tiramisu, which was ok, but not spectacular. For the four of us the bill was $254 before tip.

We had great evening catching up with friends and before we knew it, mom and I were climbing back onto the F street car bound for our hotel.
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Jul 25th, 2009, 06:05 PM
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Tuesday, July 7th

The return home...Up and packed our bags then headed off for the old "stand-by" Starbucks. We then stopped at the Powell Street BART station to get our tickets to the airport...I figured it would be easier to get the tickets while we weren't standing there with our suitcases!

We walked back to the hotel grabbed our bags and checked out. By 10am we were back at the BART station waiting for the train. We arrived with more then enough time for our 1:50pm flight...but I always err on the side of caution and get to the airport way in advance...hey, what if the BART train had broken down...then where would we have been!

The flight to Atlanta was delayed about an hour...this would make our connection close but still do-able. As it turned out I had nothing to worry about. As we trotted off the plane in Atlanta I looked at the monitor and in my rush only paid attention to the gate number. As we rushed up to the gate for our Savannah flight I did a double take...now the flight was to leave at midnight...ok, not soo bad in the grand scheme of things...only about an hour late.

Well as we sat and sat and sat...our friends from work appeared and we all had a great chat about everything we had done over the last few days. Then they boarded us...at 11:30pm..I'm thinking...great...we are actually going to take off on time. Then we sat and sat and sat some more on the plane. I think we sat there for close to an hour and a half...can I just mention here the flight from Atlanta to Savannah from take off to touch down is usually less then 30 minutes!

Finally at just before 2am we took off...but hey, here's the bright side...our plane was first in line for take off at the time of night!

We landed at about 2:30 and I was never so glad to not have to wait for checked luggage. I was home within 30 minutes and crawled into bed...and yes, I did go to work the next day...but foresight told me to tell my boss before I left that I would not be in until noon time!
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Jul 25th, 2009, 09:15 PM
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What a wonderful trip! And a great report! I really enjoyed it.

AnnMarie, I suspect you'd recognize Aisha Taylor if you saw her. She's been in a lot of things, like Friends (a girlfriend of Ross) and Ghost Whisperer.
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Jul 25th, 2009, 10:08 PM
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loved your trip report.
seems like you and your mom had a wonderful time feasting together.
makes me hungry for a mid night snack.
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Jul 26th, 2009, 03:17 AM
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Thanks CAPH...how did you know I watched Friends??? ;-) Now I remember who she is....whew!

Squash blossoms on pizza? You're killing me... to think how plentiful they were at Campo dei Fiori *sigh* here I have to suck up to anyone growing squash to get them. You enjoyed a great trip, my friend, and you've given me a whole list of new things to see and do next time I'm there (May '10).

I'm so glad your flight wasn't cancelled...my gosh, at that hour I would expect to hear the flight crew had flown their alloted hours for the day and another crew is unavailable.

Thanks for your report! Is Rome next on your agenda or do you have another get-away planned between now and then?
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