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kaila Aug 8th, 1998 02:28 PM

Montreal or Quebec City
I'm trying to decide between visiting Montreal or Quebec City during the first week of October. I will only have a few days to spend there so I would prefer to only visit one of these two cities. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on which would be the better choice. Thank you!

Sue Aug 8th, 1998 06:21 PM

Of the two cities Quebec City is my favourite. The charm of Old Quebec is outstanding. The restaurants are superb in Old Quebec. If you are looking for history, charm, ambiance, friendly people, great restaurants and shopping, it has to be Quebec City. Nothing against Montreal but it would be like comparing Ottawa (Quebec City) to Toronto (Montreal) - both gorgeous cities but one having more charm than the other.

David Aug 9th, 1998 08:42 AM

I agree that Quebec City is fantastic and more charming than is Montreal. You can probably see Quebec City in a couple of days, so you might have time to see a bit of both.

Donna Aug 9th, 1998 08:50 AM

We love both of these cities. On our first trip, we spent four days in Montreal and on one of those took a day-long bus tour to Quebec City. The bus visited all the top sights and several hours were free for exploring the Upper and Lower Towns. We thoroughly enjoyed this. I would recommend that you visit both.

jj Aug 9th, 1998 11:38 AM

Kaila: We visited both cities last year and I'm partial to Montreal. However, if you have a short time, I would go with Quebec as it is smaller and can be covered better in the time you have available. In addition to seeing Old Quebec, rent a car for a day and go to Montmorency Falls and Ile d'Orleans. The fall foliage that time of year will be beautiful. If you want to squeeze in both cities, VIA Rail has several high-speed trains that can get you from Quebec to Montreal quickly.

Lisa Aug 9th, 1998 12:16 PM

you cannot even compare the two cities, Quebec City is by far the most incredible city in Canada. <BR>don't even consider Montreal!

Monty Aug 9th, 1998 01:57 PM

To not consider Montreal is ridiculous. Both cities are fine in their own way. I personally far prefer Montreal because it is much more cosmopoliton than Quebec City. Quebec City is more quaint and unique but Montreal is much more diverse. Take your choice. They are both great places to visit. Montreal is friendlier with much better shopping and variety of things to do.

Cindy Aug 10th, 1998 05:46 AM

If you have a few days, that's enough to visit both cities. Espeacially Quebec city is quite small, one and a half day is enough to see everything. Montreal is bigger than that, but it doesn't take that long time to look around. Both cities are not too far from each ohter. Because I don't want you to miss any of them, I strongly suggest you go to both cities.

Paul Rabe Aug 10th, 1998 10:04 AM

I've been to both and MUCH prefer the European-like charm of Quebec, a city almost unique in North America. Montreal is more cosmopolitan with better shopping, but Quebec has the history and the charm. You could see a lot of both by spending two days in each; which would be the way I would recommend.

bob Aug 16th, 1998 11:14 AM

<BR>Kaila <BR>I have just returned from a trip to both Montreal and Quebec City. Both were unique in there own way. Montreal is easy to get around because of the Metro, has numerous restaurants, and lots of tourist attractions. <BR>Quebec City would be great in the fall-last week it was wall to wall tourist. Try to stay in the old city-we stayed at the Clarendan-had a great room in a great location. If you only have a few days, quebec would be my choice!

Domenic Aug 25th, 1998 12:36 PM

Hey there... first of all, Montreal is a big city, Quebec is cute and small. Montreal has a hot night life, lots of sites, great food & shopping and it's safe. If you like sports, you may catch a Canadiens hockey game in October. Quebec City is probably the most unique city in North America. Absolutely charming. Have fun. <BR>

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