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VikingCool Aug 28th, 2006 06:29 PM

Mid-Range Las Vegas Hotel?
Which of these Las Vegas hotels would you choose for a 4 night stay? New York New York, Monte Carlo, Paris, Bally's or the Flamingo?
I will be staying with my wife of 23 years. We would like a decent pool but it isn't the highest priority. Comments on any or all of the properties and the services & amenities will be helpful. I have read reviews on other sites about thin walls at New York New York and Monte Carlo. Anybody who has stayed there verify the thin walls at those place? I've also read about construction noise at Monte Carlo and roller coaster noise at New York New York. All comments considered helpful.

trippinkpj Aug 28th, 2006 07:02 PM

I would pick Flamingo first, then Paris or Bally's. I've stayed at Bally's which was fine. I like that it's connected to Paris with their great dining choices. Those 3 are better located in my opinion than NYNY or Monte Carlo.

VikingCool Aug 28th, 2006 07:43 PM


Have you stayed at the Flamingo? Is your choice solely based on location?

trippinkpj Aug 28th, 2006 07:51 PM

I have relatives who have stayed there in the past 2 years. I've eaten there and went over to the pool area, which is fantastic. That being said, I was happy with Bally's and Paris being connected. Bally's pool area is right nest to the Monorail line, which could be a drawback (it wasn't open yet when I was there 2 years ago.)

Tess Aug 28th, 2006 09:05 PM

Flamingo's rooms are being renovated right now. Not knowing if you would get a renovated or an 'old' room, I'd opt for Paris or Bally's.

We found Paris to be cozy, with nice rooms and a great bathroom. The pool area is okay--kind of a concrete jungle but it was adequate. Napoleon's lounge is a must--champagne cocktails, complimentary munchies (one of the few 'free' things in Vegas) and soft music. It makes a nice break from the loudness that is Vegas.

We just got back from staying at the Venetian. I liked it but would rate our Paris experience equal to that of the Venetian.

mrwunrfl Aug 28th, 2006 10:44 PM

I would go for the Flamingo or Paris. Paris is more of a theme park than Flamingo and is generally more expensive.

If you think that you would like the Paris theme and want a place that is more of a destination then Paris would be a good choice. Paris is a bit grander than Flamingo. You can have the Eiffel Tower experience, stroll a Paris street (inside), or visit the sidewalk cafe out front that looks like it was copied from the Champs-Elysees. But of course the place is called Paris Las Vegas and resembles the latter city most.

Flamingo has a great pool area and it is not a theme park like too many other places. Get a room in the wing on the Flamingo Road side. You don't want a room on the north side, where you would have to cross the casino floor to get to the elevator. The location is less convenient and they sometimes have a block party in the alley at that end.

I can't imagine that the monorail would be any kind of a noise problem for guests at Bally's.

mrwunrfl Aug 28th, 2006 11:02 PM

Actually, I would probably choose the Flamingo. I haven't stayed at Paris, but it looks like one of those places where you have to walk 5 miles to get from your room to the Strip. Flamingo is more convenient, just doesn't have a replica of the Arc.

If you are concerned about the renovation then ask about it when you check in. And if you are not happy with the room, call the front desk right away and tell them.

placeu2 Aug 29th, 2006 05:01 AM

I have stayed at all of the hotels on your list, several more than once. Most with my wife of 26 years.

I did not experience any noise in any of the rooms. I have not been at the MC during construction but I view the MC as a well built property and would not worry about that or ask for a room in the tower away from the Bellagio.

Given your choices here would be my order of preference:

Monte Carlo

That being said, Paris probably has the least impressive pool on the list..I really have not seen the pool at NYNY but have experienced all the others. Indeed the monorail is close to Ballys pool but it is of no consequence IMHO.

Tell me what is important to you and I will give you more specific details.

Here are some random thoughts to get ya started:

Paris, Ballys, Flamingo probably is the best location although I can make a case for the MC, NYNY corner as well.

Paris has the best buffet and food choices. NYNY does not have a buffet but has a very cool dueling piano bar. Ballys has the biggest rooms and "oldest feel" casino although the Flamingo casino is similar. MC feels bright and airy and is laid out best with the room elevators near check walking through the casino with your luggage. Also is home to one of my favorite casual restaurants...the Brew Pub. NYNY is always bustling, is more of a party type place compared to the others. Standard rooms are the smallest on your list. Flamingo has the second smallest rooms.

What matters to you?

tom42 Aug 29th, 2006 05:15 AM

I too have stayed at all of the places on your list and my order of preference would be the same as the previous poster. I thought the pool at Paris was average by Las Vegas standards (which are pretty high standards for pools). The room was decent sized and the bathroom was very nice. The location is good and the food choices within the hotel are good.

I do not recall noticing that the walls were particularly thin at NYNY or Monte Carlo, but it has been several years since I stayed at either of those properties, so my memory may be failing me here. I do recall hearing the roller coaster from the room at NYNY but it wasn't horrible and stops running pretty early - the only time it was a minor problem was during my afternoon nap time.

Other than the pool area, I think the weakest property on your list is the Flamingo - although I am glad to hear that they are in the process of a much needed room renovation.

Lori Aug 29th, 2006 05:53 AM

We have stayed in just about every hotel in Vegas over the years and as far as thin (or thick) walls go they are pretty much the same. I think in all hotels you will hear plumbing noises (whether in Vegas or Podunk) because the the design of the plumbing connections (back to back so to speak). If you get loud-mouthed people in the next room you might hear them, if you get quiet people you won't. We've stayed in all sorts of locations, i.e. end of hall, next to elevator, next to ice machine, mid-way down hall, etc. etc. and rarely found anything to complain about.

NYNY rollar coaster can be noisey, but since I do not like NYNY anyway we do not stay there. MC does have construction going on next door, and probably will for the next 3 years.

Paris is a very nice hotel, good location as well. Of those on your list I'd stay there, however you will not be in some horrible dump if you choose one of the others.

Don't believe all you read on, people who write on that site are 90% complainers I think :-) Most people would rather complain about something then look at the positives.

VikingCool Aug 29th, 2006 06:29 AM

thanks for all the help with your responses.

placeu2, What matters most to my wife and I is convenience as in the location to the monorail and also convenience to the other hotel/casinos in the center/south Strip area. I will be traveling via the monorail to the Convention Center. We also would like a place to be able to relax, have a cocktail and be able to talk without being hit with loud thrash metal music. Is it far to walk from Paris to the Monte Carlo to enjoy the brew pub? Microbeers are always a treat for me.
Other things that are important are a comfortable bed with pillow top mattresses and a choice of down or acrylic pillows.
I would assume that the outdoor pools are open year round in Las Vegas? We would like to at least have a pool and hot tub for relaxation.
Do any of you have a favorite website to review hotels in Las Vegas? Cheapo Vegas has had some good information and is also entertaining.
Sounds like Paris is the choice of most so far. Keep coming with the suggesstions and offer other hotel choices mid-range in price in the center-south strip. Thanks for all your help.

placeu2 Aug 29th, 2006 06:53 AM


I would estimate the walk from Paris to the brew pub at close to but not more than 1 mile. That would include the distance from Paris room to sitting down at the pub. I have done that walk at all times of the year.

Sorry but I can't help you with bed and pillow specifics...I can sleep on any bed and pillow combo.

Monorail: Now I would eliminate NYNY and Monte Carlo from the list. West side of the strip is the wrong side. Ballys will have the best access but Paris is close enough. Even the best situated hotels are a good 10+ minute walk to get to the mono station.

A site that I like quite a bit is Has a nice top 10 list, Hotel info., Best gambling info. There is a significant free section but if you join for $37.00 you get the best coupon book available and a magazine. I have no affiliation, actually do not even subscribe, but a friend does. Their free content is extensive and well worth a look.

Do not assume pools are open year round. Some are but some aren't and many use that time to close for maintenance. Call if that is critical for you.

I still say the Paris is a place you will be happy with.

VikingCool Aug 29th, 2006 08:51 AM

Thanks to all who helped. I really appreciate the comments and advice. Paris is leading right now....anyone else care to offer their opinions?

How about suggesstions for buffets, shows and a quiet cocktail lounge? The shows can be music performers, comedians, broadway type shows, or good old Vegas revue shows.

Lori Aug 29th, 2006 09:04 AM

I don't do buffets (my theory is I can serve myself at home :-) ) so I will leave that for others to comment on.

As for shows, there are Cirque de Soliel shows all over town, the newest being, "Love", at the Mirage (based on Beatles music). Mystere gets high marks from most everyone who attends it but most Cirque shows do not have a "storyline" so if you want that then I'd avoid them. I am not a Cirque fan but I know some people love them.

If you have not seen Mamma Mia I'd recommend it - it's a real fun-filled kind of show. If you like magic then go see Lance Burton (not only are prices reasonable-by Vegas standards-but Lance puts on a really enjoyable show. Phantom of the Opera recently opened at the Venetian, if you have not seen it perhaps now is the time to do so :-)

Either Celine or Elton John are probably performing at Caeser's. Tickets are expensive but if you are a fan of either of them then I guess it is worthwhile. Personally, I prefer a show like Mamma Mia or Phantom to either Celine or Elton but that's just me.

Check this website for who is peforming where:

diann Aug 29th, 2006 10:11 AM

My husband I stayed a week this past June. We stayed at the Mirage, but we "visited" the other hotels you mention. Without a doubt I would choose the Paris. It has a charm about it that far suprasses the others you mention. Of course I cannot comment on rooms for I didn't stay in any of them. New York New York was prety cool it felt very much like you were in where else but of course New York. Anyone with kids I would highly recommend it as I saw many game rooms etc. We saw the show LOVE which features a tribute to the Beatles with all the music, etc. It was fabulous I highly recommend this show. Mystere is just o.k. I didn't see "O" but I would have liked to seen this show or La Reve.

For Buffets, I am not a buffet person either but I must say we ate at the Bellagio on a Sat. night and it was just fanstastic. We also did the "Wynns'buffet. This was also very good. For a less $$$ we ate at Main Street station which is downtown. It was o.k for the money. My husband loves buffets I don't care nearly as much for them, but the Wynn and Bellagio is worth going to I must say.We also ate a Mon Ami at the Paris. It comes highly recommended but we were very dissapointed. Have fun.

mrwunrfl Aug 29th, 2006 11:05 AM

The Penn & Teller show was great. It is at the Rio. They operate a shuttle between Paris and Rio. "They" being Harrah's who owns both properties as well as Caesar's, Flamingto, Bally's, and Harrah's, of course. There is a Rio shuttle to all of those except Flamingo.

tom42 Aug 29th, 2006 11:06 AM

I don't think any of the pools are open year round. It gets pretty cool in Las Vegas in the winter months (highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s). Its been my experience that, for the most part, pools open in March and close in November.

VikingCool Aug 29th, 2006 12:28 PM

Thanks again,

Anyone seen Blue Man Group? How about a concert at Hard Rock or House of Blues at Mandalay Bay?
Still looks like Paris is leading as a choice for a hotel. Any other suggestions for a mid-range hotel?

Postal Aug 29th, 2006 03:04 PM

Just returned from Las Vegas where my son and his friend had a nice room at the Flamingo for only $70 per night mid-week. The internet rate was $80 but I simply called and asked if they could do better and got the $70 price. The room was obviously recently renovated. The only problem with the (VERY nice) pool area is getting a lounge chair if you get there too late in the morning.

I have also stayed at the Monte Carlo and it was also nice, but the Flamingo has a much better location.

Pumpy Aug 29th, 2006 03:14 PM

Blue Man Group is awesome! Well worth the money. As for the hotels listed, I'd suggest Paris. It's the nicest of the properties listed. Pool is only so-so by Vegas standards but still not bad.

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