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fbdeac Feb 9th, 2004 08:11 PM

Maui with the fam in june HELP!!
Planning a trip end of june early july. 4 kids, 2 teenage boys, 2 pre-teen girls. Would like an ocean front condo on sandy beach or coral beach really really close to sandy beach! Can we do this for $200? Does this place exist? Prefer Kaanapali area (we think)We hear wonderful things about Napili beach, but can't find anything! Has anyone stayed/heard of Mahina Surf or Hololani Resort? Verdicts please. Y'all are great. Thanks in advance. The more we look, the more confused we get.......

offlady Feb 9th, 2004 11:25 PM

For $200? Unless you can sneak everyone in a tiny studio condo in Napili Sunset, forget it.

Alohamom Feb 10th, 2004 06:37 AM

Have you bought your airfare yet? Does it have to be Maui? Maui seems to be just a little more expensive than some of the other islands (maybe not, but we always seem to spend more there than any other of the islands). Perhaps you could find something in this price range in Oahu. If this does not appeal to you, I am thinking you may be able to find something in Kihei through a private rental. There are lots of inexpensive units in Kihei(though it wont be directly on the water) and it sits right above the Wailea resort area, most of the beaches have good public parking spots etc. I would also try priceline and look at trying to get two rooms (although I suspect you want a condo for the kitchen facilities because of the kids). Go to, click on the maui section and read, read, read! I just checked there and you can get the Aston Maui Lu in Kihei (a condo I think, check out the Aston website)for about 60/night. If your heart is set on Kaanapali, priceline has had recent bids for Royal Lahaina Resort for about 85/night. This is definetly not a condo though so you would need the two rooms and to factor in the cost of eating out every single meal but what you save under your budget could partially cover this. If you check out Hawaii magazine (at Chapters etc..) there are many listings for private rentals in the classifieds in the back. Others may have better suggestions, I know how confusing it can be but Hawaii is well worth it. Good luck.

kaheanani Feb 10th, 2004 07:02 AM

It will be almost impossible to find an ocean front condo on Maui for $200 a night. Alohamom is right, Kihei is cheaper and there are some really nice beaches there. Aston Maui Lu hasn't been renovated for awhile (as far as I know- hence their lower prices) and they're not on the beach but driving you would get to the beach in about 5 minutes. Kihei is about 45 minute drive from Kaanapali. Kaanapali beach is nice because the kids could walk around and not need to be driven everywhere...however if you can't pay more than $200, you might be out of luck. Hope you are able to find a good deal. Will let you know if I hear of anything....

kaheanani Feb 10th, 2004 07:07 AM

Another long will you be staying? Some of the hotels and privately owned condos offer much better weekly might be able to do this on an average of $200/night.

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