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Auds May 8th, 2002 04:27 PM

Maui Weather Website? Leaving5/17
Hi all, <BR>I've been reading the posts and did see one link to "readysetnet.etc etc" to "see" the weather in Lahaina. My husband and I leave next week -May 17th- for a week at KBHotel. I would like to keep a check up on the weather. Can someone suggest a simple, quick website for me???? THANKS. Also, any suggestions for mod. priced restaurants for dinner? (we are NOT renting a keep this in mind!!) I thought I read that there is a tram/trolley that runs up and down the road to Lahaina? Is this true? Do you suggest taxi's to dining spots? Any imput is greatly respected and appreciated.

Ken May 8th, 2002 05:32 PM

For general Hawaii weather info:<BR><BR><BR>For a live web cam in Lahaina go to:<BR><BR><BR>There are lots of restaurants within walking distance of KBH in Whalers Village and in the various hotels along the beach. Many more in Lahaina. <BR><BR>There is a shuttle ($1 each way) that runs between Kaanapali and Lahaina about every 30 or 45 minutes. It stops running about 8:30 at night.<BR><BR>Why not rent a car? How are you getting from the airport to Kaanapali and back? A cab is about $60 each way or $120 two ways. You can rent a small car for not much more than that plus gas.

p. May 8th, 2002 05:32 PM

Try and click on weather, that takes you to a detailed site with many Hawaiian weather related links.<BR>I believe there is some sort of trolley service between Lahaina & Whaler's Village but don't know the details.<BR>Have fun

Auds May 8th, 2002 06:40 PM

Thanks for the replys...great help:<BR>To Ken:<BR>Ken, we are using "speedy shuttle" for <BR>transfers (they charge 35.00 (for both of us, not perperson) and give a 10% discount if you pay for the return trip ahead of time. I know, we should rent a car, and we might change our minds, but honestly, I really doubt we will. Right now, we plan to PLANT ourselves, and just hit the nearby restaurants.<BR>You mentioned the trolley. Are taxis available after 8:30 pm? Are they readily accessible? Would you say that it would be SAFE for just the two of us to walk along the main road from a nearby dining spot, for example, say we finished dinner at 11pm,and were a mile or two down from the walk safe or do you absolutely think we should not attempt a later evening walk.? Thank you so much for your advice.

Ken May 9th, 2002 04:02 AM

Are you sure that Speedy Shuttle is $35 for two and not $35 each? The last time I used it in December 2001 it was $35 (or maybe $40) per person. I have been to Maui five times and the last time I decided to save some money by not renting a car. It was definitely a mistake, and after the cost of getting to and from the airport I saved very little. Actually I rented a car in the middle of my stay but they charged an additional $30 to drop it at the airport.<BR><BR>Also, most of the major hotels charge for parking (usually about $7 per day).<BR><BR>Taxis are available but I have seldom used them because I have usually rented a car. If I remember correctly a taxi is about $15 from Kaanapali to Lahaina.<BR><BR>The only restauarants that are within walking distance are right in Kaanapali along the beach and there are a number of them. There is no problem walking to them at any hour. After that the nearest restaurants are in Lahaina about three miles south where there are many restaurants (and also a few restaurants in Honokawai three miles north). You don't want to be walking along the main highway after dark. Too dangerous because you have to walk on the shoulder of the road. No sidewalks. It is not even a good idea to walk to Lahaina in the day time. It is quite a walk and you still have to walk along the highway at least part of the way.<BR><BR>If your reason for not renting a car is to save money forget it. Even if you are going to just use a car to go back and forth to Lahaina it is worth it.<BR><BR>Feel feee to e-mail if you want to know anything else.

Ken May 9th, 2002 04:52 AM

I just checked SpeediShuttle's web site at:<BR><BR><BR>Their standard rate is $43.65 (for one OR two people) from Kahului airport to Kaanapali Beach, less a discount for pre-booking.

Suzie May 9th, 2002 08:44 AM

There is lots of dining in Kaanapali. Not just a Whalers Village and KBH but at all the hotels along the walk. Additionally, if I remember correctly there are some restaurants at teh entrance to the Kaanapali hotel area. We walked from the Hyatt to these places. One I recall was pizza and pasta. Then there was another right across from it. <BR><BR>Though I wouldn't want to be in Maui without a car I say have a great time!!!!

Auds May 9th, 2002 12:53 PM

Ken: Your advice Rocks. I must also<BR>correct my previous post, <BR>Speedy Shuttle: One/Two people, 43.65<BR>Airport to Hotel, and 33.90 for the return trip (w/20% disco for booking early) Ken just kindly posted the website, or one can call their toll free<BR> 1 800 977 2605. <BR>Ken, we are not concerned w/ price of car rental, rather we are the laziest, two people (lazy on vacation that is!!) who just don't want to have to drive ANYWHERE, anytime!!! We may regret it, but I do thank you and everyone for all the kind reports and information. Clearly, the experiences of fellow travelers will help to make our trip a much better one. The advice re: restaurants etc will be invaluable. My honey does LOVE to surf, but doesn't want to drag his board this time,however, do you know of any NEARBY spots that we might consider a 1/2 day trip to? Obviously, we will travel via taxi,if necessary, and he will have to rent a board if we find a nearby spot. <BR>Waves don't have to be Hawaii-Five-0 killers, he would be thrilled to death with 4 to 6 footers I'm sure. <BR>Just a thought. Again, Ken & Suzie,my sincere thanks. Audi

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