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Brooklyn_Bomber Jun 21st, 2003 11:38 AM

HockeyDad if you've been married 25 years and your wife is any kind of a cook, you've probably been working on building up a nice pot belly over the past couple decades.

If so, then the best vacation advice and best vacation gift for your wife would be to lose the pounds through exercise before next year. Hockey? There's nothing quite like seeing a middle-aged man with his gut rolling over the top of his bathing suit to put a damper on one's vacation fun.

HockeyDad Jun 21st, 2003 11:42 AM

Brooklyn, speak for yourself. You must have been looking in a mirror while writing the response. Fortunately for me, I can concentrate on other things...and yes Hockey was the trick, skating keeps off the pounds.

mauitammy Jun 21st, 2003 03:08 PM

I believe you and your wife will love your anniversary trip to Hawaii. We are going on our 4th trip this July. We love Maui and have been there all 4 times. We have been to Kauai once and the Big Island once. Kauai is just the most gorgeous place I have ever seen. It is extremely laid back though and there is really not much in the way of nightly entertainment. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Kauai and it is our favorite resort we have ever stayed at. The views over in Hanalei on the other side of the island are much better though. There is a deal right now at the new Marriott Waiohai for $699 for 5 nights, including a rental car and $50 hotel credit. It is to get people to take a look at the new timeshare property. That is where we are staying this year. I will let you know what we think of them. They are all brand new. There is no hard sell timeshare and you are not required to even attend a presentation. A must see on this island is a Napali coast catamaran trip. We did one last time and this year we are taking one of the boats that leave from Hanalei. Hanalei is just too beautiful to even describe. The Big Island is very interesting and I am glad that I visited there once, but I did not love it there and in my opinion it is not as beautiful as the other islands. Many people love it though. Personally I do not really have a desire to go back there. The one thing we DID LOVE was the snorkeling trip to the Captain Cook monument. That was the most magnificent snorkeling we have ever experienced. Maui is our favorite island just because of the beauty of the island and the resorts and we love going into Lahaina for dinner and our teens love to walk around there. We have stayed at the Hyatt Regency twice, The Sheraton Maui once and the Maui Marriott once. This year we will stay at the Westin Maui. There are lots of deals to be had. I always look for great deals. There are great deals to be had on Priceline. To save money on interisland airfare we got the United Mileage Plus visa and you get a 15,000 mile sign up bonus for getting the card. You can redeem a round trip interisland on Aloha for 5,000 points. That way you could save money on your interisland flights. I love to fly free or in this case for $60 for the annual fee for the card. We are a family of 5 and are all flying free interisland because of this visa card. We have never stayed in a condo because we love the resorts there so much. That is just our personal preference though and many other people love condos.

HockeyDad Jun 21st, 2003 05:35 PM

mauitammy, thanks for your insight and the great tip on the 15,000 mile credit card. I will be going after that one. Also, the insight on Kauai. We are struggling on whether we should stay on Maui for the 15 nights or split between Maui and Kauai. Flying free might break that stuggle on the 15K miles. We are leaning toward condos, but have always stayed at resorts. If I could see a good deal that also might sway me. Again thanks for your opinion. It is welcomed.


HockeyDad Jun 21st, 2003 05:41 PM

bluefan, I will try to get 3 to 4 rounds of golf in during my stay while my wife works on her tan. Do you have course recommendations and is at problem to get on as a single?

kip Jun 21st, 2003 06:42 PM

We are great believers in heading to one island and staying put but since this is a special trip and one that you may not often repeat, I'd go the two island route. Because of your interests, I'd spent most of your time on Maui, doing the condo thing there. We think that Hale Hui Kai is a great value and a hidden jewel. It sits on the Kihei/Wailea border on a beautiful beach- Keawakepu- and has some lovely view units at good prices for Maui. It is also a "solid gold value" in Maui Revealed." We much prefer the Wailea area to Ka'anapali. The development is more attractive, the proximity to wonderful snorkling, golf, and shopping is hard to beat and the beaches go on and on. There is also a footpath that runs in front of the major resorts and is a short beach walk from Hale Hui Kai. Traffic in and out of West Maui (to Kaanapali and Lahaina) can be a nightmare and is a vote against staying up there if you are interested in touring the island.
I'd spend the last four or five nights on Kauai. We love the Hyatt for a splurge- absolutely lovely grounds and pools- plus reliable weather on the south shore. The new Mariott Waiohai has a great location and may be more affordable. Also, Whaler's Cove is a beautiful condo in the Poipu area if you felt like going the condo route and wanted to splurge. It's worth checking on deals with the Hyatt. They sometimes have some nice golf packages and a stay there would be a nice end to your trip. Also, a convertible on Kauai would be nice and a trip up to the Northshore on a sunny day with the top down is a must.

bluefan Jun 21st, 2003 07:30 PM

HD, getting on a resort course as a single isn't anywhere close to the impossibility of booking a foursome on a local muni course. Consider that it's very rare for four good buddies to be able to go to Maui at the same time and since most visitors would rather just lounge poolside. May/June is also right before peak tourist season. It's just not as fun when playing as a single (unless you come across personable, friendly golfers who aren't so caught up in their scores), but I'm sure you'll still be able to appreciate it! :S-

Because my wife never took it up and since I don't like to venture into the doghouse too often, I only went golfing once on Maui. Besides, I didn't want to travel with my clubs and golf shoes around on top of all our snorkel gear and my wife's eight pairs of shoes/sandals. I figured I could always golf back in So Cal, but I couldn't always snorkel. And don't you SoCalers even mention Catalina Island...doesn't compare!

Anyways, sorry to venture from your Q, I golfed the North Course at Makena even though I didn't stay at the resort there. I chose it based on the glowing comments in Maui Revealed and its relative affordability. Beautiful course with great views! Bring a camera along, or better yet, bring the camcorder...tacky I know, but your friends will be jealous when you show it to them. It'll guarantee a foursome on your return visit!

On Maui, the Kapalua Plantation Course and the Wailea Gold Course are always touted in the golf publications, but the next time I go, I plan on testing the Dunes @ Maui Lani, rated one of the top in the entire West by GOLF Magazine. Rates seem reasonable there for a renter as well.

One thing I saw once mentioned here (might want to do a search) is a golf discount card that may be useful for you. Also check to see if the Entertainment Book for Hawaii offers discounts on golf courses. Even if it doesn't, it may still prove to be a very useful savings booklet for you.

FYI, I was a 20hdcp before the travel bug bit me hard! I dare not say what my latest scores have been!!!

Hope you have a great 25th anniv!!! 8-)

bogart Jun 22nd, 2003 05:14 AM

Aloha, HockeyDad!

It sounds like you have quite a trip ahead of you! I did't read through the entire thread, so I apologize if I repeat anything.

My husband and I just got back from 10 days in hawaii. We spent 5 on Maui and 5 on Kauai and were very happy with that decision. (although, we really could have spent much longer on each much more to explore than what time allowed)

Your profiles sound a lot likes ours...(DH is an avid golfer, I'd rather be by the pool/beach) We stayed in Kapalua on Maui and loved it there. Much more quite and peaceful as compared to Kaanapali, IMO. I think Kapalua would be a great spot to watch the whales. We snorkeled a bit right there in Kapalua Bay. DH played the Plantation Course (where the Mercedes Chamionship is held). The chef at our hotel set up his tee time before we got there at a discounted problem. Our top 3 favorite things on Maui were sunrise on Haleakala, The Road to Hana, and The Feast at Lele.

On Kauai, we stayed at the Princeville Hotel on the n. shore. There seems to be a lot of condos in the Princeville area. Waking up to Na Pali and Bali Hai across the Hanalei Bay every morning was unforgetable. We enjoyed the helicoter tour through InterIsland and hiking the Kalalua Trail and hanging out on Ke'e Beach. DH played the Prince (which is rated #1 in Hawaii) and I had a blast taking surf lessons. Our best meals were at Zelos, Duane's Ono Charburger, and Camp House Grill.

Again, could have spent the entire 10 days on one island...but I'm glad we got a taste of both. You will have an amazing trip whatever you decide!

My report is somewhere around here, and I attached a link to some of our pictures.

bogie's mom

HockeyDad Jun 22nd, 2003 09:33 AM

Bluefan, thanks for the info...I'll hide the cam-corder in the bag. If I am going tom travel 12,000 miles I am taking my clubs. I cannot miss the opportunity. Yes, my buddies will be envious.... I won't play as a single, just wondered if its hard getting paired up. My handicap this year is 18, but that is because we are building arks here in the east. Fairways & Greens.

Thanks Bogart, I'll search fpr your link. Does sound like we have a common thread, thanks for your input.

Thanks to all that have given their opinions....they are all very helpful. Anyone needing info on Washington DC or Philly, let me know....

dolciani Jun 22nd, 2003 09:53 AM

Hockey Dad, My hubby and I have a 3 week trip planned to 4 islands this July/August and plan to take our golf clubs along. In my research, I've found that you can get "discounts" on the golf if you are staying in the "area" i.e. if you stay in a Wailea hotel, you get a discount on the Wailea golf courses....if you stay in a Kapalua hotel, you get a discount on any of the courses there, etc. There is also something called an I.Q. card that gives discounts, but only on certain courses. Hit 'em straight!

mauitammy Jun 22nd, 2003 10:19 AM

Hockey Dad, here is a link to the United Mileage Plus Visa that gives you 20,000 bonus miles after first use. That should hopefully be enough for all of your interisland airfares. It is 5,000 miles for a roundtrip (or 2 legs) and then it is 5,000 miles for a one way also. Be sure and print out the offer as First USA is bad about getting these bonus miles right. You may have to send them the offer to make sure they give you the 20,000 miles and not one of the other offers that is floating around out there. It really is a great deal to use these miles for the Aloha interisland in my opinion. Here is the link:

HockeyDad Jun 22nd, 2003 12:40 PM

dolciani, I will be interested in hearing about your rounds.

Thanks MauiTammy, i am making application on Monday. that takes care of the interisland flight issue. Thats a great deal!

missrocco Jun 24th, 2003 02:28 PM

Strong vote in favor of splitting your trip up between two islands--Maui is fabulous, but fifteen nights is quite a long time! True,inter-island travel isn't terribly fun, but since you're lucky enough to have such a long stay you should definitely take advantage and visit amazing Kauai as well. We went to both islands on our nineteen day trip and were very very glad that we did. The two islands are rather different so it is definitely a worthwile experience!

Bud Jul 5th, 2003 10:37 AM

Hockey dad,
Our profile also sounds similiar. Just got back from a 30th anniversary celebration. Booked a total package deal, because wanted convenience and didn't care about cost too much for this once in a lifetime trip. Flew Phoenix to Oahu. 2 nights there at Hyatt. (I had to see Pearl Harbor). Transfers round trip to airport. Then 6 nights in maui at Hyatt in Kaanapali. Also included mid size rental car for 7 days. Package was about 4000. but with condos you could probably do it cheaper. Golfed at Kapalua (pd. 180. plus club rental of 45.) Also at Kannapali North (130. + 35. club rental). Did lots of tours and bought stuff for the folks back home as well. We ended up spending about 7000., but again, I'm sure you can do it cheaper. We drove down to the Walilea/makena area and it was nice, but we were glad we stayed in the lahaina/Kaanapali area because it seemed like there was a lot more to do without driving too far all the time. As others have posted, that's just a matter of preference. Everywhere is beautiful scenery wise. Hope this helps somewhat. You'll love the place. We can't wait o go back. PS(I'm in South Jersey. If you're close to me, you can call with any questions).

HockeyDad Jul 7th, 2003 06:22 PM


I agree we do seem to have the same profile. I am struggling with the Pearl Harbor thing. I want to see the Arizona, but not at the expense of losing quality time on Maui. I have now focused on the Ka'anapli or the Napili area. Condo will be the way I go. Email me [email protected] and we can exchange phone numbers. I am just outside Philly.

bquarre Jul 8th, 2003 02:23 PM

Glad to hear that you are considering the Napili area. The beach there is fabulous, the snokeling is great when the ocean is calm and the condos are a great value. There are no Hawaii-does- Vegas type of resorts and I love it there. The Napili Kai Beach Club has condo type units, but the property also has a lot of the amenities of a hotel that some of the other condos in Napili don't have. If I were flying from the east coast I would probably just stay in one place the whole time.
I can't reccomend Kauai because I have not been there, but will be going in two weeks (for two weeks) and will post a trip report when I get back. Have fun planning!

dlute Jul 8th, 2003 04:46 PM

Greetings. In reply to the golf course issue, I have played several on Maui. I have played Wailea Blue, Makena South, Kapalua Bay and Dunes at Maui Lani. I have also played The Prince on Kauai. Out of the courses on Maui, The Dunes at Maui Lani is very cool. This a great tract. For a muni course, it had great layout and very fun holes to play.It was also in very good condition. And the fees are very reasonable. It is interesting how they try to make a links course in Hawaii though. To get the true links experience, play in the afternoon trade winds. That will make you hit some thinking shots, plus you pay twilight fees. Makena course are great as well.

Have fun and hit them straight.

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