Martha's Vineyard or Newport, RI

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Martha's Vineyard or Newport, RI

My wife and I are from Oregon and making a quick trip to NYC and New England in mid October, so where do we spend our 12th anniversary(2nd marriage)
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Sammy Redd
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I say Newport--definitely!!! One of the most thoroughly fascinating places in the U.S. Scenic coastline, stunning mansions, great restaurants, and good shopping. There really is something for everyone. Unforgettable! Look into staying at the Inn at Castle Hill if you do decide on Newport. It's a wonderful old Victorian house with the very best view in town. It's right on the water. Very romantic. Martha's Vineyard is nice, too, but a little too sedate for my tastes. It's basically just a place to relax and hang out on the beach. Few activities except during the height of the summer tourist season. Harder to get to than Newport, as well, since any visit requires ferry ride. One thing you might want to investigate before visiting either place (particularly Martha's Vineyard) is what kind of weather to expect. By mid-October, parts of New England are quite chilly and damp--particularly places on the water.
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I've never been to Martha's Vineyard but I have been
to Newport which is great! There is lot's to do and
can see alot in one weekend. A great place to stay
is theIvy Lodge. Its a very charming B&B. There are lots of B&B's in Newport if you like that. A great place for dinner is Elizabeths. Food is outrageous and there is enough to feed an army.
The mansion tours are beautiful, but my recomendation is just see 2or 3. The "Beechwood" is
fun because your tour is led by actors portraying life in that time and they don't break character.
Have fun. October is a great time.
Old Aug 22nd, 1997, 05:45 PM
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Newport wins hands down! Go to see the Marble House (on the Mansion tour) Stroll on the cliff walk. Eat chowda(chowder) at the Morrings restaurant on Thames street. Fresh seafood at Shells and Scales Rest. on Thames Street can't be beat! Enjoy.
Old Aug 31st, 1997, 02:57 PM
Sandra Engley
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Newport offers much to do all year round. Visit for the official tourist information site. We lived about an hour north of Newport for many years, all visitors to the Boston area were taken to Newport as well. Every one enjoyed it. Have a great trip, and happy anniversary.
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Ten women flying into Providence and we are trying to decide what to do with 3 nights and almost 4 days! Suggestions for where to stay-two nights in one location and 1 in another. Realize how crowded it will be, however, where would it be the least crowded Sat. night? We are leaving Aug.28-31st. None of us have been to this area recently. Have gotten good ideas for restaurants off the Forum and have only checked with the Doubletree on Goat Island. Is it a good choice or would the Marriott be better? Thanks!
Old Jul 25th, 1999, 11:20 AM
freddy taylor
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I've been to both places; they are definitely different! Since your posts says it's a 'quick trip', perhaps Newport would be better, especially since it's easier to get to. Martha's Vineyard requires a ferry trip (or small airplane, but we've all heard lately how that can be dangerous). And, to take your car on the ferry, you should make a reservation, and open your wallet.

I'm glad to hear so many people like Newport! The quaintness of Martha's Vineyard has largely been ruined by the publicity it receives because of high-profile visits by many celebrities and President Clinton.
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Is that Freddy Taylor of jazz fame posted above this?
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I love Martha's Vineyard, and don't think it has been ruined by the publicity of the President's visits. However, its not my favorite place for off-season travel. Things really do shut down around the end of September, like the shops and the restaurants. For October, I think Newport is better.
Old Aug 1st, 1999, 05:17 PM
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Newport, RI ..... No contest. Must more to see and do especially in October. MV is a lovely place to relax, do the beaches, long walk on the beach, reading and some lovely restaurants in season. Newport will offer far more in October. The beaches are quitely lovely there but there is far more available during the month of October in Newport.
Do the mansions, the shops and venture out a bit. I am not sure about peak foliage time but be sure in write to the Chamber and fine out where best viewing will be.

New England is the best!
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For Sure, Newport. Much closer, easier to get in and out of. Fly to Providence, its 35 minutes.Boston only 1.30hrs. Best Inn is Vanderbilt Hall, expensive tho.Francis Malbone House is also excellent. They are both right in town.Central B and B # is 800 804 5336, or 800 828 0000 There is also a decent Marriott. Good Italian Restaurant is Mama Luisa's, and Puerinis. Best French is Bouchards, then La Petite Auberge. Many of the B and B's are very nice, but make Reservations in plenty of time, if its a weekend, as rooms can be hard to find then. Its leaf looking season so it gets busy. Good antique shops on Franklin Street. Scallop or clam chowder is best at the Moorings. Black Pearl is also good for chowder.You Need a jacket for the (upscale) Commodore Room at the Black Pearl but its good food.Clarke Cooke House is a decent bar, food is just OK.Bistro is ok also, but there are hundreds of others.Marthas Vineyard will be boring, not much except beaches. Newport is far better.I spend summers there so know it backwards. Have a good time.
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Hard to believe that there is such overwhelming uniformity of opinion in this forum! While I love MV, for the trip you're planning, Newport is the hands down winner in my book, too. For a quick trip, ease of access, diversity of dining/recreation/sightseeing, scheduled for mid October, Newport will be much more satisfying. MV starts to shut down about 1st week of October.
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Can you stand one more vote for Newport? I've lived in CT all my life, most of my relatives are in RI. Only once as a child have I been to Newport. . . until this summer when I took my kids. WOW! Did we have a great time! Actually, we were staying 30 minutes from Newport and intended to spend a day there -- we ended up going back two more days. I even gave the kids other options of things to do, and they kept saying "Newport!" See Marble House and Kingscote for two completely different perspectives on the mansions. I'd like to see Beechwood next time. Breakers is also breathtaking. Drive Ocean Drive and ask yourself WHO THE HECK LIVES IN THESE PLACES?!?! Stop at the point and walk around the rocks. First Beach (Easton's Beach) is lovely. Get a t-shirt or hat from "Bite Me Bait" down at the wharf, and ask the guy at the Lobster place if he still has the 16 lb. lobster.
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Debbie C
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Absolutely Newport. This is one of my favorite places. I get this wonderful feeling as I do when I am in San Francisco. I was just there last October which is my favorite time of year when the crowds wind down and their is a crispness in the air. The mansions are fabulous, definitely do the Cliff Walk. There are some excellent B & B's (Francis Malbone House-if $ is no object. I've stayed at the historic Royal Viking hotel which was very pleasant attractive decor in spacious rooms (a true Newport landmark)
Newport is chock full of history. You can book a sail to Block Island. The shoreline is magnificient. Lots of boutiques, great restaurants, pubs and charm make this locale an excellent choice for any traveler. Lucky you, I'm envious!

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