Margaritas and Bloody Marys in Key West

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You are welcomed. Have a great time and be sure to post a trip report.
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Lisa, If you really want to try something a little different go to Alonzos Oyster Bar or Conch Republic and order a Mojito. Other places make them but they seem to make the best. It is half a lime mashed in the glass, rum, simple syrup or sugar cane juice, mint, sometimes bitters, ice and soda water. A couple of those and you will be knocked on your butt. lol!
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Owen O'Neill
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Lisa - glad some of what I shared was of some help. Typically I always share what I've experienced - if it's just something I've heard or read I try to indicate such in the interest of disclosure (not to mention that I may be misinformed!). Your comment got me thinking about the bitters... have done a bit of research and can't find any bloody mary recipes that include bibtters but somehow I'm certain that I've seen the drink prepared that way. I'll be curious to get your reaction. A dash of onion juice ias also very good but few if any places go to the trouble - typically they use onion salt or onion powder, neither of which is an accepatable substitute IMHO.
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Posts: n/a that personal mission because he is tall and has a ponytail or because he makes a real good margarita?????? I must give credit when it is was GRGLNSWSH...that first turned me onto TK...and her advise was once again right on........thanks again G......Lisa have a great time...

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ROBERT- hmmm interesting question. Maybe I can send my husband down to one of the lady bartenders that make stronger drinks while I do my, uh, research! GRGLNSWSH- I think a mojito is just what I need today. It is actually snowing here in Michigan, the kids are on spring break and I think I am actually counting the minutes until we leave! (19 days) OWEN- I'll try to use my pursuasion (for lack of a better word)to get some recipes and post them with my trip report.

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