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theatrejunkie Jun 3rd, 2002 11:44 AM

Mamma Mia in New York.....and what else?
Hi! I already have tix for Mamma Mia in July (although I wasn't too impressed with their display @ the Tony's....I hope I won be disappointed....). I would like to pick one other musical... Lion King? Urinetown? Millie?

theatrejunkie Jun 3rd, 2002 12:12 PM

...sorry, I accidently posted message posted before I could finish it!<BR><BR><BR>Hi! I already have tix for Mamma Mia in July (although I wasn't too impressed with their display @ the Tony's....I hope I won be disappointed....) I would like to pick one other musical... Lion King? Urinetown? Millie? any other suggestions?<BR><BR>I know this sounds like a tall order but I would like to see something that is really visual with lots of scenery and effects....something that will 'blow me away'. Also, any suggestions regarding off broadway plays would be appreciated.<BR><BR>thanks!<BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR> <BR>

jojo Jun 3rd, 2002 01:29 PM

I saw Mamma Mia in Philly as well as on the Tony's the other night, and all I can say is, be prepared to be dissapointed. There's very little dancing and the plot is paper thin. And as much as I like ABBA, the songs wore thin by the end of the first act.<BR><BR>I just saw 42nd Street on Broadway and would recommend you see that if you want to be impressed. I took my husband (not the biggest fan of the genre) and he was spellbound. You can't go wrong w/The Lion King either - if you can get tickets.

Linda Jun 3rd, 2002 01:39 PM

I saw Mama Mia in Boston & New York, I thought it was great both times (although London was a bit better). The songs are great. <BR><BR>The Lion King was okay (also saw it in London), but it wasn't as good as I expected.

KenCT Jun 3rd, 2002 01:47 PM

To rebut Jojo's opinion, I've seen Mamma Mia twice, once in London, once in New York. Loved it both times. <BR><BR>Sure, the "plot," such as it is, is mainly a vehicle for stringing the songs together. That's fine with those of us for whom ABBA provided the soundtrack of our youth.<BR><BR>I agree that the Tony segment on was underwhelming, but the piece was cobbled together from different parts of the actual show. Believe me, "Dancing Queen" looks nothing like it did on the Tonys. <BR><BR>You can't really post a message like "I hope I won't be disappointed" on a board like this and expect complete strangers to tell you that you will like or dislike something. You'll get as many opinions as there are people responding. There are actually people out there who don't like "The Producers." <BR><BR>I saw "Millie" a couple of weeks ago. Certainly colorful, the crowd loved it and Shannon Foster is energetic. Did it deserve all those Tony's? IMHO, I think not. <BR><BR>

steve Jun 3rd, 2002 02:06 PM

I went to see Mama Mia prepared not to like it and then thoroughly enjoyed it. It's pure fluff but very entertaining. The Tony performance was not a good example of the show.<BR>For another show suggestion I agree that 42nd Street is very visually appealing and has great dancing. Lion King has very interesting costumes and design. <BR>I think my favorites of the currently running shows are Cabaret and Contact but neither would really fit your scenery or effects requirement.

Gail Jun 3rd, 2002 03:13 PM

If you want something visual with great scenery, costumes,etc. it's the Lion King hands down. The costumes definitely blew us a way. Fantastic show!

theatrejunkie Jun 3rd, 2002 03:24 PM

Thanks for your comments. After re-reading my post, I agree that the "I hope I won't be disappointed" bit was leading...I do appreciate the various opinions though and I will look into 42 street.

Lori Jun 3rd, 2002 04:11 PM

I've seen Mamma Mia 3 times in London, it's a great "fun" type show. Whatever that was they tossed together on the Tony's was NOT the show, trust me. It's a real "feel good" type show, you can't help but have a good time. I do suspect that the London version is better tho based on what I saw last night

ellen Jun 3rd, 2002 04:37 PM

I have seen Mama Mia in London and more recently a road show in my hometown Tampa. Loved it both times, its pure entertainment which is what I look for when I go to the theatre. I would agree if you want great effects and costumes than Lion King should be your choice.

singingal Jun 3rd, 2002 04:39 PM

If you want to hear singing, do not go to see Lion King. It is screaming at best. Yes, cool costumes etc. but the singing is totally lacking.<BR><BR>There are too many other great musicals that are really musical.

Jane Jun 3rd, 2002 07:26 PM

I went to NYC this spring and saw three plays. Aida, 42nd Street and Chicago. 42nd Street was my favorite with lots of excitement and great costuming. Others in our large group went to Lion King but tickets can be hard to obtain. How about Oklahoma? Modern Millie?<BR>

lou Jun 3rd, 2002 08:38 PM

Mediocre Millie----you can do better.

theatrejunkie Jun 3rd, 2002 08:58 PM

Thanks again for your relpies. I haven't heard anything negative about 42 street so that is still definately on my list. Urinetown seems kind of interesting so that is a possibility too.

Myrna Jun 3rd, 2002 09:16 PM

If you haven't seen it yet, Phantom of the Opera is wonderful. Beautiful music, costumes,scenery and romanct. It is my all time favorite.<BR><BR>Momma Mia will make you feel good. Contact is depressing. Chicago was good and so is 42nd Street. Urinetown is good but a little different. No beautiful costumes here, but a quirky story.<BR><BR>Have fun.<BR><BR>

millie Jun 3rd, 2002 09:23 PM

It's Sutton Foster who stars in Thoroughly Modern Millie (not Shannon). And my vote's for Urinetown.

theatrejunkie Jun 3rd, 2002 09:31 PM

I've already seen Phantom twice in Toronto and believe me I am tempted to see it again but really think I should try something different. Phantom (in the Pantages theatre in Toronto) was an example of a musical that 'blew me away', also 'Tommy' in London left me breathless but then again I am a huge Who fan.

Carrie Jun 3rd, 2002 10:59 PM

What about Les Miserables? It has fantastic music (in fact, it is all music), and a storyline based upon one of the greatest novels of all time. Very uplifting, moving, and great, IMHO.<BR><BR>My daughter and I decided that Les Mis contains nearly every theme one could possibly have -- i.e.:<BR>1. God vs. man; <BR>2. good vs. evil;<BR>3. war vs. peace;<BR>4. politics/government vs. the people;<BR>5. poor vs. rich;<BR>6. life vs. death vs. suicide;<BR>7. the good and bad power of $;<BR>8. love found, love lost, love reunited, love unrequited; <BR>let's see, have I left anything out? and don't worry, there's comedy in all of this, too.<BR><BR>Check out some of the web/fan sites devoted to Les Mis, and you will get a sense of how great this play is.<BR><BR>It sounds like you're looking for musicals on the scale of Phantom, then Les Mis should do it.<BR><BR>If you want less of an intense experience and don't want to ponder life while being entertained at the same time, then by all means, go to see Lion King. The costuming and scenery are fantastic -- the designer created animals out of actors in ways never done before, and the result is breathtaking. The music is catchy -- Elton John wrote a lot of it with lyrics by Tim Rice -- Circle of Life is not, I'm sure, on anyone's best song of all times list, but it is fun. You'll find yourself unable to stop humming the damn thing.

Memories Jun 4th, 2002 06:42 AM

Mama Mia is a sad excuse for a show. If you want to share an audience with lot's of 70's types trying to re-live their youth it's the show for you.

Ellen Jun 4th, 2002 09:12 AM

I can't believe no one has mentioned The Full Monty! Another terrific musical with all the right elements. If you are a theatrejunkie, I would assume you have already seen Les Mis, Phantom, Chicago, and 42nd St.

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