Looking ...HALIFAX to be my new Home!


Jun 4th, 1997, 08:33 PM
Goran Kozuvarov
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Looking ...HALIFAX to be my new Home!

Hello, i'm 22 living in Thompson,Manitoba.
I would like to move to a nice,friendly beautiful
city,that 's big BUT not too big.I've lived in a small town of 20,000 people all my life..and i think it's
time to move on.I'm fascinated with big cities
but i think Halifax at 400,000 would be adequate...
i like a slow atmosphere,i enjoy winter ,six months
winter/summer is great.I dream of living by the ocean in a city with a beautiful skyline where it's
not so hard to make friends. I like a slowed paced
life ,surrounded by beautiful scenery and kind people.I have a few friends here that are from
Halifax and say it's just great,and the only flaw that
i can remember they mentioned is that there is alot
of tension racially (black & white).Is this true i love
people of all kinds.If anybody has any spare time
to drop a few lines in all honesty about the advant
ages and disadvantages (flaws) about the city of
Halifax i would be GGGGGGGGGGREATLY
appreciated i also wish to attend Dal' University.
Thankyou in taking time to read my article.
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Jun 23rd, 1997, 01:03 PM
Claire Smith
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I think Halifax is an excellent choice. I`ve lived my whole life 45 minutes outside the city, and went to Dal for a year too. I`m also 22 and it`s a great city for people our age. I don`t really find there to be much racial tension at all; there is some, but mostly in outskirts of the city. Halifax is a great city with lots of great restaurants, pubs, a beautiful waterfront....close (less than one hour) to a lot of nice beaches etc..

I don`t know about that 6 months of winter, 6 months of summer thing. We don`t have 6 months of summer. More like 3. Jan, Feb, Mar are pretty wintery. Apr, May, June are springy (it`s getting to be summer just in the past week or so here), July, August, September are gorgeous. October & November are also beautiful, but chilly!!! And Winter has definitely come by the beginning of December. Just don`t want you to think that we have 6 months of lovely sunny skies. Not true at all, but it`s still fantastic.

I think you`ll like Halifax a lot, there`s a lot going on...artistically etc. There are lots of neat apartments in lovely old homes. A beautiful park on the ocean....I really can`t find much wrong with it at all.

Dal is a very expensive university; my brother is going there now and said they`ve just raised tuition again, the only faculties under $4000 are arts & social sciences. Everything else is more like $5000, and even the arts can get up quite high with added course costs etc. But I really liked Dal while I was there although I know a lot of people who found it too big and intimidating. I was in a very specialized course, and didn`t have to deal with many large classes.

Let me know if you would like any more specific information...the number for NS tourism is 1-800-565-0000, i don`t know if they`ll have the kind of info you are after, but they might be able to give you the number for the chamber of commerce or some such organization.

I`m heading to the west coast in the fall (you know, time for a change!) Maybe we`ll pass each other on the highway.

GO for it...come to HFX!!!!!
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