Liquor Prices in Florida

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Liquor Prices in Florida

We are traveling to Orlando to stay at Disney and go on a 4 night Disney cruise. There are 4 adults plus kids and we were wondering what to expect for liquor prices if we stop at a liquor store on the way to the resort. We'd be looking for vodka, rum and Kamora. We are from New Hampshire and Vermont so the liquor prices are set by the state. This does not seem to be the case in Florida as I can't find any price lists. Can you tell we need a vacation??? Thank you!
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You're worried about the price of vodka? Give or take a few dollars, you really do need a vacation. Safe journey and happy trails!!!
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Um, which vodka and rum are you looking for? Prices will be all over the map based on if you want premium or rotgut.

(How does a state control liquor prices? Are all the brands priced the same? In segments - regular, premium, super premum? For each brand and size?)
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In the end, what does it matter? If the price is $2 more or less than what you pay for "at home", does that mean you aren't going to buy it? If the price range is between $15 and $25, depending on brand, aren't you probably going to buy SOME bottle, even if it's not the brand you buy at home?

Tuck in an extra $20 or $100 and splurge. You aren't going to notice when you average out the price of your vacation.
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Prices for liquor in Florida are not set by the state and can vary widely. ABC is one of the largest chain liquor stores in the area; you might want to call the store that is closest to WDW (407-239-0775) and ask them.
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Severl points:

NYtraveler, in some states, including NH, VT, NC, VA, and I think ME, the state owns all the liquor stores and does indeed set the prices for hard liquors. In VA, this means prices are higher than the national mean, in NH they are usually lower. NH has liquor stores at highway rest areas (!) so travelers can stock up. While leaf peeping, I bought a 1.75 liter Jack Daniels for less the the price of a liter in MA.

Moochadog, what percentage of the price of your trip will be represented by the $5 bucks you might save by bringing it from home? I see kids spending $150 to get too and from Nantucket but bringing along cases of beer to save $2-$4 dollars. Does not compute.

I assume you are driving to FL, since you don't really want to check bottles of liquor, even plastic ones, in your luggage and you can't bring them on the plane.

Will Disney let you bring it on the cruise ship? Some cruise ships seem to require you to drink their liquor, even in your own room. Read the fine print that came with your trip materials.

Finally, let us assume that your cruise will go to the Bahamas. Duty free will not necessarily be cheaper than NH Liquor Stores, but it will sure be a lot more convenient!
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If you are taking Disney transportation to the resort, you won't have the opportunity to stop for liquor. I assume you're renting a car at the airport? I guess you could be driving. Further, the trip to Disney is on a turnpike with limited access, so this may be trickier than you imagine.

If you're driving, stop well before you get to Orlando. If flying, you can ask if you take a private taxi, but I don't think a shared shuttle (if you aren't on Disney transport) will stop. Also, you cannot take liquor aboard a Disney ship.

The short answer: Bring it from home; pack it well (with bubble wrap) in your suitcase; and don't bring more than you plan to drink at the resort before your cruise.
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The best liquor prices that I have found in Orlando area are at Sam's club.
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Thank you for the comments. Didn't mean to seem cheap- just trying to budget! Thanks for the tips. We are flying and have requested that the car service to the Beach Club stop at a liquor store. Not sure where that will be. Disney cruise line does allow you to carry on your own beer, wine and liquor. Can save a lot of money on the boat!! We are particular about our cocktails so it also saves on listening to my husband and brother complain about a bad drink...
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I'm puzzled - you go on a cruise and bring your own drinks up on deck, as in poolside? Or, do you return to your room to drink?

To each his own, of course, but it does seem a bit unusual to pamper yourself with a cruise and be concerned about the cost of drinks, even if you're particular about your cocktails.

Oh well, I hope you enjoy your trip!
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Also, there is booze all over the parks (except Magic Kingdom) and hotels, but you're going to spend more money.

If you're a big drinker, I'd bring a large cup full of vodka and ice into the park and mix onsite. Security doesn't check drinks or make you dispose of them.
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happy trails!
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