Lcuy's Boston 2008 Trip Report

Oct 17th, 2008, 04:42 PM
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Lcuy's Boston 2008 Trip Report

For the third year, I got sucked into attending the Boston GTG. I always think, who in their right mind would fly all the way from Hawaii to Boston to meet up with a bunch of kidney theives (aka Fodorites)?

But then I remember how much fun it is to see the humans who live behind the screen names and I end up buying tickets! It helps that I have a daughter at Boston Univ, so that I can justify the trip as 'Buy One, Get One Free.'

I have another DD at school in NYC, so I usually head there after the GTG. This year, she came up on the train to spend time with me and her sister, so I got to spend a whole week in Boston at the Hotel Commonwealth.

Ahhh, I love this hotel! It is right on top of the T station at Kenmore Square. The CITGO sign is across the street and there are good restaurants in the hotel and nearby. Rooms look out on Commonwealth Ave or Fenway Park, which is fun during baseball season.

It works well for me as it is on the edge of the BU campus, and the T stop has very frequent trains.

I had my daughter's adorable Rat Terrier with me, and he was very popular with all the doormen. Between him and the length of my stay, I got very friendly welcomes every time we came and went!

I won't give all the details, but my non-GTG time was mostly spent eating, shopping or walking with my daughters. The weather was gorgeous and it seemed like the entire city was out walking.

We had one dinner at Magiano's. It's old-style Italian and the food we ordered was wonderful...stuffed mushrooms, lobster ravioli, butternut squash ravioli, mussels, and a couple of great salads. I think it was on Arlington Street.

We had Sunday breakfast with my daughter's friends at The Other Side Cafe. Very young crowd and the girls joked that piercings and tatoos seemed mandatory for employment. The food was great. I sampled French toast, pancakes, huevos rancheros, and eegs with bacon and potatoes. All were excellent.

Another day, we ate at The Pourhouse. I think my daughter chose it as that had been the name of the house I lived in during my college days (same spelling, too!). sports bar type place, and advertised a lot of fun theme nights. We shared banana pancakes, waffles, and bacon & eggs. Delicious, very generous servings and very cheap, too.

Abe & Louie's was our last "nice" dinner. It is a noisy and crowded place, but always great service and food. Their crab cakes are our favorites anywhere.

The GTG has been written up on the Asia board. We had dinner Friday night after wine and appetisers at Rhkkmk's home in Needham. Kuranosuke, another Hawaii Fodorite who is active on the Asia board, also fly to Boston for the GTg, so we took the train out to Needham together. About 14 of us then had dinner at Skipjack's restaurant. Great evening

Thank you Jackie, for giving rides home to Ken and me. It's nice to know that even locals get lost on the roads of Boston! ;-)

On Saturday, I took the T to Cambridge, then walked the few blocks to the Meridien Hotel for the brunch with 36(!) Fodorites. After a really fun GTG, I walked back to the T, and then got off early so I could walk more on the way to my hotel. Another T ride to Cambridge for the evening GTG at Similans and another fabulous Thai dinner. Bob and Andy know all the best dishes, and the food just kept coming. I think the final tally of atetndees for the weekend was 39 or 40, which can only be explained by the fun we all had. We had birthday cakes at lunch and dinner. One for Cigalenchanta's 75th and a speedo cake for Gpanda's 29th (or so) birthday!

Thank you Cindy for the ride home that night. That Citgo sign sure makes finding the hotel easier!

I managed to do some serious shopping AND sightseeing on Sunday and Monday. Seriously considered staying through this weekend, as my daughter said I would love the Head of the Cahrles Regatta, but left as scheduled on Tuesday.

It was a wonderful week. Hope to be back next year!
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Oct 17th, 2008, 07:08 PM
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Lucy it was wonderful sitting next to you at the Boston GTG Saturday brunch. It is indeed fun putting faces to names. You SO lucked out with the weather! Boston usually has some glorious weather in October but it can also be downright nasty. Glad it was the former for your trip.

That Citgo sign outside of Fenway caught on fire a couple of days ago, causing about $5000 worth of damage. Luckily it's repairable.

Looking forward to seeing you at next years GTG.
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Oct 17th, 2008, 07:30 PM
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Lucy, I was so happy to meet you but sorry you couldn't come to my place after the brunch.
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Oct 17th, 2008, 09:12 PM
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Mimi- I was sorry to miss it too, Especially when I saw all the photos! You were so kind to invite me, but
I was feeling guilty not spending my limited time with my daughters.

I knew I was savoring our time together when I actually escorted DD #2 on the 'T' to her Gross anatomy lab. Felt like the old days when I used to drive her to school.

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Oct 18th, 2008, 09:56 PM
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Alooooohaaaaa! My day trip report added to your trip report.


I thought of you much today dear lcuy! Did you eat any apples while you were here?

Go Red Sox!

I love Maggiano's and it is one of the few chains we would go to. Even on vacation! Good people and good food if you know how to order!!!

Today, my between work trip report, I walked from China town to the Northend via the waterfront. Boston just gets better and better. The new parks and Columbus park - it is all beautiful. The northend was packed, even due to the latest events, perhaps due to lots of tourists.

I ate at Cibos which is a sister restaurant to Giacommos which had a line of 40 out front. We are regulars at their Southend post which is neighborly.

It was my day of random acts of kindness. First before work I walked thru the Commons and met the 'weatherman' This is a homeless guy that was kicked out a few years ago. He is a hoot and wondefully entertaining . He gives the weather report and stats on the Sox and local teams. He is a real gem. We stopped and talked story for a couple of minutes, he told me it had been 4 years.....I hope not!!! Gave him a few dollars as a welcome home gift and carried on.

After work I went to the Northend. Like I said a landed at Cibos - a first. I was looking out the window from my solo table and started counting the next party. As the 'guy' graciously approached me and asked me if I would mind, I was already out of my seat. Every single member of the party of 7 looked in my eyes and thanked me for moving and accomadating them. The host sent me a glass of wine.

Everyone got it! Everyone was kind. How cool.

So leaving the North End with my leftovers I ran into a small group of homeless people. Asked them if they'd like my leftovers. The leader of the group said, but of course, where is it from and what is it????? And I explained in detail the tidbits I was offering, shook his hand, waved to his comrades and walked on.

I have been doing that for years. Since I met a gentleman homeless man working Georgetown DC to feed his friends the leftovers of fine dining establishments.

I will never forget my time, dining solo in NYC at Babbos. I ordered too much food to get a true tasting of the place. The woman I gave my leftovers to in the park was so excited. Because she asked, I explained she would be having hand made gnocchi with a wild boar ragu and truffles......imported proscuitto , little chocolates.

She was in heaven. I not only gave her my leftovers, we talked food and ingredients and when I walked away she stood a little taller.

And tonight when I described Chicken Saltibanco with grilled vegetables, my new friend suggested that it was Italian for melts in your mouth.

Random acts of kindness make the day brighter.

Sorry to hijack this thread darling~

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Oct 18th, 2008, 11:16 PM
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mp [rpb;e,!

I didn't get any apples at all, but I thought about the bag you gave me last year. I think some of the best I've ever had.

Didn't know Maggianos was a chain. The food was fabulous[ in part because my daughter has eated here a few times and knew exactly what we'd like.

My only regret last week was that we didn't have the energy to go to Limoncello any of our evenings.

Nest time...

Hey, go Red Sox!!! It was such a somber crowd that passed by my hotel last Monday night. Wish I could have been there for the current wins. Head of the Charles and a Red Sox win on the same day?? Boston must have been electric!!
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Oct 18th, 2008, 11:58 PM
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And what does one order at Limoncello other than?!

Tomorrow's another day and the Northend just steps away!
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Oct 19th, 2008, 09:33 AM
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For Boston's North End, I did some extensive research and posted it on Chowhound. Despite its age, it still has some value:
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Oct 19th, 2008, 10:26 AM
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Lucy, it was really nice meeting you and talking over dinner. It was great that everyone from out of town had the best weather. I forgot how good chocolate covered macadamias are, thanks.

Abe& Louies is my favorite Boston restaurant; they really do have the best crabcakes in the city. I also like Limoncello.


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