Las Vegas - weather in Feb., dress code?

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Las Vegas - weather in Feb., dress code?

Hello all!
Happy 2002!
Can you Vegas experts tell me what the weather will be like typically in February?
My husband and I, and a couple of friends, are going at the end of February for a week and none of us have ever been to Vegas, so we're pretty much clueless as to what kind of clothes to pack. What is the weather like there around that time?

Also, should we bring more casual clothes like jeans, or are people typically dressed up more? (We are going to see the show O one night, so we know we'll dress up for that night, but besides that, we are just going to be gambling, walking around seeing the sights, going out to dinner, maybe taking a trip to see the Hoover dam.)

Thanks so much for your help!
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casual comfy dress
it will be cold at night and the odd day you may be able to wear shorts but i wouldn't count on it. bring t-shirts and sweaters so you can take things off if it's warm.
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From this web site....

"Because Las Vegas is in the desert, extreme ranges in temperature are not uncommon. Once the sun goes down in the evening, Las Vegas temperatures drop dramatically. The average daily maximum and minimum temperatures for Las Vegas are: December-February 30-66°F (-1-19°C); March-May and October-November 39-89°F (4-32°C); June and September 57-98°F (14-37°C); July-August 66-102°F (19-39°C)."
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Thank you both for your helpful responses -
I guess the key word is LAYERS, as it looks like the weather may be hard to predict and go from one extreme to the other from day to night!
Thanks again for your input!
I appreciate and am lookinf forward to Vegas!! Anne
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I just came back from vegas and it was unseasonably warm! almost 70F! I had packed mainly sweaters, eek! Take a mix of things. The casinos were all pretty warm, I just took a cardigan for when there was a draft. At night I had a light weight leather jacket with me.
Typically it's around 60F in Feb in the day.
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Dress is casual for the most part. Tennis shoes are a must if you want to see the sites.

You should go to Hoover Dam, great tour. Just call ahead and see if all the tours are open. They did close some parts after Sept. 11th.
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Please DO pack some dressier clothes, especially if you're going to see O and if you're going to do some fine dining.

During our last trip, we went to Emeril Lagasse's Delmonicos Steakhouse in the Venetian. This is a classy place! I believe they have a dress code, but I'm not sure.

My husband and I were both dressed appropriately--me in a skirt, him in dress coat. But there were some other folks who obviously were caught unprepared and were wearing jeans and polo shirts.

Obviously, the restaurants need to enfore dress codes, but people need to realize that not all of Vegas is laid-back and casual.

So, just be prepared!

By the way, Delmonico's was EXCELLENT! The best service I've had in a long time.

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Hi Anne,
Just got back last week from vegas - wow, what fun...wish I was still there but ran out of time and $$$. Weather was great - mild but sunny. Temps in Feb. will prolly be mid 50-60's daytime / 40's nightime. Climate is always perfect inside so wear whatever's comfy. Don't worry about dressing up - casual is fine, (you'll see ALL kinds of fashion. Kinda like at the beach - always someone that looks worse than you, always someone that looks better!)and you'll have more fun if you're comfortable. You'll LOVE O - what a production. Kinda wierd in a mystical off-the-wall way but definitely worth the ticket price. Dress up for that if you want, but don't fret about being all glitter and glam - again, think comfort. Besides if you dress to the nines then go hang out somewhere afterwards that's more low-key you'll feel over-dressed. Have a great time, and here's my best vegas tip: Forget about the slots, best paying machine is still the ATM. teehee
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There are some restaurants that require dressing up. But - the idea of a dress code in Las Vegas is about the funniest thing I've ever heard. You will see everything - and some things you hope never to see again!! On a rare excursion to Vegas to see a certain performer, we were going in the MGM Grand while the first Tyson/Hollyfield fight was getting out. We saw a pimp in a red 3 piece suit with a matching red bowler & red loafers, of course the obligatory gold jewelery too. Only in LV 0)
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Hi..My experience with dress codes is basically "business casual" in Vegas, unless you are going to "renoir" or "Picasso", etc., Make sure you check out "lawry's Prime Rib" what a classic restaurant with wonderful food & service! p.s. sometimes the casinos are very cold with the air the summer with shorts and tank top (I Froze)!!!
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I had to chuckle at the idea of dress code - seems that the only obligatory item is a fanny pack! It was so hot when we were there in Sept. that I landed up wearing my husband's shorts! And I was not the wierdest thing there!!
But seriously, even for 'O' you just need to look casualy smart, tho some people at the show were in jeans or bermuda shorts.
Most of the fun for us was touring the hotels and malls - not the gambling!
Read the info magazines provided so that you don't miss anything. And if you can, see the other Circe de Solleil show as well - Incredible!!!
I would not recommend any of the magic shows, other than Sigfried and Roy. It was a waste of time and money.

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