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misha2 Jul 17th, 2009 04:24 PM

Lake Tahoe days for the less adventurous
We ( three generations, eight people) leave for Tahoe in the morning! We'll be staying at the North Resort. I have lots of things planned or the evenings -- Shakespeare at the beach, gambling at the Hyatt, movie night, roller skating night, sky watching. And, the more adventurous in the group can enjoy mountain biking, golf, tennis and hiking. What I forgot to think about was how to keep the more sedentary grandparents engaged. I figure we will tour Ehrmann one day, look around the village at the resort another. But, after that, I'm stuck. Please help!

Also, any free or inexpensive outings/eatery/grocery/coupon suggestions would be appreciated, with a group this size, we'll want to have some more reasonable options.

misha2 Jul 17th, 2009 07:02 PM


boom_boom Jul 17th, 2009 07:25 PM

If you don't mind a drive, visit Carson City, nice Railroad Museumn & State Capital. A bit further is the historic town of Virginia City. En Route to Carson City, if you take the back way down the mountin is Genoa and the Mormon Fort.

MBnancy Jul 17th, 2009 07:27 PM

Just wanted to remind you to take the MT. Rose Hwy, so you will get your first glimpse of Lake Tahoe at the turnout. Continue on 28 around the lake and more views, to Kings Beach, where you will turn up 267 to Northstar and your lodging.

Have a great time.

janisj Jul 17th, 2009 07:58 PM

You mean <u>Northstar</u> - right?

If so - 1/2 a day in Truckee will be easy and lots of fun. Good shops, and lots of places to eat or have a drink.

Virginia City for sure - if it isn't too hot.

Just hanging around the pool reading is a nice way to kill part of an afternoon.

A boat ride on the Miss Dixie or Tahoe Queen.

You'll have plenty to keep the slower folks happy.

misha2 Jul 17th, 2009 08:51 PM


Yup, I read over all the old suggestions and have written out the scenic directions to keep in my purse. Sounds like we';; be covered. Thanks to janisj for all your help and to boom boom also. How far is Virginia City?

MichelleY Jul 18th, 2009 12:08 PM

Although not cheap, we took the tour to the Thunderbird Lodge last week. Very interesting and a beautiful setting. Sing up at the Visitors Center in Incline.


misha2 Jul 19th, 2009 07:44 AM

Wow! This place is wonderful!! Scenic drive was breathtaking. Just logged on to remember restaurant suggestions. Torn about Dragonfly and Jakes for special bday dinner. Suggestions?

How far is Viriginia City? Is it better than Carson City? I'll check out Thunderbird. Thanks.


JayZee Jul 19th, 2009 12:35 PM

Virginia City is about 1hr & 1/2 and is on old mining town going back to the mid 1800's.,_Nevada

Suzie Jul 19th, 2009 01:30 PM

I also do think the folks would enjoy a tour of the Tallac site. Have them tour it the same day they go off to Ehrmann Mansion at Sugar Pine Point. It's in the south area, Camp Richardson and they'll be able to stop and view Emerald Bay on the way.

misha2 Jul 20th, 2009 10:38 PM

Wish I had read about Tallac earlier. Just decided to go on line today to try to plan the rest of the trip. Just spent the day driving around the lake. Stopped at Emerald Bay (stunning) But did not get to do much else. The steep hike back and forth to Vikingsholm wore some of the travellers out. Virigina City sems like lots fun. However, I wonder if it will be too hot. I'll check the weather report.

misha2 Sep 5th, 2009 07:17 AM

Our trip was amazing!!! Thanks to all of you who helped, I'll post a better report soon.

MBnancy Sep 6th, 2009 12:39 AM

Ok, we'll be looking forward to it.

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