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Caitlin Jul 30th, 2001 02:00 PM

Laguna Beach hotels - PLEASE HELP!!
Hi everyone! <BR>Isn't this the best forum??? Everyone is so helpful! <BR>Well, my husband and I are going to be staying in Laguna Beach for 3 days. We need input on hotels to stay at. I have heard that the Ritz Carlton and the Surf and Sand are beautiful, but they are a little too pricey for us!! <BR>Do any of you have any input on the folowing hotels: <BR>1 - Capri Laguna <BR>2 - Hotel Laguna <BR>3 - Inn at Laguna Beach <BR>4 - Laguna Riviera <BR>5 - Vacation Village <BR> <BR>According to the Laguna Baach visitors bureau site, these hotels are all right on <BR>the beach, which is a "must" for us. Since the website makes every one of these places seem like a dream come true, I need some honest input on them. <BR>Basically, we would like the hotel to be clean, on the beach (and when I say beach, I mean a nice beach with nice sand and "swimmable" water, that is not too too crowded), have AC, phone, and swimming pool. Some other "wants" would be a fitness center, balconies, and a restaurant in the hotel . . . . . . <BR> <BR>Also, can someone please explain the difference between the the South Coast Highway and the North Coast Highway?? Some hotels we found are on the South Cost, while others on the North - what isd the difference???? We have also heard that some of the hotels on the Pacific Coast Highway can get loud due to traffic. . . do you know which ones?? I think I read in a previous forum comment to get a room that faces away from the ocean to not get the nouse - is this true?? How can this be - wouldn't it be better to get a room that faces the ocean, away from the highway?? I am very confused about this!!! <BR>Anyway, I would really appreciate any input any of you have on the hotels I listed above, as far as how the beach is that they're on and the hotel in general. Or, if any of you know of any other hotels that I missed that are right on Laguna Beach, I would appreciatw that as well!! <BR>Thank you very much!!!!!! <BR>Caitlin <BR> <BR>P.S. Also, any suggestions on good restaurants to eat at or fun activities would be much appreciated! <BR>

kam Jul 30th, 2001 02:50 PM

Depends on which side of PCH you are. If you're on the Ocean side (hotels ending in odd numbers, I believe) you want a room on the ocean side. If you are on the inland side of PCH, you want a room facing away from the ocean and therefore away from PCH. I know the Laguna Riviera and would recommend it aa well as Vacation Village (hate the name, but it's quite large and quite nicely done with a private beach area meaning you can have a drink and have chaises set up for you.) We stayed without much warning once at Casa Laguna and it was a disaster! Nothing much wrong with the hotel, but the noise from PCH kept me up most of the night. They even supply earplugs! Too bad cause it's a pretty little inn. Not on the beach, however. Main Beach is beautiful and the little downtown are is charming--galleries, restaurants, shops. I think the only difference in north or south is north or south of downtown. It all flows together, although I would prefer to be closer to town so I could walk around. You're right that Surf and Sand and the RC Laguna Niguel are tops, but there's something for everyone in Laguna. Very laid back southern CA beach town--you'll enjoy. I've taken tons of out of towners there and everyone finds something to make them smile. Do know that it does have a bit of a artists/hippies/gay atmosphere but is great fun for all. You might want to visit Mission San Juan Capistrano while there--not too far away.

April Jul 30th, 2001 03:00 PM

Hello, <BR>The Inn at Laguna Beach is right on Main Beach and is a lovely property. They offer complimentary parking and continental breakfast. The do not have a restuarant on site but with so many great choices within walking distance one is not really necessary. The ocean view rooms do have balconies. The rates can be reasonable depending on when you are going. Sunday through Thursday nights after September 4th will be the most reasonable. Karen Graf or anyone in the reservations department are most helpful. Also, if an oceanview room is more than your budget ask for a "peek a boo" view room. It is considered a city view room but you can see the ocean from the corner of the window. <BR>The Surf and Sand is very nice and the Hotel Laguna(across Main Beach from the Inn at Laguna)is in a great location and a historic building. The Ritz Carlton is very luxurious but the beach is a good hike down the road. <BR>I hope this helps. <BR> <BR>

seamus Jul 30th, 2001 03:14 PM

230 Forest Restaurant just across from Main Beach for one of their special drinks such as "June Gloom", shark tacos and great people watching. Enjoy. Laguna's great.

Caitlin Jul 31st, 2001 06:03 AM

Hi again everyone!! <BR>Thanks for your replies!! They are very helpful! Thanks to your great input, I have narriwed down my choices to: <BR> <BR>1 - Inn at Laguna Beach <BR>2 - Laguna Riviera <BR>3 - Vacation Village <BR> <BR>Which do you think is the nicest as far as having the nicest beach?? Having the nicest rooms? Being the quietest?? <BR>The most romantic?? <BR> <BR>The Inn at Laguna Beach is on the Main Beach (211 North Coast Highway)- is that a nice beach?? Is it super crowded?? I read that this hotel is located in a prime location as far as shops and restaurtants . . is this true?? <BR> <BR>The Laguna Riviera is on 825 South Coast Highway, and Vacation Village is on 647 South Coast Highway. Since the inn at Laguna Beach is on the North Coast Highway, does this mean that Vacation Village and Laguna Riviera are farther way from the center of town where all the shops and restaurants are?? <BR> <BR>Please help me narrow down from these three choices . . . <BR> <BR>Thank you so much again!! I really appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice!! <BR>Caitlin (o: <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

LRK Jul 31st, 2001 06:48 AM

If you want romantic. I would avoid Inn at Laguna. Too crowded. Wherever you stay, if you can afford it get a beach view. I believe the difference between N&S Coast Hwy is above or below Main St. I could be wrong. It's all PCH though. I've stayed at Vacation Village... but it was a long time ago. For a romantic dinner, I would strongly recommend Las Brisas. Beautiful views from the outside bar/patio of the ocean. Nice atmosphere. Good food. Not really expensive but not budget either. Have a good time.

PS Local Jul 31st, 2001 06:50 AM

Another vote for the Inn at Laguna. Also, you can go to the Royal Hawaiian and have a Lapu Lapu, a tropical drink that comes in a fishbowl. One straw or two---your choice. Don't drive after. Just hang out and trip on the blowfish lamps and really cheesy tropical motif. Have fun. <BR> <BR>PS L

x Jul 31st, 2001 07:32 AM

It's been a while, but we stayed at the Inn at Laguna Beach twice and loved it. <BR> <BR>The housekeeping and other services were exceptional.

kam Jul 31st, 2001 08:54 AM

Main Beach is lovely and the Inn at Laguna is right there. Across the PCH are the most interesting and posh of the small shops and restaurants. Lots of fun there and you'll be able to walk around day and night. Main Beach activity is generally pretty high--lots of people on the beach so well occupied but not terribly crowded that you can't enjoy yourself. Either of the other two hotels would have a smaller and less crowded beach, with Vacation Village having a private beach area. All of the beach at Laguna are ones that people use--for swimming, surfing, playing etc. They are not the lonely,quiet walking beaches of Northern California. You are correct that your #2 and 3 choices would be farther from the center of town, but nothing is that terribly far in Laguna.You might want to call them and ask exactly how far a walk it is to Main Beach from the hotel. It's all flat on PCH and there are galleries and shops along the way. If you're planning to go in August it's the Pageant of the Arts and will be crowded on weekends. THat might cause me to choose other than the Inn at Laguna if you want quiet. On the other hand, you might want to be in the center of activity. In October is a film festival. Pretty much your choice--you can't go wrong in Laguna except for the traffic noise.

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