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gores95 Dec 31st, 2004 08:32 AM

Kitty Hawk or Kill Devil Hills or Nags Head?
Hello all. Lots of great information on this site. Here's the dilemma...

Four couples and four kids (12 total) are going to rent a "high end" home on the outer banks in July of 2005 for one week. We are looking for an oceanfront house with at 6+ bedrooms and a pool. We found lots of realtors and lots of beautiful homes!

Since the kids are 10,8,7 and 2, being "secluded" is less important and we would like to stay in the middle of the action with easy access to dining, shopping and amusements. I looked briefly at Duck, Corolla and Southern Shores but thought the other three would be better for us.

Any opinions on which town, KH, KDH or NH would be best for us? Any other suggestions? Any realtors stick out as having best selection/prices?



beentheretwice Dec 31st, 2004 12:29 PM

I don't know what your priorities are, but we did this same trip a year from your date. We rented a house in Duck. South to KDH and KH is more commercial. Easier access to groceries and retailers, though.

While Corolla is more remote up the highway (meaning if you wanted to drive south to visit KH, etc.) it had some very nice houses and beaches. Grocery store is up there, too.

We rented from Resort Quest. No problems at all, and when our grill didn't work they had one delivered by 5pm that day. Our house had a pool and it was cleaned before and during our stay.

Personally, I think it is prettier the farther up you go on the highway. We don't really like looking at some of the commerical areas.

Also, while the main drag up and down OBX is as small as described, it was never really an issue for us. We did a Sunday to Sunday rental and avoided a lot of traffic.

Have fun. Do get a kite! And watch your kids' eyes for sunburn. My 8 year old was so involved on the beach that his eyes were very irritated the next day. We had to be careful he wore sunglasses for the rest of the trip.

noblesm Dec 31st, 2004 07:45 PM

I agree with the previous post. Corolla would be my suggestion. The further north you go, the quieter and nicer it is. I have stayed in Corolla on three previous family vacations and some of the homes "up there" are incredible. Have fun!

SFImporter Dec 31st, 2004 10:29 PM

Same story here. I flew out from the West Coast to stay with in-laws for a week in Duck. Fabulous rental house with a pool right over the san break from the ocean.

Big house with a TV in every bedroom - which so came in handy on the day when I just wanted some alone time. =-)

emd Jan 1st, 2005 04:57 AM

We go every summer for two weeks to the OBX. Some years we split it, a wk. in Corolla and a wk. in Nags Head. Personally, I love Corolla. But we prefer Nags Head with the kids. Reason: Alot more to do with the kids in Nags Head. Even though you will have a pool and the beach (we rent oceanfront w/pool in Nags Head and our kids take friends)you will want to get out and do some other things, esp. in the evening. Nags Head offers access to several good minigolf courses, several grocery stores (one thing about Corolla is there is just that one Food Lion at Monterey Shores), Jockey's Ridge is right there to climb and fly Kites, Kitty Hawk Kites right across from Jockey's Ridge has great kites, toys, and a climbing wall, there is a small amusement park on the hwy. at milepost 11, you are close (15 min) to Roanoke Island and the North Carolina Aquarium (a fun afternoon, esp. if it rains), you can visit Jeanette's Pier which has a neat display of the largest fish caught there, good outlet shopping on the hwy. going towards Roanoke Island, and a small movie theater. Although there is much to do, the beach is still quiet and nice in Nags Head, and it doesn't have the erosion problems that KDH and KH have(be careful, in some places there is little beach, esp. since the last hurricaine). Also, many of the beach areas in Nags Head are lifeguarded and you may want to take that into consideration when you decide on a house. We do, and last year we were really glad we did due to the riptides that occurred arouthe time we were there in late August- we swam right in front of the lifeguard even though there were no red flags up.
If you get a big house I suggest getting one w/an elevator. We had one last year and it was ALOT better than hauling stuff and groceries up those stairs in a big 6 bedrm. house. Also, ours had a great game room which was a big hit, the kids had their own place to congregate and play.
There is a good new YMCA in Nags Head and many of the houses offer free membership w/the house rental. Advantges to that are indoor pool if it rains, and a nice outdoor water park. Many of the houses available through Village Realty have this option and you can search on their site for houses w/that option. If it rains for a few days or even more, you need the backup options w/the kids that Nags Head offers, in my opinion.

emd Jan 1st, 2005 04:59 AM

On your last question, I find Village Realty to have the best selectiona nd qualtiy and prices for oceanfront in Nags Head. And their site offers alot of search options and has both pictures and 360 degree video clips of major rooms and deck views in every house.

gores95 Jan 1st, 2005 08:21 AM

Thanks for all the great replies! I agree with emd that if it was adults only I would stay further north in Duck or Corolla. I heard they have had some beach erosion problems up but not sure if that is true.

We are now leaning towards Nags Head and although more congested I just think better for the kids and closer to activities. I am looking online at four realtors: Joe Lamb Jr., Sun Realty, Pru (Resort Realty) and Village Realty. So many beautiful choices! We are looking for at least 6 BR 4 Ba with a pool and oceanfront.

I know from the previous posts some have used these realtors. Any individual realtor names to recommend? Also is there a listing of owners who rent themselves? Finally does anyone have a specific house recommendation? So many great houses to choose from I am just trying to narrow it down!

Oh one more thing....obviously I should purchase trip insurance because of the constant hurricane threat (though hopefully less of a threat in early July). Should I purchase through the realtor or my own homeowners policy? Also does anyone know what that covers? The realtors' prices have been around $400-500.

Lots of questions.....thanks in advance for the help!


emd Jan 1st, 2005 09:49 AM

I'v e used Sun, Joe Lamb, and Village. Village services and houses are better for Nags Head. Look at SS20, we had that one last year. 6 bedrooms, elevator, great game room, huge kitchen w/big bar that fits 6 barstools btwn kitchen and family room, MBR on ocean w/full glass floor to ceiling, TV in master bath, steam shower, TV in every bedroom, several oceanfront decks and deck that wraps all the way around house, big pool, big hot tub on ocean side, oceanfront pagoda w/hammock and seating, and lifeguard in short walking distance. The price has gone up a bit from last summer, but it is very reasonable for what you get. There is no amenity available that they do not have in this house. And YMCA membership also. Close to the small Outer Banks Mall and my favorite grocery shopping and great fresh seafood counter at Seamark. Great house, and I've stayed in alot of houses on ocean in Nags Head.

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