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Nick00 Sep 15th, 2004 04:24 PM

Killington @ New Years
I am looking for a good place to stay over New Year's at Killington. It will be 3-4 couples. We are open to regular hotel rooms, a house or a condo. The closer to the mountain...the better.

Is there anything rather modern in the area? I know it is a ski area, but most things I've found on-line look like a 2 star property at best. Out west it seems easier to find more "updated" lodgings. (I've checked and there are very few pictures on that site.) All the rental condos and houses look like the furniture was last updated in 1972. :-)

Thanks in advance.

Jacqueline1212 Sep 15th, 2004 05:12 PM

We have owned a condo at Killington for 20 yrs. and have updated our condo several times. Other owners have not. When folks call, condos are offered at each property on a rotation program - the one with the least rentals is offered to you. This equalizes, more or less, the owners' income. Having said that, we go out west every year for a week or 2 and rent a condo. In 20 yrs. of doing that, we haven't found ANY management co. that can compare to Killington in terms of condo upkeep. Many times, our western condo has had no pots and pans, holes in the floor, very little in terms of cooking utensils, electric heat which couldn't keep the place warm, etc. All this for $350/nt+. Killington insists that its condos offer those amenities and makes sure every condo adheres to those rules or they refuse to keep it on the rental program. There is no brand new construction on the mountain but most complexes offer well equipped kitchens, wood burning fireplaces, w&d, free shuttle to the slopes, etc. Having said all that, I would advise that the "better" properties are Trail Creek, High Ridge, Fox Ridge, maybe Sunrise, and the Woods. Killington may try to talk you into the Killington Grand which is a condo hotel and fairly new. That may be OK too but I can't vouch for it except that it is newer and offers hotel type amenities. Also, long corridors to your room. If you choose to eat out, there are many restaurants along Killington Rd., most of which are mediocre at best. Choices is great, Birch Ridge Inn for fine dining, Outback Pizza for take out, Peppinos for Italian. Many others have mediocre food, IMO. We always cook-in and shop at Shaws Supermarket in Lebanon, NH, exit 20 off I89N on the way up. There are no supermarkets in Killington and, if you choose to shop at the small store on the access rd., the choices are limited and the prices are very high.

I am obviously biased towards Killington for an Eastern ski area. Do the research and I think you will be happy. Just pray for a HUGE snow season!

Look at and

For people who want to drive from the NE to a major ski area, Killington offers more than any other eastern area, I think. Big variety of trails, great kids' program, good lessons, etc. However, it's not Vail.

travelphile Oct 20th, 2004 06:40 PM

We are also looking for an eastern ski trip that week - is there ALWAYS snow at Killington then? We were thinking of heading to Tremblant (sp?) to be sure, though we know that would be a bit colder.

We are three couples in our late 20's, and are worried about staying within the lowest dollar price range possible (yes, I know, not the week for that, but vacation time for some dictates it as our only chance), anyone have suggestions for us? We don't need to be slopeside, but would like to be within walking distance of eateries/nightlife.

- Kristy

Jacqueline1212 Oct 21st, 2004 10:16 AM

No, snow is not guaranteed at any NE ski resort in the winter. Usually, it's cold enough to make snow if Mother Nature isn't cooperating but sometimes it can turn warm and rainy for a couple of days. Some of the joys of living here!

Molly2 Oct 21st, 2004 03:29 PM

travelphile, you might consider staying in the nearby Rutland area - much less expensive. Keep in mind, though, that it can be a hairy drive up the mountain if the weather is foul. On the plus side, besides the cost savings, Rutland hosts a great First Night celebration with a variety of entertainment on New Year's Eve, and has some excellent {and generally less expensive than Killington} restaurants.

travelphile Oct 25th, 2004 10:12 AM

Thanks Molly2 - We will look into that. We're from Western NY, where we get the lake snow - from Ontario and Erie - so snow generally doesn't scare us from driving!

Researching Rutland this evening... Kristy

Molly2 Oct 25th, 2004 05:10 PM

Woodstock,Vt. {voted by a woman's magazine as the best small town in America} isn't very far from Killington either, but has much less activity than Rutland,which is a small city, more quaint charm.

There are also inns and hotels between these areas and Killington, but this would put you sort of out there.

Good luck and an early Happy New Year's!

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