Kauai Hotel Recs?

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Kauai Hotel Recs?

We are spending 2 weeks in Hawaii for our Honeymoon. The first week we want to stay in Kauai and relax! All we need is easy access to the beach. Money is not an issue. We literally don't want to lift a finger so we would prefer a hotel over a condo for the room cleaning/service etc.
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We loved, loved, loved the Princeville Resort up north. Spectacular. On picturesque Hanalei Bay. Drinks at sunset in the "living room" overlooking the water not to be missed. Extremely romantic. Pricey but since money is no object, perfect for you. People will tell you it is the "rainy" area but we didn't get a drop, and the lush countryside is beautiful. Look at some photos. It is even more lovely than it looks. The beach is right next to the infinity pool. Congratulations and have a great honeymoon!
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If money is not an issue, I would go with the Grand Hyatt, great pools and good restaurant. The beach is not really swimmable (good for body surfing) but you are only a five minute drive from Poipu Beach State Park.
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Your choices are the Hyatt or the Princeville Hotel. Not sure when you are going, but the Princeville Hotel is scheduled for a major remodel and a rebranding to a St. Regis property starting sometime in 2008 I think. You may want to contact the hotel and get the skinny on what, when and how much it will affect your stay.

If it were me and money were not an issue I'd rent a beachfront estate on the north shore and pay extra for daily maid and other services.
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Is the Hyatt crowded? We are going 4th of July week and would prefer not to be somewhere overrun with tourists.
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Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Based on my experience (5 nights in June 2002), the Kauai Hyatt will have LOTS of children running around during the summer months. This may or may not be an issue for you.

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Thanks, that is what I was worried about staying at one if the bigger hotel chains. I want someplace small and quiet!
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Summer is high season in Hawaii - there will be children everywhere, even at the more upscale hotels. They may be quiet-er than at other places, but they certainly won't be non-existent.
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The Hyatt Kauai has a terrible beach that is not swimmable. It's too rough. It was even too rough for bodysurfing when I was there. It wasn't all that great for walking, either. So, they built this big pool complex. It's fancy, it's busy, but it's still a fake pool. For me, nothing beats a great beach.
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Hyatt on Juy 4th? Busy, busy, busy, kids, weddings, conventions, kids, weddings, conventions. Too much.
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Princeville for serenity. There are other hotels and some condos with minimal housekeeping to rent.


Poipu is not 'remote'.

Various maps:


5-star honeymoon suite, with private beach though we never stayed there:


Someone correct me, but Princeville is more noted for beach scenery and not so easy access?

We drove everyday to Ke'e Beach, head of the kalalau trail.

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There are really no small and remote hotels on Kaua'i. Hawaii is not known for it's boutique hotels like the Caribbean is. With the exception of the Sheraton, most of Kaua'i's hotels are not built on the best beaches either. Of the two hotels being mentioned, the Princeville Hotel might have fewer children, but it will still be large resort hotel scene, just a bit more upscale and snooty than the Hyatt.

Here are my suggestions if you decide to look at other islands:

Hotel Hana Maui on Maui. Beach is two miles away via a shuttle.

Kona Village Resort on the BI. Families and Honeymooners seem to coexist peacefully here.

Manele Bay Four Seasons on Lanai.

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There is an adult pool/bar at the Hyatt, where you won't see children. Kids tend to hang out at the waterslide pool. There is also a huge saltwater lagoon with islands, next to the beach where we like to float around in peace. Our visits have always been in summer, you will find your space, as the hotel is well layed out. There are hammocks and swings all over the property.

For a week in Kauai, you will surely want to drive around to visit other beaches.

Enjoy your Honeymoon!
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Thanks for the replies. We will be staying in Maui for our second week and really had our hearts set on Kauai for the first week. It seems liek our best bet will be a private rental. Thanks again!
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Is it not true that it rains quite a lot in Princeville? Does it curtail activities?
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I live in Princeville -- and am glad to get the rain which makes our north shore the lush, tropical destination so many visitors seek.

No rain, no rainbows! 8-)

But seriously...yes, we get rain -- mostly in the winter (as in the past few weeks...yikes!). The rest of the year, we get overnight rain (fall asleep to it; wake to it), and a few passing showers. These showers are a blessing...cools us down and nourishes our gardens.

The main thing to remember about rain in the islands is, it is NOT cold rain. Our winter daytime temps hover near 80...so what if we get wet???
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plus the bazillion mosquitos from the storm couple weeks ago.
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"If you Kaua'i, send your friends to Maui."

Maui mo' bettah.
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