Kansas City and St. Louis in late August

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Kansas City and St. Louis in late August

My husband and I enjoy traveling to the various baseball stadiums and are considering a roadtrip this summer to see three more of them. We would fly into Minneapolis and see the Twins game. Then the plan would be to drive to Kansas City and see the Royals followed by a Cardinals game in St. Louis. And then back up to Minnesota for a few more days. Are we crazy to try this road trip in late August? How bad is the heat and humidity? We live in a desert climate so we are used to hot, dry heat. But not the humidity. Will we be miserable or do the temps cool down enough in the evening to enjoy game time? Is the crime really as bad as I keep reading in St. Louis, or is it just a matter of staying out of the east side and being aware of our surroundings and we'll be fine for a little sightseeing to the Arch and downtown? Any suggestions for the drive through Iowa?
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I wouldnít say crazy. A lot depends on the individual. There are some vacations I donít mind it, and some I do. In your case, the chief thing you want to do is in the evening and youíre road tripping. That would be fine for me.

If you enjoy outdoors stuff, like gardens or city walking or biking, itís not ideal. A lot depends on what you want to do in the afternoons.

If you donít know how your body will react, lay off the booze and salty foods, and carry an insulated water bottle everywhere, and youíll feel a lot better.
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It's likely to be bloody hot in Missouri. Not so much for Minnesota.
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Probably bank on it being warm (ok Hot) but if you get seats in the shade and may be later/evening games you will probably be ok. I too would like an update about safety as I hope to visit STL in early august.
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It WILL BE hot and humid especially in Kansas City and St. Louis along the river. And corn will be hit its peak production of adding greatly to the humidity level. Without an afternoon thunderstorm the evening do not cool off. It is crazy but you do need to prepare for the humidity and hope for a break.
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Minneapolis could be anywhere from 90s and humid to 70s and beautiful. We have nothing to moderate the temps or humidity so we're at the mercy of whatever the winds bring our way. Odds are it will be nice weather though.Those odds diminish as you head south.

Best bet for Iowa is to drive up along the Mississippi on your way back to Minneapolis. It's a beautiful drive. The drive through central Iowa to KC isn't as scenic but it doesn't take that long.
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I can speak for Minnesota. Late Aug is a pretty good time to take in a Twins Game. It will be hit or miss on the humidity --it actually could be cold too--but if you are worried get Tickets for the Delta 360 club. This has an indoor area where you can retreat to get something to eat or drink and just take a break from theweather while still enjoying the view of downtown Minneapolis. As bad as the Twins are starting off you should be able to get something cheap by then! (Actually even when they play well there are usually some seats available there). High prices seats behind home plate also have indoor access but it is under the seats. I find this dark and depressing.
As to Iowa, this will depend on how much time you have and if you want to sightsee. From Minneapolis, Interstate 35 to Kansas City is 6 hrs and freeway time to St. Louis is 9. Both of these are fairly non descript drives. Not much to see except farm fields with some cities along the way. If you have time you can drive the Great River Road which follows the Mississippi. This will take you thru smaller towns and views of the river--but not the whole time. This is interesting to see how the river changes from Mn to St Louis.
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The most miserable I’ve been at a baseball game was a midsummer afternoon in St. Louis. It was easily over 100 degrees and staggeringly humid. Choose a night game if available. And if you’re going to a day game, stay away from a bleacher seat. No one who purchased one, including myself, stayed more than three innings there. The extra money spent on a seat where shade may be available is worth the money.
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Bachslunch, we sat in the shade and my DD and I still left early because the heat was so oppressive. Cuba last August might have been less oppressive.
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Kansas City is a wonderful town and you should come visit. However I wouldnít want to be sitting outside end of August at a baseball game. Maybe September?
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Howdy! It will be quite hot and very humid in STL during the month of August. I suggest getting covered stadium seating. Or.. you can actually purchase rooftop tickets at Ballpark Village (adjacent to the stadium) which will allow you to watch from the roof (by looking down into the stadium) along with giving you access to air conditioned areas.

As far as safety goes, I work in downtown STL and i would say that, like with any city, as long as you are aware of your surrounds, you will be fine. During the day, there are lots of visitors and things to do. I would suggest uber-ing at night when the streets become more sparse with on-goers. I recommend staying at Hilton at the Ballpark or the Hyatt at the Arch... they are both in great areas and about a 5 minute walk to both the Arch and Stadium. And yes, do not cross the river into the east side.

Also, while in town you should definitely visit the Old Courthouse, STL Zoo, City Museum, Grants Farm, Forest Park and take a AB Brewery tour.

Have fun,

Austin M.
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Thanks to everyone for their responses and suggestions. Based on the comments, we've decided that it's best to opt for another vacation destination for this summer. And then we can plan on visiting Kansas City and St. Louis for a spring baseball game when the weather would hopefully be more pleasant. But now at least I have some good suggestions on places to see and stay while visiting, so travel planning will be a bit easier.
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I just got back from St Louis. Last weekend the temperature was H I G H! High 90s, low 100s. with humidity too. It was very unpleasant. We went to the zoo on Friday, the AB tour on Saturday, and a Greek festival followed by an Irish festival in St Charles on Sunday! My son believes we need to be doing something all the time! The zoo is free and pleasant to stroll in, but my own San Diego Zoo is better. The AB tour is fun, and the free beer during and after is nice when it's so hot. If you go, look for the chandeliers. There are several and they are magnificent. There are four, I think, Clydesdales there, but most of them are either at Grants Farm or Warm Springs. I want to go there on my next trip. The biergarten has the best wings I've eaten.

The previous weekend, we went to a Cardinals game on Sunday. The weather was warm and anticipated thunderstorms didn't show up. Our seats were terrific, in the Infield Redbird Club, section 254. Shaded from the sun or rain, lovely view of the Arch, and easy access to air-conditioned food and drink counters. Also a great view of the game! It's a lovely stadium.
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