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georgec May 30th, 2004 08:22 AM

just back from DC
Sheila and I (george) just back from five days in DC. Good flight on British Midland BD 701 food & service above average, 15 min wait on shuttle into terminal, 45 miniute wait on immigration, fingerprinted then photograghed, treated like lepers. Perhaps US does not want visitors?
Supershuttle into town appears disorganised.
Hotel Heix, reception staff friendly & helpful, hotel just on edge of safety.
Evening snack in Whole Foods on P street, OK
Breakfast in Ciro on 17/E good food/service poor. Few beers in Madhatters 18/M great beer & atmosphere.
Found Logan Tavern good food/price/atmos. sirlion stuffed with garlig mushrooms, fries,brocolli----- $17.95
Tourmobile $20 a day till 5pm, not comfy if tall person(like me)good info, Arlington very interesting, long waits between buses 30 mins,
Lots of construction in DC, round Wash Mem
& White House
Breakfast in Tabard Inn, good quality,atmos and price
30 min walk down to Lincoln Mem,Korean Mem,
Vietnam Mem (why so insegnificant and small)
WW11 magnificent
Dinner in Tabard Inn good but expensive($90 for both of us )
Temperatures of 90 plus was too much for us over the weekend. Other places visited Old Post Office, Capitol, Air & space, Harry's bar, DC Coast (for lunch OK)etc,etc,
Sorry if i've forgoten something(probably)
Good trip, found DC a bit sterile, empty at weekend, no shopping,Cicardas###### everywhere
Found five days just enough, will not return for a few more years

bardo May 30th, 2004 06:01 PM

Thanks for posting. Glad you had a good trip. Very surprised you thought it "empty at weekend". I think this might be a function of your hotel location. If you come back in a few years try staying in Dupont circle or blocks immediately north. Also check out Adams Morgan, U street corridor, or Georgetown. These are the livelier areas (as opposed to downtown) and are packed nights and weekends.

vivi May 30th, 2004 06:20 PM

Yes, the 90 degree heat can sap the fun out of sightseeing. I have been to DC 4 times since Christmas. I can honestly say that I liked it best in December with snow on the ground and a chill (OK, a freeze, LOL) in the air. No crowds.

But I was delighted to be there at the end of March for the cherry blossoms , just gorgeous.

SusieQQ May 30th, 2004 06:50 PM

Vietman memorial was "insignificant and small" me it was a very emotional and SIGNIFCANT site.

ronkala May 30th, 2004 07:13 PM

George,I had a worse time than that on a 3 week bus tour through Great Britain.

Mollie May 30th, 2004 07:40 PM

GeorgeC, certainly you can't question our immigration people considering the state of the world today! Actually, 45 minutes doesn't seem too bad.

I'm sure the 'construction' around the Washington Memorial and White House was due to the dedication of the WWII Memorial yesterday. It was a very moving ceremony, and we honor all of our vets this weekend. It's our Memorial Day on Monday.

Regarding the Vietnam Memorial - did you walk down into it? My husband is a Vietnam vet from 1968, a particularly rough year there. He wept when we were at the Memorial and he saw the name of two of his college buddies who were killed in Vietnam. We think it's a very poignant memorial.

There are many pent-up feelings in our dear veterans, and when they see the memorials it all comes pouring out.

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