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spirobulldog Jul 19th, 2013 02:40 PM

John---Glacier National Park Weather Next Weekend
I know it's a bit early to predict weather a week away. I will be in Glacier July 25-30. I have looked at,, and They all have very different forecast for the next several days. I've also looked at the nps site that links me to NOAA. it has an east side and west side that is automated calculations. shows highs at 70 degrees and lows of 39. One of them showed highs of 90 and lows of 55. Thats a big difference. What do you think?

Myer Jul 19th, 2013 02:49 PM

For me warm and cool are not an issue. Just take with a sweatshirt. You'll be walking a lot. Temperature is normally measured in the shade so 90 degrees is pretty high. Maybe they're not measuring it the same way.

Of greater interest. I don't remember your plans but last summer (Aug 4-7) when I took my daughter we couldn't complete the Grinnell Glacier hike due to a dangerous snowfield. They blasted it a day or two later.

I just read that they blasted the snowfields and as of yesterday the trail was open all the way to the Glacier. That's good and bad for old legs.

We arrive Aug 4. Stopping at the Walmart Supercenter just outside the airport and a Thronson's in Babb, MT for bear spray.

spirobulldog Jul 19th, 2013 03:23 PM

Hmm, I wonder if I couldn't leave my bearspray somewhere for you. I'm banking on not having to use it of course. Are you staying at the Delta again in Calgary?

spirobulldog Jul 19th, 2013 03:37 PM

Hmm, I wonder if I couldn't leave my bearspray somewhere for you. I'm banking on not having to use it of course. Are you staying at the Delta again in Calgary?

Myer Jul 19th, 2013 04:52 PM

Yes. I'm staying at the Delta on Aug 14th and returning home on the 15th. However, I arrive around noon on Aug 4th. Maybe you could but it in a bag with my name on it and tell them I'll pick it up at noon on Aug 4. I wonder if that'll work. I could even call them on July 31 or Aug 1 to let them know that I'll pick up the package. Be interesting to see if we could use them as a storage site.

The plan is Aug 4,5,6 at Swiftcurrent in Many Glacier. Aug 7,8,9,10,11 at Rising Sun on GTTS Rd. Aug 12 in Banff. Aug 13 in Jasper. Aug 14 in Calgary.

spirobulldog Jul 19th, 2013 05:22 PM

We'll try it. They will probably allow it. I am staying there the night we arrive, but should be no problem for me to drop it off before we get on airplane. I might also leave it at Many Glacier. I've thought about mailing it back to my house. I called Babb Post Office and they say it's fine(if it is marked correctly, although my local Post Office says it isn't. We fly back on the 31st. I'll let you know If and Where I left it. I may even buy 2 cans(I'm paranoid). Maybe you could mail it back to me. I'll leave you my name and address with the bear spray(I don't want to leave it on here). Worse case scenario, is that you'd have to buy your own.

John Jul 19th, 2013 08:29 PM

Presently we are having a heat wave with highs in the 90's and nights in the 50's. This is suppose to continue till at least the 24th. Not being a weather man I can only go by what the reports say. Weather guesses are as good as mine ☺

Myer Jul 20th, 2013 03:58 AM

It would be better if you left it at the Delta. That way I'll know for sure whether or not to buy my own in Babb.

The Delta is right beside the car rental returns.

Let me know what you do. It'll be funny if this works.

When you buy the spray make sure it's the kind that comes with a sleeve so you can slide your belt thru it. I've also seen some people walking around carrying it in one hand. We've only got two of those so that's kind of restricting.

Last summer we stopped in Waterton Lakes for a few hours. We took some picture of the hotel from a distance, then went inside. After that we drove over to the waterfalls. Then we hiked the toughest hike of the trip. Bears Hump. Not long but steep and many, many high railway tie stairs.

When we got back to the car to leave for the return to Calgary I gave my bear spray to a girl who said she was on her way to Glacier.

You're in for a great trip!!!

spirobulldog Jul 20th, 2013 04:43 AM

We're stopping for the Afternoon Tea @ Prince of Wales Hotel on our way in. Might drive the area a bit as I suspect we will be running early and see just a bit. Maybe a very short jaunt. This will actually be lunch for us.

Then, head across the border to Swift Current where we will do the St. Mary Boat Tour @ 4:00. This includes a short hike to Baring Falls. Duration is about 1.5 hours. Then we will head to Many Glacier(we are staying there the entire time). Probably have time for a short hike to Apikuni or Fishercap that evening and dinner at Many Glacier

Next morning is Going to the Sun Road, Hiking Hidden Lake. Afternoon will be 3 hour tour from Glacier Park Lodge. That includes a short ride on one of the Jammers and a short boat tour and short hike at Two Medicine. Then we will go back up the GTSR. Might have time for Trail of the Cedars, although that hike really doesn't interest me that much. Could do Virginia Falls or something like that too. Although, I imagine we won't hike that evening. This will be an early start and getting in late. We will stop at Goat Lick either before or after our jammer tour.

3rd Day Ranger-led hike to hopefully Iceberg Lake. It's rangers choice, so not totally sure where it will be. And yes, another boat tour that afternoon of Swift Current Lake from Many Glacier. This one is at 4:30, so surely we will be back from our hike by then.

Not sure what we will do the 4th day. Will head back to Calgary late day. Spend a bit of the next day in Calgary.

I'll have to stop and probably have a meal in most of the lodges. Even Belton and Izaak Walton. Sometimes, that stop just consists of coffee or a coke.

spirobulldog Jul 20th, 2013 04:45 AM

I'll probably go back in a year or two and attempt to stay at Granite Park Chalet. I would like to hike Highline Trail there and spend the night, then continue on Swift Current Pass Trail to Many Glacier. I couldn't convince my wife of all that. To many miles and she doesn't like staying somewhere there is no bathroom indoors. Plus the fact somewhat rooming with other people.

Myer Jul 20th, 2013 05:42 AM

That St Mary boat ride is at Rising Sun and not at Swiftcurrent. Swiftcurrent is the lake (and also the other lodging) at Many Glacier (Hotel).

Apparently the short Apikuni hike is a toughy. A lot of elevation gain for a short hike. If this is your first day in some elevation maybe not a good idea. Depending upon what time we get there (my plane lands at noon and I want to stop at the Walmart Supercenter just outside Calgary Airport) we may do Apikuni Falls hike though we live at zero elevation so not a great idea the first day.

I'd also like to get to Fishercap Lake early evening (late afternoon) for wildlife. We went 3 times and each time saw some. This is a very easy 10-15 minute (max) hike that starts at the far end of the main (lower) Swiftcurrent Motor Inn parking lot.

If you do the Virginia Falls hike you'll start with St Mary Falls and then continue on to Virginia. They're both very different and surprisingly nice considering the other falls we've seen. Interestingly one of my favorites is Lower Calf Creek Falls.

For Iceberg Lake I wouldn't bother with the ranger. We didn't as my daughter wanted to sleep an hour later. They left at 8:30 and we left an hour later. Eventually we caught up to them and had a snack lunch with them at Iceberg Lake.

The Iceberg Lake trail head is at the upper Swiftcurrent Motor Inn parking area. Since there's no lake to cross there will be many people going on there own. While longer than Grinnell Glacier hike, the only relatively steep part is the very beginning. Then it's pretty gentle. After the very beginning in the woods it opens to great scenery.

What I would do for a short time (maybe on day 4 or late afternoon one day) is get to Logan Pass early enough (or late afternoon) to get a parking space. Then hike the first little bit of Hidden Lake Overlook (or all). You may see some mountain goats or bighorn near the start.

Then cross the road to Highline and do the first half mile there. The famous cable is only several hundred yards from the very beginning. And great scenery even there. We saw some mountain goats right at the start and they walked over to the beginning of the cable.

I thought that cable would freak me out a bit. However, I found the trail quite wide and I didn't really hold the cable.

kittygirl Jul 20th, 2013 08:20 AM

Iceberg Lake is heaven and I found an easier trail then Many Glacier and Grinnell, but that is likely because we had to cross steep snow bridges to conquer them.

We did encounter 2 bears on the trail to Iceberg lake, up above us flipping rocks for insects (or so it appeared). We made some noise and they just seemed to observe us and carry on digging.

Have the spray in case you run into a mama with her cubs as that is more worrisome.
If you recall Jack Hanna had to use his spray a couple years ago. Keep your eyes out for Jack also, he has a place in the area, we ran into him on 2 trails and he is nice as can be. Makes a great tour guide if you can join him. :)

Keep in mind, a moose encounter is pretty dangerous as well. We ran into a few but we were lucky to grab some great shots of some mellow guys.

Have fun and be safe, Glacier was probably my favorite place ever, enjoy!

John Jul 20th, 2013 08:59 AM

As of yesterday, Hidden Lake trail is closed due to bear frequenting and fish spawning. Hidden Lake overlook is still open.

spirobulldog Jul 20th, 2013 11:18 AM

The overlook is probably as far as I was going to go.

Myer Jul 24th, 2013 04:24 AM


Have a great time in Glacier. I'm a little over a week behind you.

We'll have to compare notes when we both get back.

kureiff Jul 24th, 2013 07:34 AM

Spiro, my husband and I did the Granite Park Chalet last year going in and out on the Swiftcurrent Trail as Highline Pass was closed due to an accident and death the previous week. Our plan was to go in on the HIghline and out on the Swiftcurrent Trail. It was a beautiful trip!

We had reservations for Aug. 9th at the Granite Park Chalet for my husband, myself, and 9 year old daughter, but we had to cancel our reservation because of other family obligations that came up. Maybe next year!

Enjoy your trip!

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