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jane_hc Jan 18th, 2005 07:54 PM

Jacksonville - St Augustine - Daytona Beach
I will be in Jacksonvill in mid-Feb for 10 days. I intend to explore Jacksonville, St Augustine & Daytona Beach w/o a car. Do you think that is possible ? I will arrive at Jacksonville Int'l Airport late at night and leave from there early in the morning.
Where do you think should be my base so that I can travel around these 3 areas easily and be easy for me to catch my flight? Do you have any recommendations to see for these 3 areas ? How is weather?

Your kind help will be much appreciated.

T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U !!!!

Scarlett Jan 18th, 2005 07:58 PM

You plan to explore without a car? I am not sure how it would be possible. Although we have only lived here a year, Jacksonville requires cars for everything. Downtown Jacksonville is not a 'real downtown' so you can see that in half an hour. You need a car to see any other parts of the city.
St Augustine is easier,( but half an hour or so South on I-95) you can walk all around Old Town but you have to have a car to get anywhere else. We drove through Daytona this summer, cannot see how you can do it either, without a car.
Last Feb it rained for weeks, but they said it was unusual.
Today, it was about 50, tonight supposed to be around 27. Brrr~

Tandoori_Girl Jan 18th, 2005 08:02 PM

There is NO way you can do this sans a car. If you want to cut your rental down to a week, then stay a few days in Jax without a car and then rent. But Florida is not a place to be w/o a car for any length of time. You might be able to see St. Augustine on foot but to rent a car for a few days then go without then rent will not save you any money.

There are many posts on each of these sites. Check them out. And I'm sure you'll get some responses from others who live in these areas, which are really beautiful places. And...the weather is a bit nippy now but you should be fine mid-Feb. By Feb. our weather, if cold, will have warmed up.

have fun!!!

jane_hc Jan 18th, 2005 08:27 PM

Thanks for the responses. I'm not suitable for driving.

After having read your replies, my 2nd thought may be staying in each 3 places for 3 days by staying near the attractions. Do you think that's viable? If that can be done, where are the places you suggest to stay and see ?

Thanks for your kind help !

Tandoori_Girl Jan 19th, 2005 07:39 AM

Scarlett, how about you pick her up at the airport and drive her around : )

OK, you can surely take a bus from place to place, such as Jax to SA to DB. Cabs are not particularly reliable in any of these cities. And you can't hail them on the streets. You will literally be w/o any real transportation. Driving here is not like driving in NY. It will be easy.

As for "the attractions", Jax has little to offer. It is a real city with museums, libraries, all that stuff, but no "attractions" for tourists. Except the beach, of course. SA has the old town, which I would spend most of my time at, if I were you. DB has the boardwalk but the rest of it is very spread out. And honestly, some of it is not particularly safe to be walking around in.

I suggest that you delete DB from your list. That you spend a couple of days in Jax to check it out, then go to SA for a week, half spent in old town, half at the beach. then go back to Jax so you can catch your plane out.

Good luck.

Scarlett Jan 19th, 2005 08:50 AM

LOL, Tandoori Girl :D

jane, there are no "real attractions" in Jax. There is downtown, with the Landing and some shops. In another part of town is an area called Riverside, lovely, nice to drive through and shop on the main street, go to the nice restaurants and the Cummer Museum. All need to be accessed by car.
On my side of town, is San Marco, a small area with wonderful homes , on the river, good shops and restaurants, all need to be accessed by car.
The beaches are about 20-30 minutes by car from downtown Jax. In order to sightsee and wander the beaches, mostly, one needs a car.
St Augustine is great, for a day, a car is needed to get there and back to Jax. No other way to get there as far as I know.
Sorry, you really picked bad areas as far as not wanting to drive, perhaps more South, Palm Beach, Miami, I think those are more walking cities than up here.
You know, the SuperBowl is in Feb. Not sure of the date :) ( she says as all the men groan)

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