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StaySea Aug 8th, 2002 10:38 AM

Isle of Palms/Charleston area
I am taking my hubby to the Isle of Palms for a surprise for his 40th b-day. We have been to SC many times but not this area-generally we stay on Pawley's Island. Anyway- what would you recommend for excursions/siteseeing and restaurants. We will have 4 full days, and will be spending much of the day on the beach, but I would like to do some really interesting things, like maybe kayaking on the creeks/rivers or maybe boating on the ocean- something memorable. Any ideas?

Danna Aug 8th, 2002 12:41 PM

I was there last week. I saw a guy para-boarding (not sure if that's the right term but you get the idea) Looked memorable as all hell. Not sure if it was his own set-up or a rental. I believe you can rent surfboards. Netting blue crabs and then eating them is also fun, the guys at the hardware store where you would buy your crab net should be able to enlighten you.<BR><BR>Fort Moultrie is on Sullivan's Island next door, site of a big Revolutionary win and also site for Edgar Allen Poe's the Gold Bug.<BR><BR>I guess you are aware that Charleston is 15 minutes away. That's plenty o' sightseeing. I would do all my dining there if I were you. I have reviewed a bunch of Chas restaurants in the post about a private guide. Coconut Joe's on IofP is one fantastic location to have lunch and a Pina Colada on the windswept, beachfront covered decks. <BR><BR>have fun, I was just there last was great.

Dan Aug 9th, 2002 09:05 AM

I too was there last week and saw the Danna mentioned. I believe it is called kite sailing or kite boarding. Very cool to watch, but this is NOT a rental thing. Looks like it takes surfing and sailing expertise and you would have to be one buff 40 y.o. just to hang on! That said, I was not very impressed by the beach - narrow and sort of mudd/sand bottom. Very close to Charleston. South of Charleston is Folly Beach. Not very upscale, but nice wide beach. Can't give spacifics on boats as we just hung out on the beach and spent lots of time in Charleston.

xxx Aug 9th, 2002 10:32 AM

If you only have 4 days there, I'd pack the cooler and stay out on the beach all day long, grill out at night, hit the bed early, and start all over again the next day. The great thing about Charleston beaches is that they are so condusive to R&R. Have a great time!

Rosie Aug 15th, 2002 07:49 AM

I will be on IoP next week, and have been there a few times before.<BR><BR>I recommend renting bikes and riding around the island on the beach. The sand is packed pretty hard, so you can ride for miles and never get winded.<BR><BR>Charleston has many fabulous restaurants, but once lesser known place I always recommend is Atlanticville on Sullivan's Island. It is right across the bridge from IoP. Tons of character and great food.<BR><BR>Enjoy! I think you will not be disappointed.

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