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KathyK Sep 2nd, 2003 11:27 AM

Is there a sports bar in Cleveland where I can watch a Buffalo Bills game?
We have a son in college in Cleveland and would like to take a drive down from Buffalo some Sunday to visit and watch a Buffalo Bills game together. Is there anywhere in Cleveland that regularly shows the Bills games? Would have to be a place that an 18 year old could get in. Thanks.

Shari Sep 2nd, 2003 11:45 AM

I THINK there is a place in Cleveland Heights (about 10 minute drive drom downtown) called Jillian's. It is a sports bar, so maybe they have a lot of tvs?

KathyK Sep 2nd, 2003 04:20 PM

Anyone else?????

Tammi Sep 2nd, 2003 05:22 PM

This is Browns Town!! Buffalo who?

KathyK Sep 2nd, 2003 06:04 PM

Tammi, I know that it's Browns town, but can't I visit? Do you have any suggestions?

Tammi Sep 3rd, 2003 03:41 AM

Kathy! Of course you can visit, it was a joke! I wouldn't have a clue because I don't like football. My point was though, you might have a hard time finding a bar that plays Buffalo games in Cleveland Browns Central.

Good Luck.

ccolor Sep 3rd, 2003 04:57 AM

Damon's Restaurants/Sports Bars are abundant in upper Ohio, but I'm not sure there are any in Cleveland proper - your son can check around in the surrounding burgs and see if there is one located close. I have to agree with Tammi, you're in Dawg Pound country now, hon - Good luck!

Tammi Sep 3rd, 2003 06:25 AM

We have a Damon's in my suburb (Mentor), but they only play Cleveland games.

Maybe your son could find out from friends at college or asking around?

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