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Billy Oct 3rd, 2000 06:35 AM

Is Lake Tahoe worth a visit?
Is Lake Tahoe worth a 1-2 nights stay or are we better off exploring other parts of California? Yosemite is already part of our travel plans but as we've been there before we'd also like to explore some new areas. <BR>The trip (1 week) is planned for early May next year.

Jeanette Oct 3rd, 2000 07:35 AM

Billy, I was just there in August. Not having as much Western USA experience as those on this forum, I could give you my Midwest view point, for what it's worth. It has spectacular scenery and there are several nice boat excursions available. We enjoyed a 2-1/2 hour one in late afternoon. Took a very interesting hike down to the Norweigan summer castle built by the widow of a Chicago millionaire during the 1920's. This house tour was well worth the climb back up, which was hard for me. All in all it is lots like other ski towns I've been in but more touristy, in my opinion. Was very disappointed in the swimming activity etc. As they said on the boat tour and as I found out myself after about four attempts which lasted about 10 minutes each- "water is great for fishing and bad for swimming." I'm used to swimming across smaller lakes and this very deep glacier "alpine" lake is drop dead beautiful but too cold. There was one little girl who stayed in about 20 minutes and she was blue. Restaurants, lodging etc.- lots of choices. Yes, worth at least one-two nights stay.

Liz Oct 3rd, 2000 08:26 AM

Absolutely! Especially if you like to hike or nature walk. The scenery is just breathtaking! Ditto Jeanette that the water is freeeezing and isn't for swimming...but the beauty of it all surrounds you. The boat trip is a must and I would recommend a trip up on the gondola at Heavenly Valley.

Liz Oct 3rd, 2000 08:51 AM

Early May might be a problem for some roads you might need. For instance, Tioga Pass is usually closed till late May.

Cyndy Oct 3rd, 2000 09:30 AM

Absolutely! We vacationed last summer and would love to go back.

Dan Oct 3rd, 2000 09:44 PM

If you've ever been to Hawaii -- then NO! If you've only vacationed in the U.S., then definitely YES!

Billy Oct 4th, 2000 02:52 AM

We are actually visiting from the UK and we've travelled a lot in the Alps in Switzerland and Austria. <BR>Yosemite still impressed us because it isso different from the European mountain regions. Would Lake Tahoe do the same?

Jeannie Oct 4th, 2000 02:18 PM

Few years back, we went to both Lake Tahoe and Yosemite in one long trip, which included San Diego, LA, San Fran, and Vegas. IMHO, Yosemite far out -ranks Tahoe. Yosemite is more scenic, less touristy, less expensive, easier to reach. No question my mind.

Dan Oct 4th, 2000 09:31 PM

Billy, even if you excluded Yosemite, the answer would still be NO (especially after visiting the Alps)!! By the way, WHY were so you impressed with Yosemite after visiting the Alps? Do you REALLY think it's that spectacular looking in comparison?!?

Tim Oct 5th, 2000 12:14 AM

I think you should consider Glacier National Park or Grand Tetons National Park instead!

Harry Oct 5th, 2000 04:08 AM

Dan: <BR> <BR>It may come as a shock to you, but Hawaii has been part of the US for several years now.

Dan Oct 6th, 2000 01:53 AM

Harry, you're absolutely right! I meant to say the "mainland!"

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