I got scolded by our house guest

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I'm back...
Wow, lots going on in my absence.
We are a 'suck it up' military family which probably explains a lot.
He confounds us because we don't understand the sensitivity he has always had... but we have always accepted it.
I appreciate all the helpful comments. I am not sure what exactly we will do moving forward, but your suggestions are helpful.
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Seriously, all of the Tom Cruise wannabes pontificating about all of the young people who are on anxiety meds is ridiculous.

My husband did not ever take anxiety medicine until the second year of our law school career. He started having panic attacks and I had to take him to the emergency room. He felt like he was having a heart attack and might die. From that point forward, he would continue to experience major anxiety attacks. He is not "crazy" or a "drug addict."

The solution is for him to take one pill every night. Is that really that big of a deal considering that it prevents him from having major discomfort?

I don't think certain medications are right for everyone, but making huge generalizations about "young people who are all on meds" is irresponsible.
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Mah, you could have been talking about my husband - same career (for both of us), same problem, same solution. Interesting.
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Two days since I checked in, and there is a new thread with 204 posts! Wow.

Pat, I think you were a very considerate hostess. You did nothing wrong. In this age of terrorism, it's suspicious to me that someone would want to stay in your house and have nobody enter his room, period, while he is there. I wouldn't accept that and would help him find a nearby hotel.

We all want our privacy, but when we travel, we expect maids to come in and clean daily. Those of us who stay in youth hostels have several roommates. It isn't a big deal, to me. I would be grateful that you cared enough to do so much for me if I were your houseguest (anyone in San Diego or Los Angeles want a houseguest this summer? ).

As for TX' situation, there must be a lot of information that is being left out. Most parents wouldn't suspect a son of being gay just because he was on anti depressant medication. There must be some other things that have transpired that has not been shared in this forum.
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What a crazy thread with the serious and light-hearted mixed in together.

For the TX son situation, I feel that it is a positive sign that he is adult enough to know when he was in trouble, get to a doctor, and try something to attempt to relieve his anxiety or depression. Hopefully he will also find someone to date before too long, whether male or female, as to me that seems the more troublesome of the things you mention (more than treating depression or being a sensitive soul).
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