How long a drive from ORD to Green Bay WI?

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How long a drive from ORD to Green Bay WI?

Mapquest says about 3 hours; but taking into account traffic, if we land about 1pm, what do you think the drive time would be (on a Sunday?) thanks
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I've made that ride 100 times and you just never know. I would say ordinarily
3 hours seems about right. One oclock on a Sunday shouldn't be too bad, even in the summer.I'll let an Illinois or
Wisconsin resident tell you if there will be any highway construction going on. I think I just read Chicago is starting a huge highway project, but I'm not sure which one. Construction is pretty much the only thing that would screw you up.
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I just noticed that you have the word orange in your name? Are you from orange county? Even if you're not, you're probably a normal driver and I should tell you that the cheeseheads are PAINFULLY slow drivers. Drive next to one and you'll appear to be driving 150 mph. That means you and the Illinois drivers are the ones who will get the speeding tickets, and they are among the most expensive in the country.
And the wisconsin cops are the sneakiest I've seen. Watch out for the "construction worker" on overpasses
as he could be a cop and pull out his radar gun-happened to my wife. I'd consider the entire state a speedtrap.
I wouldn't be surprised if one day I get pulled over by an ice cream truck in that state.
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Speeding tickets are very expensive here.
That said, if you stay at about 8 over the limit you should be ok.

I don't know about Chicago traffic and construction, but 94 from south of Milwaukee has just been repaved and is a really nice ride.

There is still some construction through downtown Milwaukee, but since most of the ramps are closed, it moves pretty quickly.

I'd say 1.5 hours from O'Hare to downtown Milwaukee and it's always amost exactly 2 hours from there to Green Bay.

Take 43 north NOT 41, it's a much nicer, prettier and shorter drive.
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No, I'm not from Orange County. I'm in AZ. And thanks for the info, everyone. Now have to decide if on our return, we should overnite near ORD and fly out the next morning, or take a later flight and hope it only takes 3 or 4 hours to get to ORD from GRB.
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It always makes me very nervous to have a long drive on the way to making a plane connection. A bad accident on an interstate can easily tie things up for an hour or more. I'd give myself the security of flying out the next morning if I were you.

Take note of the speedtrap mention, especially if you go ahead with your plan to visit Door County.

Incidentally, I responded to you other post inquiring about how crowded DC might be, but neglected to mention that one of the true charms of the area is how easy it is to escape crowds..just get off the main roads (highways 42 or 57) and meander along the quiet backroads enjoying the farm and orchard scenery; if you enjoy a walk in the woods, be sure to visit Newport Park (at the tip). The beaches at Peninsula Park and Whitefish Bay will be pretty crowded in the summer, but both are very nice.
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I am from Milwaukee
Getting in or out of Chicago Land may take a couple hours. Once out of Chicago Land about 1 1/2 hours to Milwaukee. Then about 2 1/2 to Green Bay. Total 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 hours. Constructions delays should be minimal in WI.
"cheese heads are PAINFULLY slow drivers." this is nonsense many to most drive 10 miles over the speed limit or more, depending on time of day. Am = most pm = many A recent news article listed all tickets given by time of day, where, how fast, fine amount etc. Most traffic stops are at the 10 mph over level. I drive 5 over in an attempt to stay alive. I actually do fear that the hot head lead foots will rear end me before it registers in their brain that: DUH I guess I need to slow down. Plenty do not and there are enough wrecks with out me being one of them.
It appears that many Illinois and Wisconsin driver have strategies that if volume is getting heavier and tighter then speeding up even faster is a good thing to do. Some of the Chicago driving crowd actually gets almost violent when defending their idea that it is actually the people driving less than 85 90 who are the real dangerous drivers out there.
I can actually predict to my passenger that drivers will do dumb things before they do it. And sure enough they will. A very common one is a car 5 car lengths behind for 20 miles one lane over, will speed up as soon as I put my blinker on 99 out of 100 were fine where they were for 20 miles but then the blinkerů I drive 5 over and more or less let all the danger pass me and leave me behind. Another very common one during the am commute is 5-10 cars 1 car length from each other as if drafting at Talladega speedway. One day one was ramming the car ahead within a few inches with out actually making contact to intimidated the driver to move out of the way. Yes I filed a written police report.
"cheese heads are PAINFULLY slow drivers." this is nonsense but comparatively to Illinois/Chicago drivers one might try to peddle that idea. Did I say It might take a couple hours to get through Chicago? Go figure.
The cops are not sneaky at all: the limit is such and such, go faster risk a ticket DUH! HELLO! What time of the month are you traveling? If at the end of the month then the cops who don't like giving tickets will be trying to get the monthly quota issued.
Allow plenty of time for the flight out (Chicago)
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