How is Crested Butte in he SUMMER?

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How is Crested Butte in he SUMMER?

Well, that is my message.........I know it is a beautiful area....serene, quiet...but is there much hiking, basic restaurants, ?
It is fairly remote but on the other hand I feel that this remoteness adds to the beauty. Just wanted some feedback...have never been there , except for just an hour or so..driving UP and BACK. No one "passes through" Crested Butte, I don't think.
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Crested Butte is at its best in the summer. The weather is warm and the place is beautiful. Wildflowers are abundant. Hiking is a major activity as it mountain biking. There are about 40 restaurants of all types except fast food. You should definitely give it a go. The Elk Mountain Lodge is a great place to stay.
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Actually, I wouldn't call Crested Butte remote. It's a full fledged little city. It's that it's far from big airports, and 1/2 hour from Gunnison where a main cross state highway passes through. (Hey, there's even a Walmart on the north end of Gunnison on the way to Crested Butte.) I'm not trying to sell anything, but I wrote a book about Hiking trails in the Gunnison River Basin, so if you need info on trails and history, let me know.
Don't forget Crested Butte is a major ski area and has all the accommodations that go with it. There's mountain biking, horse backing riding, if the water is high enough, there is rafting, more than you can count hiking trails, a summer environmental school in Gothic, summer festivals. I could never describe Crested Butte as remote, maybe, a little off the beaten track.
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Crested Butte is great in the summer. Plenty of hiking and outdoor activities and restaurants. Sorry, they don't have any McDonalds, Wendys or other chains if that's what you are looking for. It a real town with people who live there year round. It doesn't have the glitz and glamour of Vail and Aspen but that's one of the things I like best about CB.
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Are the hiking trails etc. open around there? Most of the National Forests and state parks are closed here in New Mexico. I'd hate to plan a trip there and then be stuck looking at the mountains from afar...
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PLEASE don't go to Crested Butte. It is my all time favorite Colorado town, and the more people who discover it will spread the word and it will get too crowded. Once you go, you'll want to revisit again and again. I'm kidding of course about not going, but it is a beautiful mountain town with excellent 4 star restaurants. I've visited in both winter and summer. If I could make a living there I would move there. I highly recommend a visit. It's not that much out of the way from Gunnison. Drive up to Gothic if you get a chance. Another fun thing to do is rent a bike, go up on the ski lift, and ride your bike down. Have fun.
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Does anyone know the answer to my earlier question? I'm thinking of going to CB in a couple of weeks. Thanks.
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I'm thinking about taking my 7 year old son to CB. What would be a good hiking trail for him. p.s. He is a good sport.
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I think the only national forest that is officially closed is the Pike, and areas around the fire areas. A fun trail for the year old is to take the chairlift up Crested Butte, and hike the trail down. You can also hike hiker to the peak. There's also a short but moderately strenuous for a 7 year to Judd Falls from Gothic.
There are a couple of nice hikes off of Kebler Pass Road. There's a hike to Ohio Falls. It's off of Ohio Pass Road and it's about 2 miles RT. There's a hike to Beaver Ponds that is 1 mile Round trip near Ohio Peak. There are some very strenouous hikes to the east of Crested Butte to Teocalli Mountain, or Pearl Pass. You can hike the Schofield Pass Road past Gothic for any length.Keep in mind that these are high altitude hikes, so you need plenty of water, and don't do too much the first time out.
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I lived in Crested Butte for a little over two years up until about 1.5 yrs ago. I feel it is by far the most beautiful place in Colorado, yes it is quite remote but you still have the conveniences of good restaurants (several new ones), the hiking and mountain biking go on for days and are absolutely beautiful, there's also great fishing, climbing, is great just as long as you appreciate the outdoors.
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