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DR. Jerry Hess Apr 17th, 1997 06:50 AM

How do I get to Prince Edward Island Canada

I am Interesded in visiting P.E. I. I need to Know air fares cost connections . I have a golf buddy there, i would like to visit this summer. Please write back as soon ass possible. sincely, Jerry Hess D.C.

Claire Smith Apr 17th, 1997 05:10 PM

Getting to PEI is no more difficult than getting anywhere else in the country! Air Canada (air nova) and Canadian Air (air atlantic) should have some information on their web pages. (the names in brackets are regional carriers owned by the bigger companies). Also, PEI tourism has a 1-800 number where you can have information sent to you, or they can refer you to the proper place, or in some cases, they will make reservations etc. for you. I, unfortunately don`t have that number here, but I did get it off the internet recently, so should be able to find it on here somewhere! Good luck...
Claire Smith

Dave Apr 20th, 1997 05:03 PM

Doc, We went from Philly a few years ago and flew into Portland, ME and drove through the Maritimes. If you have the time and inclination, it's a fun ride. We drove up through New Brunswick and ferried from Nova Scotia on the way back. If you don't want to drive, you can fly in to PEI or Halifax. Have fun.

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