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MAJ317 Jan 19th, 2011 06:54 PM

Hotel Suggestion for "Girls" Trip to Washington, D.C
This March we are planning a "Girls" Trip to Washington, D.C . Our group consists of 7 : 4 twentysomething cousins, 2 fiftysomething "aunties": and our 80+ year-old grandmother/mother-in-law. I'm thinking we'd like to be near DuPont Circle and we probably need 2 rooms; each w/ 2 queen beds & possibly a sleeper sofa. Any opinions about the Embassy Suites DuPont Circle? Any other hotel suggestions of places w/ a good location that could handle our group, is close to the major museums/sights and maybe has some charm???

Ackislander Jan 20th, 2011 08:00 AM

WEll, the ES is well located for the walkers among you, but unless the 80+ person is pretty spry, she may need to take a cab. It is an interesting and diverse neighborhood, but the Embassy Suites will be lacking somewhat in charm.

BlueSwimmer Jan 20th, 2011 09:02 AM

If you are interested in being in the Dupont Circle area- the Dupont Hotel is right off the circle and steps from the metro. I'm not sure if the Dupont metro stop has an elevator, and if the escalators break down (which happens way too frequently in DC) it is a long walk down to the metro. A little farther from the circle is the Tabard Inn if you want charm but less convenience, or the Palomar on P St for glamour.

Further from the main drag but on a convenient metro stop is Woodley Park. I really enjoyed the Marriott Wardman Park there, right near the zoo. It is an older hotel, nicely redone, with a pool, sort of charming in a colonial way, with a very nice staff. This is a great area for dining and strolling, and the hotel is right next to a metro stop with an elevator and and escalator. There is also the Wardman Park Guest House (I think that's the name) across the street for more of a B&B atmosphere. My colleague stayed there and really enjoyed it.

sf7307 Jan 20th, 2011 10:24 AM

The Dupont Hotel is great, but not if they want to put 3 and 4 people in a room - the rooms are pretty small.

Ackislander Jan 20th, 2011 10:41 AM

The Woodley Park suggestion is a good one.

MoonGirl Jan 20th, 2011 04:42 PM

Dupont Circle is a great neighborhood and convenient to a metro line, but not necessarily close to what most tourists think of as the "major museums and sights." I would instead suggest the staying downtown, in particular at the Hotel Monaco (which a number of us on this forum seem to recommend again and again)! Hip, stylish decor in a historic building, appealing to all ages in your group, I would think. It is across the street from two museums (American Art and the National Portrait Gallery, which share a building), within walking distance of the National Mall, and near a number of great restaurants. Not a residential neighborhood like Dupont Circle, but a vibrant part of the city.

On the other hand, going back toward your original direction, another personal favorite of mine to recommend is the Capitol Hill suites, which does have a number of sleeper sofa options (not sure about the Monaco on that score). In a residential neighborhood and close to the metro, also within walking distance of the Capitol, Supreme Court, among other things Library of Congress. The younger set might particularly enjoy the Barracks Row area, located several blocks away on 8th street. Good luck!

gardendiva Jan 21st, 2011 01:19 PM

The B&B across from the Wardman Marriott is Woodley Park Guest House. Great place to stay. Stayed there twice and planning my next visit. However, you may have to get up to 3 or 4 rooms. I would check with them and see if they can accommodate your party. The owners and staff are very helpful. It is only minutes away from the attractions on the Metro but it is more of a neighborhood so there are restaurants, etc open after 5 and only one Metro stop from Dupont Circle where things are open also. If you stay near the attractions, everything closes at 5 with not much to do. Sounds like a very fun trip.

MAJ317 Jan 29th, 2011 07:54 AM

Thanks so much for the suggestions....
It looks like the Hotel Palomar may work out well in terms of accommodating a group of our size..their queen/queen rooms are fairly large, (looks like we may do some doubling up) plus the AAA rates are decent.

BTW, our 80+ "girl" is pretty spry, if she doesn't tire herself out too much in the art museums!
Any recommendations for tours/guides of the major monuments??
Thanks again!

bardo1 Jan 29th, 2011 11:33 AM

The Palomar is a great choice (the Monaco would be great too if you could get a good price, it CAN be VERY expensive).

The Tourmobile or Old Town Trolley are fine for getting to the monuments - the commentary is pretty basic. If touring the monuments during the day, it's the way to go. To walk to all of them is about 3 miles walking in total - OK for the young and fit, not OK for an 80 y/o or unfit 50+ aunties.

However, the tour buses are about $30 per person or $210 for the seven of you. If you are comfortable doing so, think about renting a Dodge Grand Caravan for a day (or something comparable that seats seven). Then you can drive (at NIGHT, when downtown traffic is very light and parking is possible) to each of the monuments.

You can park at: WWII (in the handicapped lot), Jefferson, FDR (park on West Basin Drive, off Ohio drive), Lincoln/Vietnam/Korean Veterans Memorials (park on Constitution near 21st St.), White House (park on H st. at near 16th). You'll save over $100, no waiting for buses, and have total flexibility. Ideally, start after 7pm when rush hour and parking restrictions are over. Just an idea.

november_moon Jan 29th, 2011 11:58 AM

We liked Dupont Circle a lot - it would be my choice for a return trip and when my husband goes to DC for work, he stays there too, and his DC office is near the Capitol building. Dupont Circle is away from downtown, but the Metro is efficient, so it isn't an inconvinience to travel back and forth. And it is nice to be in a neighborhood with a lot of nice little restaurants to choose from. It is also geographically close enough to the national mall and a lot of museums that if someone wants to grab a cab back to the hotel, it isn't expensive.

We stayed at the Dupont Hotel, which we liked, but I agree it isn't the best choice for a group - small rooms and open room design which means not much privacy in the bathroom. However, just on the other side of the circle, about a block down is a Marriott Residence Inn - that would probably be great for a group because you can get units that are really more like small apartments with bedrooms.

brmsimmons Jan 29th, 2011 12:55 PM

About 4 blocks from Dupont Circle is the St. Gregory Hotel. The rooms are large, clean and comfortable. Here is my tripadvisor review

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